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  1. Not worst for me but still stuttering, just tested on a fresh install of win 10 and have the issue again... I prefer play it with a CDT all the hour than these freezes make the game unplyable.. Really, SQUAD have done a great job since the beginning, congratulation to bring this game at this state, but please we need a smooth game for now
  2. Hi there, Im not enjoying KSP anymore since this issue. Like you Broco before 1.0 i didnt have a lot of that micro freeze. But now ? Waouh, im getting big spikes ( 60 to 8 Fps) for 1second ! It's not a FPS problem but something is calling the procs while ingame ! Test on a fresh install of windows, on HDD, on SDD, with and without OC of GPU/CPU tested the Unpark fix, nothing at all. We are only few people to have this, but please help us guys..
  3. This is the good way to add part without break RAM lol
  4. Ow, it will be interesting with different configuration of course i like how you designed your parts, very stock-a-like, You and SuicidalInsanity (mk2 expansion part) are making good work
  5. Hi there, I love your future release, I want it to my tech tree, great work. Anyway, do you think you can add this sort of things which make spaceplace more, beautiful shaped ? :
  6. B9 adds too much parts maybe, I'm thinking about Mk2 expansion, QuizTech aerospace or this Adjustable landing gear for example. Things which bring a better experience in spacecraft building but don't "break" the gameplay in some ways
  7. The first choice was TAC lifeSupport, and it will be completed by UniversalStorage. But it's not definitive Before adding these mods, i tried to make a template with the stock techtree, but it was very poor in parts, and not only in count. So : -Remotech is for me essential to turn the stock tree in an unmanned progression. -KW Rocketry, Novapunch and SpaceY add more power, more punch to your rockets, I can not adding them, anyway, they'll cost lot of science point to unlock them. -NearFuture Package adds Solar panels, and some engines (small orbiter etc) but you can play without it. -FASA launch clamp is additionnal -LifeSupport, I will see how can I implemente it discretly. Like this, it lets the choice to play with or not. -RealChute is additionnal -DrMagicOrbital is a must-have too, to unlock all the node you will need this I think -And finally, all mods which change the Spaceplane gameplay or add some parts is very very important. To resume this, KW Rocketry, NP, SpaceY, Remotech, DrMagicOrbital, "spaceplane parts" are the required mods at the moment, but I think about to let the choice to install one of rocketry pack.. I will check Interstellar of course It should take a node near the nuclear propulsion
  8. I.M.T Intuitive Modded Tree Hi mates, there is a quick overview of my project. So I wrote this thread to develop it with some of your ideas to not release this too far away of your expectations I.M.T will include essential mods in my mind : -KW Rocketry -NovaPunch -Remotech -DrMagic Orbital Science -KAX -Mk2 expansion -RasterProp Monitor -SoundingRocket (maybe) -NEARfuturpack -LifeSupport and USI -RealChutes -FASA Launch Clamp -Procedural Fairing (maybe or just Stock Fairing) Thats all I think at the moment The goal is to begin with probe to > manned pod, also, you can spend science point in aviation node, which start with basic part to finish witch bigger parts, Or in Kerbin rover. Which means the tree is less linear than the stock. So lets me know how can i improve the work
  9. Hi, to ADD a new branch its very simple, you just need to make a .cfg file in your mod folder. Here is the Start node example, you need to "call" the RDNode function with {} brackets. id = start // it matches with the techrequired line of your part title = Start // the name ingame description = The technology we started out with. //no comments cost = 0 //same hideEmpty = False //it hides your node if there's nothing sorted inside it nodeName = node0_start //I think it helps you to sort part by tech level in VAB/SPH anyToUnlock = TRUE // FALSE = one parent to unlock this node TRUE = any node to unlock it icon = RDicon_start // icon pos = -2568,1199,-1 // position X Y Z, you'll just need to adjust the X and Y coordinates scale = 0.6 // no comments
  10. cvod get the fix. For the nodename module, i think its for parts sorting in vab/sph, parts sorting by tech level..