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  1. Certainly, but every bit helps, also proper aibrakes will resist supersonic speeds and heating while those chutes even made out of gold foil will melt out quick. On previous versions i tried to build some with structural panels and infernal robotics, but oldFAR didnt account for them properly and the movable joint was too weak. I place a lot of hope into nuFAR and its voxelized model, hope it interacts the right way with moveable parts... @Starwaster is the ADEPT shield still maintained and working in 1.0 ?
  2. Thanks a lot for maintaining that mod, apart from the obvious uses (refueling stations etc.) i use it for balancing supersonic planes
  3. Arent the side intakes bigger on the real thing ? They might contribute to area balancing.
  4. We are in need of proper air brakes though.. Currently abusing drogue chutes for killing velocity on heavy re entry vehicles, i'd gladly swap them for properly designed high speed airbrakes.
  5. Ah nice I love your hex trusses. Could you add it to CKAN maybe ? Trying to get everything in there for peace of mind.
  6. Looks like it, and by DRE too i guess, and maybe Mechjeb ? @Sarbian: you rock.
  7. Very nice, thanks The game is indeed quite random without that mod...
  8. For those who say flying with FAR is easier than stock, that's true for simple stuff, but try orbiting an oddly shaped payload, or re-entry with a heavy vehicle (no to mention tumbles and other mishaps).. For me FAR is actually setting the game in "hardcore realistic" mode, which *seems* easier to anyone at least a bit inclined towards engineering, but is actually much more challenging than the base game. With stock dynamics i built stuff that would go round the whole system in one go after a few hours. With FAR i've spent hundreds hours fooling around with supersonic shapes, wing configurations and so on Really not the same level of challenge.
  9. Yay. Nerdgasm. That is really, really neat, like playing with tools before only available to high tech labs. Sir, you rock. Sounds like a lot of fun. On the plus side it will promote designs that work in real world, will it Like, full delta wings with elevons ? That means proper lifting bodies, sounds neat for re entry vehicles. You just added a few hundreds hours of KSP fun here Means wings composed of multiple parts (as a limitation of the game engine) will behave as a whole, with proper camber and such .. hmmmm and will they be computed as part of the lifting body, with vortices and so on, so for instance side chines would become truly useful.. Very exciting.
  10. The aperture on old television and movie camera lenses frequently had 8 bladed diaphragm, making any lens flare look octogonal. Nowadays most lens makers are using curved blades and/or more blades to the aperture diaphragm (and some old russian photo lenses which had fantastic stuff there) so this look is dated, but that's most of what of us aged 30+ have been exposed to
  11. Last time i asked, Ferram told me it was not implemented. But that was at least one year ago...
  12. No for the tanks, yes for more sizes (maybe 3.75m too ?) - they are looking nice, are they compatible with FAR ?
  13. That is perfect, sir, have some rep Is the new name of your mod in any case related to a cult album from Solar Fields ?
  14. Should end up being the same, as long as the stock loader disposes of original files properly to clear up RAM.
  15. @Resender, not sure how cycling through every choice was any faster than 2 clicks to get directly to the right option..? I think the dropdown is a good choice here.
  16. On latest release version (2.4.0) i got some funky docking autopilot behaviors recently, like overshooting the target dock position completely before going on axis, while having the message "moving to position at 0.00m/s" instead of backing up, going towards axis and moving forward as usual. Target has multiple docking ports, it's almost like it picks the opposite docking port... All the while it stays completely off axis. Auto bounding box seems correct according to the figures i see in the docking window. Did you fix something in more recent dev releases concerning auto docking ?
  17. I run the game in opengl with v0.25, no texture issue to report on this mod, everything works as intended
  18. I am playing with the MM manual patch and KW, and all is fine at least for what i am using (engines, tanks). If you guys are really impatient you can do that, see a few pages ago for the patch code.
  19. Used KAS recently in my v0.25 career game for a rescue/refuel mission, worked flawlessly Thanks !
  20. Usually when it blocks like that (indefinitely) if you alt+tab you'll notice in windows that's there is an error/crash message popup waiting for you to click on.
  21. Thanks Taniwha, works like a charm. I confirm the kraken is gone and everything is back to normal operations (as normal as they can be with kerbals..)
  22. Are you using FAR ? If so, when using aerodynamic control surfaces, disable engine gimbals. Or build your rocket in a way you dont need aerodynamic controls (longer is better)...