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  1. Good for me if it's in pump options submenu. Dumping fuel is not something i do so much, just before re entries or for those monster eve launchers.
  2. If you make it properly aerodynamic (so the ship doesnt flip over with FAR and DRE) i'll be VERY interested too Been trying to make one forever, linked to a series of girders and a powered hinge so i can put it in front of my payload... But small panels are not really good for this.
  3. Front heatshields with nice shapes for aerobraking ? (i use DRE) - rigging a lot of structural panels together is not looking good and raises the parts count a lot..
  4. Nice looking parts will be very popular, i'd prefer fewer very nice looking parts rather than a lot of bland looking ones.
  5. You'll need 2 pieces indeed, no choice here. One option with that many engines could be mounting engines on upper / lower nacelles, above and below the wing so you get 1 piece wings.. I have been toying with that a lot Same here, when you reach optimal designs for supersonic you notice they are all quite arrow-shaped and at low speed they fly like bricks @brusura: your vertical tails are way too small...
  6. @DaMichel: Delta wings FTW ! You'll need less struts using KJR, and one-piece wings, the outer part of your deltas wont need 3 pieces unless you are adding some polyhedral (cannot see on the screenshots here). As for mach tuck, i noticed with the right delta profile it goes away almost completely. Try and assign the control surfaces to just one axis, it helps (especially pitch / roll). I usually assign yaw purely to vertical tails. With such a swept wing profile you'll need flaps for takeoff, since you have a tailless design you can use leading edge slats, they are quite efficient on this kind of design.
  7. I use fins if i have a large payload inside fairings, to balance the drag. Otherwise nothing is better...
  8. Yay for mod parts !! (now waiting for Novapunch parts, then life will be complete) Just one nitpick, it seems to only produce radial stacks around one single stage under the payload, and further radial stacks around these radial stacks. While this is fine for stock game, it's not good at all when using FAR. My suggestion would be to limit the amount of radial stages through an option, so it would force the calculation of subsequent lower stages.
  9. Ahh i'm terribly sorry, i totally forgot i used that small square strut in the cargo bay to support the articulated dock port. Replaced it with stock octogonal struts (as the stock girder is too big to fit) so you dont need the toroidal pack, just in case: If you have the toroidal tanks pack i advise you either download that one (and replace the octogonal struts if you want, just open the cargo bay and do whatever you want in there) or fix the "brakes" action group as it includes control surfaces (my mistake too, forgot to remove them), should be only controlling the airbrakes and wheel brakes.
  10. Tested quickly with my 1500t Eve mission launcher - it's TIGHT, so much that i think it's moving Kerbin around when it's on the launch clamps XD Didnt have time to test the kraken summoning with 8x symmetry though.
  11. Raptor said it all On this plane, as you notice the wing sweep is quite extreme, and as such it's not suited for low speed flying at all, making take off / landing difficult. The flaps (here you can see them on leading edges) mitigate this problem here also allowing low speed manoeuvers without stalling. Quite needed as it is a space going plane made for Laythe, and landing there is quite tricky (mostly mountains on small islands..). Oh also pressing the 'B' or whatever key activates the brakes for you will also toggle the airbrakes. (edit) more eye candy, over Laythe with 8K textures:
  12. Triple cheers for the v2 ! I'll test it immediately with my game-breaking designs
  13. Here you go Action groups: 1 - lower flaps (for take off / slow landing) 2 - raise flaps (once airborne) 3 - switch engines mode You need the following mods: B9, Procedural wings, Magic Smoke Infernal Robotics (for the rotating dock in the cargo, i can remove it if you want). And of course FAR. Enjoy !
  14. No cheat, just pwings and proper aerodynamics. I use FAR by the way, that makes real looking planes fly realistically... 2 rapiers is already quite powerful. No clipping either.. No trick, no cheat. I can send you the craft file... I dont use B9 wings, but procedural wings.
  15. Thanks to Ferram's suggestion, this beauty: is now fully functional (as in, able to take off by herself). Moving the rear landing gears forward did it. Makes take off a delicate affair in order to avoid tail hit, but that's still quite easy. Flies to mach 8.5 on Laythe (!!), mach 6 (maybe more ? didnt try) on Kerbin. Is able to refuel in orbit thanks to a concealed, articulated dock port (in a cargo bay section). Also has leading edge flaps for these shorter take off and landings, airbrakes for re-entry management, ladders, generators and lights. And over 2500dV in space .craft file available on demand (if people want it i'll put it on dropbox) I like the delta wing flying properties, it's behaving nicely at any speed including the usually horrendous transonic...
  16. Perfected my FAR SSTO RAPIER that is able to transfer itself to Laythe, then fly there, and go up to mach 8.5. All this while looking sexy. Takeoff ! Quick vertical ascent Hypersonic ! Level flight before going to orbit More hypersonic ! reaching mach 5.5+, lifting the nose to go to orbit Orbit ! Preparing for Jool transfer Transfer ! Going to Jool system Arrival ! Getting a nice view of Laythe Landing ! At the weird but beautiful north pole of Laythe Need i to say this flies beautifully, goes to dazzling speeds all while staying stable, and has a lot of small aerodynamic refinements that make it good at any speed This one is the product of many successive spaceplane designs, and a lot of hours of fine tuning the aerodynamics. It's got a small cargo bay for the articulated dock port, generators and batteries.
  17. For the tank drainage, i usually put multiple tanks on front of each other, and use that nifty new plugin that automatically pumps fuel from one to another. I used to move fuel around manually but that was a hassle (and forgetting means tumbling around...) -keep in mind that real world supersonics do this all the time (notably the Concorde and SR71, and all the others too, but these 2 are well documented). On smaller designs such as the delta wing i posted above i am stable relative to empty COM - i use RCS balancer to tune this properly.
  18. @celem: your design has a lot of flaws. First try and drop the biplane idea. For a supersonic you want as little frontal area as possible. That means having a longer, slender design. Too many lateral tanks here... That also means increasing the wing sweep in order to mitigate the mach tuck. I suggest you try p-wings to start with, you'll discover a whole new world... If you want to do a heavy supersonic, look at existing heavy designs: Concorde, B1-b, XB70,... The space shuttle is another example but consider it does take off vertically. See what those designs have in common (check the russian supersonic bomber too), check some documents that explain the engineering tricks that went into these designs, you'll then understand clearly what to do.
  19. Oh i see, but should the nose lift by itself by virtue of ground effect or similar ? Or maybe that's not implemented yet ? I'll try and move the rear wheels forward, that will be trouble to avoid tail hits upon landing / take off though.. ahh difficult design choices here. Interesting.
  20. So i just finished this delta-winged beauty: It flies perfectly at any speed from 50m/s to mach 6+ (yay for delta wings). I can almost hover around 40m/s with the leading edge flaps down... and manoeuver around. Only trouble is, it wont take off by itself !! It's not my first plane that does this, i use the B9 landing gear and KJR (just in case). I am not sure what is going on, but it's like it's totally stuck to the ground, my tests at north pole confirm that i can max speed on ground without being able to leave it at all. From my flying tests, i should be able to take off from 50m/s ... If i take a small bump or the ski jump at the end of the runway, it goes up immediately without any trouble and good authority. I tried to use a taller landing gear on front to have it point upwards significantly, but no change. To be clear it has excellent pitch authority, i can make full inverted loops at 150m/s and such.. but no take off O_o Any idea what is going on ?
  21. Screenshots will help a lot. Loss of control authority at transonic speeds is called Mach Tuck, you can do a quick research about it as it's well known, and simulated properly by FAR. Ways to counter it depend on your design, usually all-moving control surfaces (or elevons on a tailless delta) that are shielded from the compression wave will keep some level of control. Then there are cases where your design is TOO stable and will not move away from prograde, thats where you introduce dihedral /anhedral and other unstable elements of design..
  22. The NP conical tanks are always a weak point for me, especially that 3.75m->5m one... And it fails from the wide end. I get over it with mad strutting but there is definitely an issue i think (5m connections should not fail that easily..)
  23. I really like the looks of your parts (even if they are not so much efficient (*)) - looking forward to updates so i can build more sexy looking space going thingies (*) that's a good thing, maybe apart for the hybrids which are really too underpowered to be of any use
  24. I have the same issue with radial symmetry, when changing the length. I think all of this is related to my still-existing issue of radial stretchies inducing torque.. I still have it whatever i do, of course 8x symmetry with heavy tanks will show it very clearly. Also when changing sizes, the fuel distribution goes off (always to the side of "too much oxy") (i use stock fuel). Even when i go to the actions menu, click on "45/55" again, go back, launch the ship, when the fuel is almost used up i have plenty leftover oxydizer. I can provide you with test ships upon demand.