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  1. The apoapsis is negative on the contract, and the orbit isn't rendering at all (save for a few misplaced icons).
  2. Granted, but nobody knows who he is anymore. I wish to know why this wish was corrupted.
  3. Granted. You turn into a dinosaur and are captured. I wish to turn into a cat, so as to kill birds.
  4. Granted, however all glass particles are now half-full, thus making glass completely opaque. I wish for a brick made out of the suits that kerbals wear.
  5. Granted, however, there are infinite piranhas. You try to escape, but they're hiding in your closet and under your bed too. I wish for a happy war.
  6. Granted, but by removing the corruption you summon the moon lord. I wish for 5 thousand grains of sand on all of my pictures.
  7. Um, okay, I'll just go back inside my lamp.. I wish for a doom fish skeleton.
  8. Granted, however you fall into a black hole. The ship keeps you alive the whole time, letting you suffer from spaghettification. I wish for a lag car.
  9. Granted. The human race has so much information that it requires more electricity. A solar flare causes the earth to explode too. I wish for raisins to stop existing, but still keep dried cranberries.
  10. Granted. It launches out of the atmosphere after going right through your computer. I wish for the future to exist in 4 dimensions.
  11. Granted, however you are out of supermoney and have to work at the supermuseum at superminimum-wage. All of your superwages are spent on a superapartment and superfood, so you cannot ever afford to fire your death ray. I wish for a weapon that only results in good consequences when used.
  12. Granted, however, the extra weight of your house causes Florida to sink. I wish for the world to be the space between the mattress and the blanket.
  13. Granted, but it's made of living jellyfish cells that poison you. I wish for a gravity transformer - more current on one side, less voltage.
  14. Granted. All of them are you from the future, and you get turned into one of them. You can only grant other people's wishes now. I wish for space to be blue.
  15. Granted. The wish is for it, a horrifyingly generic monster that has a job in information technology. I wish for real-life collision mechanics to be terrible, like in video games.
  16. Granted, however, it is very difficult to fly, with a 50% chance of crashing into the ground every time. I wish for nuclear weapons with guns on them.
  17. Granted. It is delivered into your computer. I wish for secret Kerbish immigrants hiding inside of my fuel tanks.
  18. Granted. They're in space all the time and never offer rides from earth to earth orbit. I wish for every conspiracy theory to be true, even if it requires contradictions between some conspiracy theories.
  19. Granted. It falls over and into a hole. I wish for a literal second horizon.
  20. Granted. You get sent off on a train to the moon, which suddenly breaks down at the moon. I wish for 4-dimensional teeth, to bite the inside of things.
  21. Granted, however, the subject of your welcome mysteriously vanishes into thin air. I wish for 1 solar eclipse approximately every month.
  22. Not only do you get chocolate, everyone in the world gets chocolate! I wish my ore measuring satellite didn't launch today.
  23. Granted, however, everyone else on the world gets the impression that the tyrant is the jerk. I wish for atmospheric fluid spectro-variometer to actually measure pressure and temperature.
  24. Granted. It's also exploding chocolate. I wish for every single process in the universe to be faster than joining a server.
  25. Granted, they can finally begin summoning Cthulhu. I wish for something purple.
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