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  1. Hi @VITAS, just wanted to let you know that the link from your Patreon page to the forums here points to a bad/old url. Just click on your own patreon link in your signature here, scroll down and find where it says "Regular updates are posted here", it links to*** malicious site we no longer use ***-replacement-site-fully-operational/ which doesn't work for whatever reason. Should probably link to this thread instead.
  2. KSP Version: (LinuxPlayer) en-us What Happens: Binding the "Throttle Cut-off" function to the Delete key triggers the "Switch Translation/Rotation" function when pressed (in addition to cutting off the throttle) even when "Switch Translation/Rotation" function has been mapped to "None". Mods / Add-Ons: There is only one mod folder in my install, and it contains only my custom flag image. Steps to Replicate: Go to the settings menu -> Input category -> Flight tab, ensure that "Switch Translation/Rotation" function is set to "none". Go to the Vessel tab and ensure that "Throttle Cut-off" is mapped to "Delete". Launch a vessel. While in-flight, try hitting delete to cut off the engines. Result: Note that while the engines do turn off as expected, the flight mode is switched to docking mode which can interfere with further flight operations. Fixes/Workarounds: None known. Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: Hi all, I've been playing with keybindings and I think I've found a bug. In my input settings, I've unassigned the key for "switch translation/rotation" (which I believe defaults to "Delete", but I don't remember for sure) and mapped the Delete key to throttle cut-off. But when I try to use the throttle cut-off in flight, it triggers the switching of translation/rotation, which implies a switch to docking mode, which takes me out of staging mode and interrupts my piloting. If anyone knows a workaround for this, please do let me know.
  3. Hi all, I know for sure the answer to this question is out there because I've read it and even used the solution before, but now I can't find it and can't remember it. My google-fu fails me. In the VAB with KER installed there is a "Build engineer overlay" that puts a couple of info windows in the bottom left portion of the screen. Depending on aspect ratio and screen resolution, these info windows (named "Vessel" and "Resources") can overlap and obscure some of the buttons for symmetry, snap mode, and center-of-foo markers. There exists a way to adjust the position of these little windows but I can't figure it out. Can anyone point me to instructions? Thanks! Edit: Found the solution: In GameData\KerbalEngineer\Settings is a file called BuildOverlay.xml Edit this with notepad++ or whatever and find the section that looks like this: <SettingItem> <Name>vesselWindowX</Name> <Value xsi:type="float">430</Value> </SettingItem> By default the Value is 330; I find that by changing it to 430 it moves the windows out into a good spot, but the specific number you need to put there would depend on your screen resolution. Just add a hundred or two to the value though and it should be good.
  4. You SERIOUSLY needn't apologize. Rather please accept our thanks for maintaining and improving the mod!
  5. That is a wonderfully hilarious error. Thanks for fixing it so quickly, of course, AND the bug itself made me laugh. Just the kind of thing I would be likely to do myself.Cheers!
  6. Which version of NRAP are you using? When you say it is not working, what do you mean? Are you simply getting a compatibility warning from KSP-AVC? Is the NRAP part not showing up at all in-game? Is the dialog box for adjusting the test weight not functioning correctly? etc. Screenshots might also help.
  7. That makes sense. It was a silly question. I just checked the version that I posted for KSP 1.2.1 (one page back in this thread, ), and the .version file in that should be good for KSP 1.2.2 as well; so if you download that it should work just fine.
  8. If you aren't planning on updating this any time soon, is it ok with you if I just increment the version number and post it in this thread, or would you prefer that I formally fork it and put it in a new thread? I can't reliably maintain this or any mod right now, but I can do minor updates such as what's being suggested.
  9. Inspired by Joss Whedon's Firefly / Serenity universe's Fruity Oaty Bars:
  10. I'm collecting a spare copy of every science experiment in the game to put into my Science Museum.
  11. Sure thing, I wasn't positive you would be interested in investigating at all, since it has no gameplay impact. I'll select a quicksave where I can reproduce and package it up with a log file for you. Expect an edit on this post with a link shortly. Edit: Never mind, I can't reproduce the issue now. I'm sorry I even mentioned it before investigating more. Thanks for all your work and have a great day.
  12. Hi all. I was building a ship today and wished that I could get a marker for center-of-mass of JUST ONE PORTION of the ship. As that one portion of the ship would be independent later in life. I could (and did) play games with making things into separate craft and then saving subassemblies and then putting them all together, but it occurred to me that it would be kind of nice to get a center of mass marker for selected parts of a ship. So what I imagine, is one of two things: 1) Hover your mouse over any part, press magic key, center of mass marker appears indicating center for the part you have selected and all children. or 2) Extra mode in parallel with place/offset/rotate that would allow you to select parts and then see the center of mass of the selected parts. Now, I don't personally wish for this often enough to justify coding it. But I realized that a lot of people infrequently wishing for something is roughly equivalent to a small number of people who want something all the time, either of which would justify some coding time. So my question is: If this were a thing, how often (if ever) would you actually use it?
  13. Hey I ran into a minor issue that I thought was interesting enough to mention to you. I have a career save with two main missions in progress, and three "rescue a kerbal" missions on the back burner. When I landed my science lab on Mun, I triple-checked the life support numbers so I would know when to fetch them back (would be awesome to have integration with Kerbal Alarm Clock, but that's another subject) and noticed the rescue missions said there were 31 crew on each of the rescue vessels, while I presume there are in fact only one each.
  14. License and attribution for each source file was included in.... each source file. Regardless I have added a LICENSE.txt file to the download.