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  1. Anyone else having trouble putting the engines on the Mk3 engine mount? I can do the top one fine, but the bottom two kind of clip into one another and when I click it makes the sound, but doesn't connect them. The stock SSMEs work, but I'd rather use these since I can set the gimbal trim. If I can't get this to work is there a way to add the gimbal stuff to the stock SSMEs?
  2. There seems to be an invisible wall at the point where the lifting body fuselage connects to the cargo bays. It prevents me from building inside it or on the back wall. Also, the OMS pods become permanently connected once you place them. Saw a couple people mention that, same problem here. Hope it gets updated soon, I love this mod.
  3. I use the Klockheed Martian space shuttle oms engines, so the angle would be off either way. Even if I added one of the small probe cores under it, it wouldn't account for the extra angles provided by the trim.
  4. I'm not getting shrouds around KW engines. I deleted the KWPatch-interstage.cfg file like it said to on the last page, but it still won't add shrouds... I don't use CKAN. So I don't know what's happening. It's severely frustrating.
  5. So when building a realistic looking space shuttle, the OMS engines always burn slightly off center. Meaning I have to point 10-20 degrees above the node in order to burn straight. I'm looking for a way to compensate, so that I can calculate the offset angle and point straight at the node after setting the nav-ball. Either that, or an OMS engine/shroud mod that burns straight but looks realistic.
  6. Is there a way to disable vessel sound muting? I realize it's sort of realistic, but it is just too empty during launches. Especially when I'm recording.
  7. I need to disable Probe Control Room's "vessel sound muting" in order to record a video without silence. It may not be realistic, but I like it. Maybe there's a way for it to taper off like it's close and then getting further away... Also, I need to find a way to get the NASA com chatter to trigger during probe missions in Chatterer. Thanks, in advance, for any help.
  8. This didn't fix my probe. I still can't control it once it leaves the atmosphere. I don't have any heatshield parts on it. Also, everything seems to overheat way too easily now. I was getting re-entry effects going 800m/s at 35km up. So I reverted to 1.0 aero and it seems to be slightly better. But it's still getting too hot, too quick.
  9. Is there a way to get the NASA sounds during probe missions? I use Probe Control Room and it's currently muting vessel sounds while using it, so I need something to fill the gap other than just beeps. I was hoping to use some NASA com chatter to replace the silence.
  10. Is there a way to disable the vessel sound muting thing? I understand it from a realism standpoint, but when I'm making videos it's not great to have 2-3 minutes of silence before the orbit music kicks in.
  11. Anyone know why the engines start with the "heating glow" and remain on at all times? Even in the VAB, they're glowing orange/red.
  12. I can't seem to send science data back to KSC. I have a connection either directly, or through a relay comsat. But I still can't send it. I press the button, and nothing happens. It still makes me agree to disable science modules that cannot be repeated after sending, but it doesn't send the data or give me science. Any clue what's happening? There's no way this is an intended feature.
  13. I think I need a tutorial video or something. I kinda get it... Attach the node that is facing DOWN first, after I click it and it appears in the VAB?
  14. Anyone know why this is happening? KSP 1.0.2/Latest RKE Release http://imgur.com/a/5YssF
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