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  1. I had the impression x Science was in flight only, does it have a feature for the VAB? Still, thanks for the recommendation, I will look into it
  2. Sorry to be a bother again, but is there any way to essentially sort the science parts by what experiment they perform in the VAB, or something similar, via native functionality or other mods? Even very early into the tree, and the science tab is chock full parts and antennas, and its damn near impossible to keep track of it all, like which experiments are present in my vessel, if there is new equipment that is an upgrade of previous ones. I have spent over half an hour now just designing the probe for a kerbostationary orbit
  3. I do have Kopernicus, and the OPM planet pack. I am also at 1x scale, I presume, since I haven't changed anything regarding planet sizes. Should I then just lower science rewards?
  4. The thing is that to me it straight up doesn't. The amount of science I get from the very first few missions launching a suborbital rockets, orbiting for the first time, launching a small airplane, and orbiting a polar satelite for SCANSAT get me enough tech points to research several nodes ahead. So now I have all of those historical probe cores that I have never once used since the unique experiment they seem to possess does not justify an individual launch. Since I am fund, rather than science, bottlenecked, its more effective for me to launch a custom satelite cramming as much science equipment in it as possible (and if possible completing a few contracts along the way) rather than the several launches emulating the real space program. This leads to me having pages of parts which I haven't used and which usually are part of some specific ensemble. Perhaps I should change my settings, or try to use the Bureaucracy mod or Kerbal Construction Time. Suggestions?
  5. I have attempted to give this a fair shot, as a "overhaul" like mod that handled compatibility, added a good tree, etc was very much something that I was looking forwards to, but idk, I just can't get past BDB. Everything feels bloated. Not even three nodes into the tree and it feels like every page in the VAB is chock full of parts and components for realistic craft, which is something that I am not particularly interested in. Just looking at the science page and trying to figure out which ones work where, which ones are part of a set etc saps my will to play. Is it possible at all to run SSS withouth BDB? Or is it too fundamental to the whole system? I quite like many other features, such as experiments being mostly transmissible at 100%, among others. Otherwise, maybe i just need to soldier through to get used to it. In that case, any chance I could take a peek at what mods you usually run when playing, or advice on what settings to use? Perhaps I am just missing something incredibly obvious on the settings, or some QnA mod.
  6. The Pre-release does not seem to be working for me on the Kiwi Tech Tree Overhaul. Will test more and report. I am using Kerbalism with the KTT tree, and some extra mods that *should* be compatible with both. It appears that the mod is also hiding nodes that contain only part upgrades. That node disabled left of the large solid rockets I selected is medium solid rockets, and contains only an upgrade.
  7. This seems exactly what I was looking for, a well curated balanced tech tree! Buuut I do have some questions. Universal Storage 2 and DMagic show up on the CKAN suggestions, but both those mods are out of date, do the current versions work well? Also, adding mods not in the recommended list, how does it work? Does it completely break, causes imbalance, etc? I generally like USI's mods, Near Future, and others. Thanks!
  8. I know precisely nothing about KSP modding other than installing mods, how tough would this be?
  9. Can this mod handle antennas added by other mods? I am having issues with some antennas not being recognized by CNC at all
  10. Hello! Sorry to bother, but I am also getting the problem where the smaller pods don't have textures, just a grey blob. I did run the script as described on OP (Windows10) but nothing changed. I do have a lot of mods, including Restock and Restock +, which as I understand it might cause issues. Thanks for any help!
  11. In case of graphics mods like Spectra that AFAIK make use of kopernicus for texture changes, would it be fine to load the save? I don't think they add new planets, just new scatters and textures.
  12. Hello! I am faced with the same issue. Maybe it has to do with time-warp? Need further testing. Funny thing is that I got that contract, reloaded because of losing the engineer, and now I can't get that contract since it seems I already have one (bob I believe). Also, any change of some compatibility with MKS's new classes? Then again, if you reach a point where you need them, you probably can afford them anyways Xd
  13. SETI seems nice, but it also looks like it wouldn't play very well with other mods, including contract packs. Any major mods that are incompatible or just unbalanced? (Like starter manned contracts when the mod focuses on unmanned)
  14. Got it, its initial contracts, made by the guy behind SETI i think. It kinda looks interesting, the SETI mod, would anyone recommend it?
  15. I'll try to find which pack does it, but starting the game with only a 18KM altitude contract and no record contracts is a bit odd, Be back in a bit EDIT1: Its not advanced progression
  16. Is it just me, or using this mod remove's the record default contracts and the "launch a new vessel contract"? The only contract I can do in the beginning is the 18KM and that is tad difficult
  17. I believe that currently just loading the Astronomers pack takes over 3.5 GB RAM, the limit at which KSP gives up and crashes Also, can anyone install TAC life support? I just get an error and it doesnt go to the changes menu
  18. I get a CKAN.ModuleNotFoundKraken if i try to select TAC's box, and it doesnt register in "go to changes"
  19. What the hell is going on? I use CKAN and a stock 1.2 KSP uses about 1.8GB ram, with ATM on, it uses about 2.0GB. What?!
  20. Hello magico! Just started a campaign, probably temporary until more mods update. Either I am doing something wrong, or is there a way to increase the time contracts stay available? And how much time do building upgrades take? I find myself unable to get some good contracts because, you know, 8 days to build a rocket. Any way to increase contract availability from 4d to say 10? Thanks anyway, the mods is looking amazing!
  21. Thing is that these rockets have rather well balanced ISP's and trusts, but thanks to FAR givin them near to 0 drag and the fact that they are actually huge (put a science package next to a capsule and you will realize their real size) they get to space in a jiffy, using fins now I resort to having 2 scientific experiments in a single rocket
  22. I found out why the rockets are actually performing better than what I was expecting. They are huge. I was thinking that a single stage one would be 2kerbals height, but the science package is the same height than a capsule, so the rockets are actually huge.
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