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  1. Bingo! Thank you G'th I guess because they were docked an EVA did not cross my mind. Thanks
  2. Hello All. I have been playing career mode in .23 and have completed a manned Mun landing and re-docking phase of my Apollo style mission. I have 120 science ready to go but when I move my Bob from the lander to the orbiter I see the science is still in the landing can. I do not see an obvious way to transfer it to the orbiter vessel which is designed for re-entry. The lander is designed to just burn up. Is it possible to move stored science from one ship to another while docked? If not I guess will have to park it in orbit and make some kind of landing apparatus to dock with it and bring i
  3. looking forward to the release. Hoping for bug fixes and performance improvements, not to mention tweakables. I might be able to get my 3 man space shuttle to launch the way I want! I think I may even try the career-mode style instead of sandbox
  4. You could not be more correct, It was far to much RCS fuel. I have decided I will replace the core with a new one that includes 1 RCS tank and a 720 unit fuel tank. I took this on a mission to Dunna, which it made it but it literally had exactly enough fuel to get into a aero-capture trajectory. Not ideal. Lots of lessons learned with this one, but hey that's the fun of playing this game. Link to mission Not sure I would go much bigger just from a computer performance perspective.
  5. Well the fuel barge worked, although I need to build a better transport system for it. Was able to get 1 orange tank there getting me back to 50%, it would have been 100% had I not had to steal some of its fuel to get in a proper orbit. I was coming in at the wrong angle. After Docking. I had to undock the landing craft to make room. Another re-design I will have to do on the next version, better docking access.
  6. Yeah my first trip to Jool with an orbiter/lander probe was a little challenging as well. It was my first time trying aero-capture, which actually worked pretty well but still required some adjustment. I forgot that the scale of this game is really small compared to reality so I had ended up getting in the SOI of one of the moons on approach, thankfully it was not impacting, just adjusted my orbital inclination a bit. It worked out though and I got in a stable orbit in the correct direction around Jool then transitioned to Lythe and had a successful landing on land. Was a guesstimate on the
  7. Looks good, Closer to Gilly than I have gotten yet. I'll probably add that to my mission list for the next time I send a ship that way.
  8. It looks great! I would consider reducing the number of batteries as with solar panels you likely will not need anywhere near that many. I recently ran into a fuel shortage issue on my large ship so I would recommend sending a fuel barge to Jool ahead of time in case you need it. But you have an awesome idea and it looks great! Make sure to utilize aero-capture to get in orbit of Jool, that should save you quite a bit of fuel when you get there Keep us posted!
  9. Very cool! That might be a good solution. Throw one in orbit of the planets I go to so its there...
  10. After completing my space ship "Intrepid" I decided to test it out. I took it out from 250K orbit of Kerbal to an orbit just beyond Mimus. I then decided it was working well (laggy) but well. I then set my sights on Duna and with a course plotted I fired the engines and off I went. FYI I do not use any mods, all stock. Well I got to Duna but my fuel was not looking great. I ended up literally having almost exactly enough to get into an aero-capture orbit. As of now I am in an elliptical orbit (AP 950k PE 200k) and all 4 Kerbals are safe and even have a lander to try out later. But I h
  11. 64 bit optimized code doesn't have anything to do with utilizing multiple processors. Multi-threading already occurs on this game. Check your process manager if on windows or run # mpstat -P All 1 on Linux when running KSP. So it is already capable, now how optimized their code is to use that is another thing. But just making it 64 bit will not change that.
  12. Hello, That is a reasonable but it wouldn't do exactly what you think. So creating a ram drive allocates a block device that the OS can use (in linux/unix we call this ramfs or tmpfs), you load data in it the same you you do any other block device after it is mounted, however there is not file system as everything is stored in memory pages. For the program to access that information from a drive it would then have to be loaded from the drive into memory for the program which cannot be done with a simple memory map. This would be an inefficient way to store the game data. You *could* creat
  13. Most of the music from the movie 'Sunshine' would be great for this game!
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