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  1. Hi. You will loose "interstellar mod + air intakes" feature. Example. screenshot Create rover with 10-20 nuke reactors and transceiver. Drive rover from airstrip, turn on transceiver. Go to hangar. Create plane with thermal reciever and thermal airbreathing turbojet engine with stock air intake. (propelant "atmosperic air" or smth like that) Launch plane. Get message "No propelent found". Wait for patch.
  2. Wow. Can you add custom sounds to your mod? You know B9 has a sounds for landing gears, KW Rocketry has a sound overhaul on each engine, KSPi already has a sound for Warp drive... so why no to expand?
  3. Hello. Thank you for your mod. Big fan. So in case if you want prices close to reality I do some personal research about KSPI pricing. If your want help PM me. So here is my initial points for calculation. 1. How much is Kerbin Fund? We have a stock part for liquid fuel. If we count it as high quality Kerosene then we can count price by weight. It's easy to find a price for ton of kerosene (see how much money Russia spend on Soyuz launch). 2. Point where you can translate prices for your mod is LV-N engine. Players must have a reasonable choice between LV-N and KSPI atomic engine (1.25 basic reactor+fuel+1.25nozzle+3*1.25 inlineradiators) by price because it's historicly near the same things. Maybe for that reason you must override LV-N (because fuel costs a lot). 3. Your pricing for fuels is some how wrong. Here is logic. Why Antimatter do cost so much? Because it's hard to produce IRL. But in KSPI it's so much easy. So price is so much lower. Same for other resorces. 4. Monsters of the price are Generators. KSPI power generators power ouput is like power plant generators. Do find some pricing on gas turbines ( for example siemens gas turbines)
  4. That's an intrigue. Will KSPIL techtree merge with Near Future Technology? What "WaveF" will do after Jool trip...
  5. Of course it's not. It's "ironman". Nothing forbiden in a simulation before real flight. "Hard situations" occure when you far away from Kerbin system. There works mods producing problems such as "low food", "no signal", "route miscalculation", "undone craft" etc.
  6. I do. Problem is I'm hardcore player so my point may be too harsh for someone. So sometimes I must say "stop to over complicate" to myself.
  7. "1. Mod Developer always right. 2. If not, see 1." just another truth of life:)
  8. Not exactly but still funny:) It's not a just "a change" but totally different mod for KSP now. KSPI is like "what if we place a real model of reactor on a spacehip". KSPI lite is like "Congrats! You are opened new fusion reactor! Forget about all other stock parts in game!". So I can't say how really KSPI Lite is compatible with stock game for now.
  9. I do really want too this version of KSPI. Good old KSPI (no rebalance, maybe even dont change prices so players can do that) only with support .24.2, TweakScale and cross compabilty with resources. Sounds good.
  10. Does work reasearch of custom tech nodes? For example NearFuture Tech, KSPI Lite... and many others.
  11. Did anyone tried build a ramp like this one with that B9 5.0+FAR+DeadlyReentry+IR+ may be some active struts? Does It work or it's senseless?
  12. I'm feeling a little guilty here about all my yesterday panic. So here's my stable assembly for x64 client of KSP with new B9. Thank you again for proving me your are right. And warning that "repack" do require 8+ mb of RAM at load. (mine is i7, 16Gb, nvidia 760) I was suspicious abot TAC FB and LS. I was wrong... particulary. Problem is between different mods. And none of it is B9 so you are cool. Here' s list: PS all mods are up to date. If not (i.e KAS) look its forums and do find fan patches. May be it will help you.
  13. I'm just too tired and want to sleep. Forgive me anyone who become angry. So what I found. I'm playing x64 of course still. parts used HL cockpit+HX thruster TAC Fuel Balancer ( with prerelease B9 lead to crash everytime. (transitions between VAB-SPH/launchpad and sometimes on click on HL cockpit icon) TAC Life Support ( suspicious... but can't say exactly. May be I just dreaming already. I'm off to sleep.
  14. Thank you. You give me anger and guess I found the way in x 64.
  15. Win 8. Clean install KSP .24.2+NASA mission pack+ "that". No extra external adjustments to video. Start 32 bit client. 3100+ mb of RAM at idle. I hope thats showcase version is a very very far from a release one. If not then previous release with fan patch is better choice. I have 70 folders in gamedata and old b9+fan_patch. All of them do support x64 and you dont(I hope in full release you would). Seriously for now is no reason to switch to 5/