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  1. Wait for a Kerbalism released for 1.7.2 or .3 . Not sure if its storing it as a sample or as science. Its possible that if you turn off your antenna and don't allow it to transmit the stone, you might be able to bring it back?? I don't know.
  2. @Maxsimal Awesome! So I take it then that the electric rotors we have now when used with the Helicopter blades will work Aerodynamically the same as the Fuel based rotors. So lift properties won't be reliant on Fuel rotors versus electric rotors?
  3. The FLOAT experiment isn't working when its running in the background. If I go to Tracking Station or controlling another vesicle, let a bunch of days pass then come back to my FLOAT experiment, no time has passed :(. Running KSP 1.7.2. FLOAT time is passing when I'm actively focused on the vesicle. Edit: I take that back, it is passing, just 1/6th the rate or so.
  4. Can we get conditional statements and sensor based inputs?
  5. No, just a carefully timed set of manuevers. Essentially, someone timed the actions that needed to happen on that exact size/shape ship, and set those timing to actions in the KAL controller.
  6. I'm not sure what you would use the data storage for, but science and maybe sciencedialog as should fix it back to the original science system. https://kerbalism.readthedocs.io/en/latest/settings.html
  7. There was a thread about this a while ago (I can look it up if you need to). Unity calculated friction in strange ways for non wheeled parts. Its supposed to just average the friction of the surface you are on with the friction of the part, but apparently that gives weird results frequently (no I don't know why). Specialized parts that have friction specifically programmed into them apparently work better.
  8. It's automatic, if you inside Kerbin system you don't need an antenna. Time has to pass and you'll get a message that you station transmitted XX science.
  9. Noticed that in the new DLC I can't complete "pickup mun stone" contract with Kerbalism. It converts the min stone into data and doesn't register its return to kerbin.
  10. We would need analog inputs to do that effectively. You CAN "trim" the controls for WASD (hold ALT while holding one of those keys), Maybe additional trims might be possible. If you have an analog joystick you can get a few more analog controls. I haven't play with it in a long time to say exactly what is possible at the moment though,
  11. What pod are you using? mk1 comes with a harddrive. I'm not sure, if the Making History circular pods come with harddrives.
  12. They are apparently working on it. The issue is that Unity has a rotational limit. Any fixes will have to fake a faster rotation somehow. Likely a separate propeller part that blurs the rotations and simulates the effect.
  13. Whoho, looks like they pushed the 1.7.2 update AND fixed the math on how often surface features appear. Maybe I will finally be able to find that Green sandstone after all!
  14. Ok, I saw on the steam db that it the game and expansion was updated, but I still don't see either updates actually available to my client? Is this a slow rollout?
  15. According to Steam they updated Breaking Ground a few hours ago, and the base game a few minutes ago. Try redownloading.