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  1. A ship has a tree structure in the game engine. You can combine multiple tree structures with docking ports. Its weird.
  2. Pretty sure you will be able to access these functions while holding onto a ladder. Hopefully they make it available from a command seat as well. We will see.
  3. Main issue is that parts will break down and are not always fixable. And radiation damage keeps adding up.
  4. Read the description of the lander, I believe it says it's leaky or something. Even though habitat is enabled the pod isn't actually pressurized, you wear your suits inside.
  5. Thanks for the new supplies parts in the dev build. One question, the text doesn't seem to change when you change the type, as it does when in your included photo. Its always just "supplies"
  6. What's weird is when I viewed the FAQ page it said all can repair engines. Later I viewed it again and it reverted to and older version that didn't say that. Not sure if it's versioning in some weird way or what.
  7. Which wiki are you referring to? https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/wiki/PlayGuide-~-Reliability Says all can repair
  8. Nope, in the 3.1 release they drastically reduced the weight that shielding causes. Everything floats now, or I might just be missing something.
  9. Has anyone had any luck making a probe that sinks in water in the current release. Until I unlock Ore tanks it seems everything floats even with shielding turned up to max.
  10. Yea, inflatables haven't worked on the ground since I first tried out Kerbalism many months ago when we had to use air pumps. I just chocked it up to blowwing up a ballon while in atmosphere is much more difficult than in a vacuum. Though some sort of message might be nice.. shrugs.
  11. The ability to repair engines that are low on use seems a bit glitchy using recent dev build. GUI says I have 0 ignitions left, (Skipper engine normal) a visit via IVA says engine is fine. It still fires once. I can then repair it. Have a similar issue with terrior where I've used to land on mun and trying to return. I try to repair before a long burn to head back to kerbin. it fails to let me repair but it still fails hard mid burn, unrepairable. Though it still has a minute left on time.
  12. Any plans to make it more obvious that this capsule is unpressurized. I found it very confusing at first as well
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