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  1. Nope, in the 3.1 release they drastically reduced the weight that shielding causes. Everything floats now, or I might just be missing something.
  2. Has anyone had any luck making a probe that sinks in water in the current release. Until I unlock Ore tanks it seems everything floats even with shielding turned up to max.
  3. Yea, inflatables haven't worked on the ground since I first tried out Kerbalism many months ago when we had to use air pumps. I just chocked it up to blowwing up a ballon while in atmosphere is much more difficult than in a vacuum. Though some sort of message might be nice.. shrugs.
  4. The ability to repair engines that are low on use seems a bit glitchy using recent dev build. GUI says I have 0 ignitions left, (Skipper engine normal) a visit via IVA says engine is fine. It still fires once. I can then repair it. Have a similar issue with terrior where I've used to land on mun and trying to return. I try to repair before a long burn to head back to kerbin. it fails to let me repair but it still fails hard mid burn, unrepairable. Though it still has a minute left on time.
  5. Any plans to make it more obvious that this capsule is unpressurized. I found it very confusing at first as well
  6. If early access is super cheap I might get it. But honestly, don't. Maybe invite those who have been playing KSP for years to a closed beta. But early access generally means "never quite finish game development"
  7. I think you are supposed to cluster your own engines to provide your own failsafes.
  8. Are you sure they actually died? If so it's likely a conflict with another mod. Make sure it's not just an errant message though.
  9. In a dev release? Report it as an issue in the GitHub. 3.0.2? Likely a conflict with another mod. I frequently see issues about the rescuee is about to die, during loading, but they are fine
  10. What's your thoughts on a bit of open multiplayer trading. Eve lite if you will.
  11. Some mods like Kerbalism and I think Real Fuels allow you to use a lower quality engine that doesn't last as long in order to get a cheaper version. This engine uses a timer to determine ignition life of the engine during thrust manuevers, I don't think they change the speed of the timer based on percent thrust, but they could.