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  1. This is why I specified OpenCycle, only using the combustible and not the ClosedCycle which makes it basically a rocket engine, though capable to accelerate indefinitely as long it has fuel and ox, of course. Indeed, now it used Methane as "liquid fuel" but it should not be very far from the original kerosene KSP1 OpenCycle Rapier. Conventionnal air-breathing engine as a lower thrust curve when it comes to high velocity, but yeah, as you tried, whatever the OpenCycle engine, they'll run faster at lower altitude, maybe thanks to denser atmosphere and thus more oxydant.
  2. If it's like KSP1, nope, you'll go faster when lower because of... Well, that's quite weird actually ^^ In KSP1 I got 1760-69 m/s stable while going perfectly flat at about 18km, I'd say, and using Rapiers in OpenCycle, obviously. It was an optimized yet basic aircraft design for that purpose, but not using any weird cheat or borderline tricks. IIRC I was not using the tilted wings to help reducing the cross-section, might be able to beat the 1770 m/s. You can overcome easily theses values if flying really low and if you don't care that you craft explode due to thermal, but I don't find it interesting compared to being able to recover everything intact. KSP2 should behave almost identical I guess, It would be nice to try out indeed.
  3. The simple fact that Struts exist and are possible, even with the tree-structure, means that it would techically be possible to have closed-loops structural attachments, nah ? Like, as you said, a wing being attached by its extremity, at least two linear points rather than a single central point. It would already eliminate a massive wobble. For a tank stacked on an other one, the linkage would be something like 3 points to be isostatic ? Actually, 3 points attachments would allow for a planar definition of the attachment, being iso static and probably enough for anything. It's already something that we are doing ourselves with struts, back in the day or with this crappy KSP2 physic : struts from the tank below the decoupler, to the tank above the decoupler, to bypass its wobbliness and create a structural rigid linkage made of 4 additionnal points, somehow. Is it something that's not really possible to define in KSP, multiple attachment points ? Of course, the stacking would still be Single Green Node for the user experience, when he's designing his craft, it's all in the background. Or do we know if there is a way to "bake" the physic of a craft ? Like, something costing 3-5 seconds to propagate parts linkage that should be rigid ? The idea would be to weld 3 tanks in top of each other, as it actually define a long tank (since we don't have procedural that would solve that alltogether...), keep decouplers as physic independant linkage (but reinforced), etc. It would even count on Clipping as a welded joint, which would be so useful for airplanes and many others cases. So yeah, something that would treat the physic as a global envelope, while keeping some joints physically independant to allow for decoupling, actions (deployments, etc). That would be a massive change, something really worth a KSP2, along other things.
  4. Yes ?... Because, that's really not the same thing at all ? Bug report owe its name. It's about bug. They also added some suggestion fields, fortunately, to give ideas and feedback. But that's totally different from an opinion feedback, a discussion between members of a forum. You don't want to flood the Quality Team / whatever their name with "Amagad, it's really not okay to release such an EA at 50 bucks" and others "Dang, it really does not look like a 2020+ game at all" or "My PC can't run it while it runs OK Hoghwarts Legacy" : because these are debated, because it leads to 20 lines passionate feedback / opinion / rant / compliments. These are not suggestion, nor ideas, it's just opinions. Surely, you can turn them so that they can be used as feedback / bug reports, like "this game should run on a 7700HQ + 1050Ti Low 30 FPS" or "This game would benefit from better graphics" : that's fine, you can and even you should. But that's not discussion. It does not allow for in-depth opinion regarding why you say so, what's your background, your mind about it, and it does not allow the devs to collect a global feeling : forum does that, some (a lot probably) are posting here but not in the BugTracker for whatever reasons. If you're OK for topics that aim to compliment the game, the devs, the com', anything, why would you be opposed to identic threads about what is not right about the game, the dev, the com', anything ? It needs an equilibrium, and it does help. Again, rant would not have been THAT salty if some other people did not get hyperbolic on compliments, regarding the game being so crazy beautiful, perfectly fine à 15FPS for a game like that, and OK to ask 2060 when other AAA are doing "fine" with 960 because, I quote, "come on guys, step up your machines, 1060 is 6 yo, it's totally fine that new game won't run on them", completely missing the point. This is okay to think so, it's okay to say so, but it's also okay to disagree aaaaand... Say so. Oh, and, most of the salty discussions comes from defensers people constantly using "whine" as a base word when there is some criticism. It triggers reaction, for sure. It does not help, it only add oxygen to the fire, it's most of the time not relevant / rude / childish. Even Devs and Com' KSP2 team ask thoses guys to stop, as THIS was actually toxic. The very first days, or even some days before the release of the Minimum Specs Requirements, it was barely impossible to say nothing againt the game. Like, period. Non-sense. Moderators had to warn people to stop saying that others are "whining" and all. So yeah, stop doing that, just respect opinions as long as they're politely written, correct regarding the work involved. I don't like how KSP2 is looking so far, in so many aspects, I find that it's almost ruined and many others things, i'm even frankly salted on some aspects and I can be harsh, but never without some nuance than enable the discussion, the debate, and most other do the same.
  5. Yes ?... So you suggest to spam the Bug-Report with complaints rather than actual bug reports or suggestion ? It's really not the same thing, and it's not a good idea to pollute their tool with theses discussions which belong quite well here. And yes, they are reading. Maybe be not this topics, maybe not another one, but that's the things : they can't ignore the "rant" all over the place, and I don't think they want to ignore the facts. They're well aware of the global issue but it still helps to, indeed, confirm as user that we (for those who are concerned) are not satisfied. I'm doing my part of Bug-Report, Ideas suggestions, feedback, in the launcher, but i'm also feeding the forum, be it with compliments about what have been done so far (not much on KSP2, yeah), as well as constructive criticism. 90% won't be read by KSP2 Team, maybe 99%, it's okay, it just allow people to interact together, to deal with people that are satisfied and eventually can make our opinions change or shift. And 1-10% might be read by devs / com', mine or other's guys posts, and it helps counter-balancing the player that genuinely satisfied / very enthousiast. Don't spam the bug report with ranting. If you're salty, Forum / Discord will help, don't pollute official tools.
  6. Complaining does matter. It allows for the KSP2 Team to be aware that nope, this is not fine. It's just that simple, I don't get what it's hard to understand here. Then come the manner to complain, yes. But that's not your message. Complaining IS necessary. Especially when people keep saying that this is the most wonderful game they've had in hands, that graphics are the most gorgeous they've ever seen, that 15 FPS is way enough for a game like KSP : it does not help. At all. It's their right to say so, it's quite okay as an opinion, but then it also allow for complaining to balance things out.
  7. Yeah, sorry, a bit rude but if you're willing to share something, it's even nicer to get it right so that people can enjoy it, discuss about it. It's quite a tendancy to screenshot / record during night-time and it's not the most appealing content I'd say. Anyway, nice Specs Proofing craft
  8. Night, wouhou. So convenient to see anything else than plume
  9. Considering what KSP2 has to offer, graphics wise, yeah, it should run on a 1050ti laptop. Definitely. Lowering the settings of course, but totally playable, just like KSP1 was on iGPU of its time when you lowered the graphics. Actually, KSP2 at minimal looks garbage, which is okay-ish for a minimal don't get me wrong. The thing is, knowing how it looks, it should even run on last gen iGPU like IRIS or RDNA3, let alone a dedicated 1050ti or so. Stay with me : it looks like 2x better than KSP1, yeah ? But we have a pretended optimized game, and years of dev. So it should cancel out and be able to run as well I would say. I want to play KSP2 ultra minimal (lowest settings + 720p) on my working laptop in the Train. I want student I work with to be able to run KSP2 correctly on their laptop that often are 1050ti + 7700hq + 8gb RAM. It's KSP2. It's not beautiful, it's not gorgeous, not at the lowest, and not more at the highest setting. What we see at highest is barely 2017 worth. Yes, it's not a BIG game with 200M$, it's fine, it won't look as beautiful as the last gen space games and it has its own difficulties regarding the physics and all. But... It's still a 50$ game, after 5 years of dev, based on a very existing game as a solid basis, plenty feedback, and with 2023 technologies, improvements, and all. No, it does really not look good by any 2020+ standards and it's a shame. It should pretty be able to exploit our biffy 40XX gen cards to run in smooth and beautiful, and in the mean time allow for settings to get it working on a 1050ti laptop, in 1080p, comfortably. And in addition, yes, it makes sense to compare it with other game totally different, when they show beautiful graphics and still demanding an old GTX 960 as a minimum which run correctly and does not look like excrements in the mean time. Stop complaining about people which are complaining about their 5yo rigs not being able to run KSP2. They can run Hogwart Legacy, they can even run somehow a StarCitizen, and plenty other example : there is no excuse about KSP2 asking for much more, with a very very not flattering result. Yes, it's more beautiful than KSP1, thanks for that captain obvious, that's not the question. Yes, GamePlay comes first, no one argue about that, even if I would be tempted to do so since KSP1 already has that gameplay completed. Yes, people will need to update their rigs one day or another, that's breaking open doors, thank you. And yes, it's EA and it will get optimization, maybe substantial one, like 2-5 the actual performance. Yet, it's not enough, It lacks about 10-15 times* the performance gap, which is a whole another story and I don't see how they will manage that. But anyway, people saying "upgrade your rig, you poor" don't even mention the game being EA. Nah, they just say "1060 is damn old, it's normal it won't run modern games", while... it runs it perfectly. Except KSP2.
  10. Ha, ShadowZone, you're the Youtuber I like the most among the English-Speaking contents, when it comes to KSP news, analysis, etc. I feel like you're very honest and fair when it comes to criticism as well as compliments. Thanks for that !
  11. Ok, so... Ready for an Ego-Trip in no particular order ? Don't forget to read the conclusion as well haha. - I've posted the biggest numbers of KSP related post in French, accounting all existing platform, for the past 11 years or so. - I've helped as much players as I happen to encounter, from total newbies to expert, depending on my own experience at that time. - I've founded and actively leaded the French association called Kerbal Space Challenge, which organize Online KSP challenges (huge one, like, really), animating and gathering the community with whole new dedicated platforms (website, forum, discord, twitter, twitch, etc etc). Our main goal being education contents, reproducing IRL missions, making the players meet together and share their common passion, exploring their talents in drawings, videos, mathematics, story telling, etc. - I've teached KSP and Orbital Mechanics in junior school, university, engineering high-school, and will continue to do so with KSP1 this year - I've organized, along my KSC association, the #KSPACECONTEST, the very first IRL KSP Hackathon, with 1000€ cash prizes but more importantly institutional jurors like ESA, CNES, Lattitude, and others. I was among them but just as a KSP expert, such an amazing event, so proud we made it ! - I've wrote the most comprehensive KSP Guide that I know of, humbly, to learn KSP as a newbie or as an intermediate player that want to get it with some additional popularization of light scientific concept and the "whys", the "hows". And many other reference posts that are used for years, but are not "proper" clean tutorial, more very detailed answers. - I've shared my passion for KSP all along, also using Youtube to host some Full Stock (except graphics, come on ^^) cinematics. There is only a few as they took me about 50-100h each, but I've enjoyed doing them ! - I've organized BDA Tournament, very look like the Runway Project but in our french community with other rules. Thanks to the BDA Dev, it's really something crazy good to play with And statistics, gosh, I love table to play with, colours, numbers, podium haha. - I've co-wrote a kOS script that automate the whole Perfect Gravity Turn adjustment and it belong to my best recent KSP memory ! I don't write code myself, can read it ok-ish, but we've spent like 50-100 hours to think about it, to make it reliable, to take into account various exotic crafts, etc, it's like the "Gravity Turn" mod but using kOS and quite much more agressive to get the perfect Gravity Turn, and it's soooo enjoyable to see the thing going automatically It helped a bunch of people to visually see, feel, and understand how Gravity Turn work and how they can be more agressive as they would dare to do manually - I've bought KSP1 about 3 times for me at various occasion, about 3 more times for presents, and I probably lead people / university / other structure to buy a hundred more. - I've bought KSP2 full steam price. And right after the 2019 Trailer, I ran a whole comprehensive survey regarding the most wanted features, in our french community. Don't think KSP2 did anything with it, when I submitted them the result back in the days... haha. Anyway, I tried again recently, in the forum, after the EA Launch. Might still be useful, and haven't seen other survey like this, it really had some cool ideas prior the launch. - And other things I don't think about ! Now, the "conclusion" : i'm really pessimistic and have been very salty regarding the KSP2 launch. I mean, by all i've made so far "for" and thanks to KSP, I'm maybe the post passionate and invested french guys. It really means something big for who I am today. And despite this, I'm so sad of how KSP2 turned out. I don't feel like I want to open steam and launch it. I don't want to promote it, etc. How crazy is that, after all that time enjoying KSP1 and waiting for KSP2 ? I mean, i'm tipically the guys commited to the cause, that can only love a new KSP. And yet... nah. I don't think we'll ever get the KSP2 that should last for another decade, technically up to date, with all the promises that were made, and that make me sad. Anyway, time will speak, finger crossed ! Edit : I must add that I've never really be able to communicate with KSP1 and KSP2 teams. Like... Really not. I've not been asking for anything, of course, as they don't owe me at all, but some help to promote the biggest activities and events, that are premiere for KSP, that help selling it, promote the educational potential, etc, nah, nothing. It really adds to the "meh" feeling about the communication, which barely only look at Reddit, pick a random image and post it, or publish an homemade low effort screenshot or challenge idea with no involvement at all. Not happy of this part of my KSP route, unfortunately, we could have done much more with just a little acknowledgment. That's my very personnel point of view, not the one of this KSC association.
  12. Wow, so much people being optimistic !... It actually feels good to see, as a very pessimistic guy regarding KSP2. Maybe it's just a point of view issue and things are not going that bad, if most people still believe in it somehow.
  13. It's quite a shame that we don't have proper interview that "put the feet in the dish" as we say in French. Nothing that would be salty and aggressive / rude of course, just a formal interview but that would aim at collecting and answering "real world questions" instead of scratching the surface. Like... Your game is running at 10 FPS with a 150 parts vessel, using ultra high end hardware. You've insisted a lot about the performance optimization as a core "feature" of KSP2 so, with comparison with KSP1, players are waiting for 600 parts crafts launching at 30 fps, minimum, on a high-end specs machine (not crazy one). It's probably a 10-15 times optimization factor required, is it even possible, where would that come from ?" Numbers. That's a rough example, but, like, Nate would have the right to ignore / postpone / whatever, it's an Interview, not any kind of torture. But among the questions, some might get answers, hints, etc, as well as global "tone" of the conversation that is not pure communication with always the same questions.
  14. Yeah. That, and procedural definitely does not mean "bigger", don't know why he is insisting on that.
  15. Damn, I sincerely thought I saw the proc solar pannels being advertised in the same video / dev note than radiators, and it made sense to me, haha, my bad ! Then, wow, I don't get why we would have proc radiators and not solar panels oO Edit, yeah, found that on the DevNote we are talking about, right below. Must say that I don't see how this answer is valuable, this is the exact same shapes, the exact same mechanism involved in terms of rotation, reaction to solar direction, etc, how could they pass on that ?... Really I don't get it. Developing a neat tool to shape radiators, that might cost some time, to only use it on... Radiators ? Raaaah, KSP2 is really a thing x) Posted March 25, 2022 Seeing this question pop up in a few places. We don't currently have specific plans to add procedural solar panels for release, as solar gameplay wasn't blocked by the absence of a large-scale solution in the way that radiator gameplay was. As you get deeper into the progression, you've got a number of other power generation solutions that don't rely on sunlight (since many of the problems you're solving involve either being very far from a star or being in a situation in which solar intermittency is an obstacle). I'd love to hear the applications you see for big, interestingly-shaped solar panels.
  16. I don't get it, Procedural Solar Panel were already avertised in DevNote and other communications, right ? So they are confirmed, nah ? Along the procedural radiators.
  17. Don't know if it has been said once or multiple time, but I find the Thrust adjusment way too sensible : It used to be pretty perfect on KSP1, to me. I never had to adjust the thrust limiter by right clicking on an engine, and I had to at the very first mission I ran in KSP2 with a simple LV909 and an accordingly sized module above. We have All-or-Nothing input for 100 and 0% thrust, so we don't need thrust adjusment to be "fast", instead we need it to be precise. I would say that "Green-Clock real time playing" in KSP1 is about 3.5-4s to go from 0 to 100% for the thrust gauge. It seems like it's about 1-1.5s for KSP2.
  18. God, I agree that most of the feedback is going to be properly ignored since the state of the game is really not propitious, with a LOT of bug report in the first place, performance rant in the second place, etc etc. It's fairly logic that they're going to work on Major bugs, which will probably cost at least a month and 2-3 patches... In the meantime, feedback will accumulate here and everywhere on social media and some on the official InGame "error report", without any proper tracking, without a dedicated platform to handle the load. So what ? People that already wrote their very detailed, comprehensive and passionate feedback won't write it again, it won't ever be taking into account, moreover if KSP2 team consider "1 month old feedback" as irrelevant because they patched the game and things have changed. Damn... This EA was supposed to be all about giving feedback about enhancement, ideas, propositions, suggestions, to build the game together, to think as players with millions of hours in, with lotta experiences, etc. Nah, instead, people are writing here, there is probably one KSP2 guy trying to assemble barely something in a file but just the main tracks, ignoring all the "smaller" ideas that did not occure more that once or two, and with the rest of the team telling him "you know what, yeah, cool, but so far we need to get this game working and it gonna take some time, do your best, and maybe we will scratch it all and ask for newer feedback when the game is OK-ish as it should have been from the beginning". That would be... Haaaa, don't know what to say. It's such a mess, it's such a pity that it started this way.
  19. Wah... must say that, same as some others, I really sincerely (I mean it) don't get how this game can be awesome in any way, visually wise. It's very very poor, technically speaking, and there is nothing like "artistic choices" to my eyes, only cylinder looking like 20 faces polygons, moutains looking like polygons, clouds looking like pixels at far distance and barely nothing when close, texture being over-saturated and gross at best, as well as very inegal, lightning being completely, compleeeeetely off, shadows as well, etc etc etc. Actually, i've just wrote a small review about it, and it was my initial and final words : at no moment, I felt in "awe", not even close, which is kinda incredible for a game like KSP2, in 2023. It's totally improbable to not get any chills, any awe moment, because it is graphically wise "gross" to my eyes. It's out dated, it's a thing, but I don't see how to defend any "artistic choices" in addition. And that's a shame, graphics was all I was waiting for. Scenery. KSP is all about scenery. Otherwise there is no incentive to do anything, to take any pic, to share any place. I don't see how they will fix that, i'm pretty they are happy with how it looks, they might improve the overall look by 50% while it sincerely needs about 300 to 400% enhancement to me. Really, consider how it's looking...
  20. Hey there, I would LOVE that UI is fully mod-friendly, so that artists and graphists could design whole new and different UI, focusing on visual, because the dev would have provide easy to use data to embed. Imagine getting a "Rainmeter like" UI tool, with very very different way to show informations and all !
  21. If so, is this really the best way to do so ? Since the state of KSP2 is already VERY Early Access, with a bunch of bugs and all, most of feedback might be about bugs, issues, unoptimization and all. Which is quite unfortunate as a start since this EA was promoted as a way for players to say what it is good, what is bad, what can be enhanced, what are the good community ideas to implement, etc, not to debug the game, but that's another story. Regarding suggestions, ideas, feedback from players, which are not bugs, we should have some proper platform to deal with it so that we can efficiently research if something as already been said (here is okay but not perfect), upvotes things, see what are the trends, etc. And it would be so much more convenient and efficient for team instead of trying to follow the rithm of random posts, repeating each other, etc. I feel like here, topics are going to drawn pretty quickly, this is a forum, not a feedback dedicated platform to help devs and official teams. And because it's a bit unclear so far, people are posting ideas, suggestions, bug reports, everywhere on social media, forums, discord, or through the InGame error report system. So yeah, maybe I've missed something, but is it really officially here for everything else than bug report ? What about using the InGame "Error Report" system, which quite suggest that they want specifically "error feedback" while it should have been the occasion to gather around suggestions, ideas, what we want to see InGame, what can be enhanced, rather than hunting bugs and complaining about very bad performances ?
  22. Just hope we will quickly be able to do our own community VoiceOver thanks to a mod or an official support. I'm French and I would be okay to do so for our community.
  23. Agree as well, or as a difficulty option but that would be waste of energy for 99% players so not worth it Though, this line regroup more Physic aspects, and in our community, this mostly translate to more precise and realistic plane behavior, the aero-model
  24. I don't get how we are supposed to get Proc Radiators and Proc Solar Pannels and not tanks. It feels very off to me. And i'm not a big fan of Procedural at all, but definitely can understand et admit the huge advantages. I like the lego-ness of KSP, it's really part of its identity and even allow to immediately recognise what a craft is made of. Sooo... Instead of Continuous Procedural, why not some Discrete Procedural ? Like, a tank would grow by a meter, then another one, with a feeling of "measurable steps" and a texture applying accordingly. That would be the best of 2 worls, nah ? I really wonder why it never happened as mod on KSP1.
  25. Hey there, I dare to share one global "feedback" based on a survey, it's quite comprehensive and has a lot to benefit from ! https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/212165-121-participants-and-50-features-to-be-selected-in-this-french-community-survey-about-what-are-the-most-anticipated-features-of-ksp2/
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