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  1. Looks like this thread is still alive ! Then, please welcome... The DeltaVee ! Don't be fooled by the Rapiers' propulsion block being jettisoned during the flight, it's only for the Mun Mission. The DeltaVee is a FullStock 1000t Craft able to fulfill a broad range of missions. It can be tuned in multiple versions such as: - 500+ passengers SSTO for commercial tourism and able to land anywhere on the globe. - 50+ passengers SSTO for orbital luxurious conferences, seminar, teambuilding (lol) , 0g-restaurant, glass-transparent top and bottom. - 50t payload to moon surface. - 20 scientific crew members for long duration moon mission. This video showcases the last version. The whole specification is based on the very first IRL KSP Hackathon tournament, held in France and of which I was an organizer. The goals and constraints were the following: - 20+ scientific crew for a 6+ months duration stay on Moon. - Modules need to be linked or within a 50m radius distance. - Emergency Escape system for the whole crew. - Maximum mass on launchpad / runway is 1000t. - 10 hours hackathon challenge, 4 minutes speech to a jury including professionals: ESA, ArianeWorks, VOS... Yeah, that was intense I chose to go the SSTO route and did not respect the 10 hours limit. At all. More like 100+ hours if we count the craft (50-65 hours) , the video recording, video montage, etc. :p The craft is fully Roleplay designed. The pressurized area is one big realistic space that can host every module a ground moon mission would require: labs, equipments, personal living rooms, etc. The 20 members limit is set accordingly so that they actually have proper room to live and work in, it feels fairly reasonable. Everything is connected for real, crew won't have to swim in fuel to go from a part to another one. There is no non-legit clipping. And design was a must as well, while retaining functions. It's able to refuel on the ground thanks to the belly bay that embed the whole harvester and converter system, as well as side solar panel and radiators. It also features some modules at the rear: a relay satellite, a resource scanner, a rover to explore and settle up the right area after confirming a flat surface and resource availability. It has an emergency escape system at the very front composed of the 4 crew cabin and the 16 crew module in which the 20 crew members sit during risky phases. It can get back from moon surface to KSC by its own. Took a looooooong time to get everything right and i'm very proud to be able to showcase the final version to you! I really hope you'll like it as well as the video in iself Enjoy! Feedback appreciated, of course, be they negative or positive. Wanna try the craft ? Sure ! Here you go: https://kerbalx.com/Dadkitess/DC-SSTO-DeltaVeeV57
  2. Haha I can understand :p I've hesitated a LOT to show that disaster, it was a crual pain to destroy my own craft and show it in such a bad situation but that was the key to show the real context of an emergency escape. It's part of the specification, to be able to get back the whole 20 members crew in case of failure, so wanted to show it but not without the appropriate catastrophic context :p
  3. My masterpiece is here ! I'm really proud to present the DeltaVee in a short and dense showcase, with a lot of care on editing and rythm ! Hope you'll like it, the video description explains it all if necessary and I would be pleased to give further details of course. Feel free to give any constructive feedback of course ! I suggest FullScreen and max quality your device can handle, as well as SOUND ON, it's important
  4. My masterpiece is here ! I'm really proud to present the DeltaVee in a short and dense showcase, with a lot of care on editing and rythm ! Hope you'll like it, the video description explains it all if necessary and I would be pleased to give further details of course. Feel free to give any constructive feedback of course ! I suggest FullScreen and max quality your device can handle, as well as SOUND ON, it's important
  5. Dang, a few days too late for my video in which I had to delete the raper config Thanks anyway for the news, look forward to test it all !
  6. Hi there, Wonderful little mod, really useful ! But something would be very neat, an option to disable the surface detection so that we can freely adjust a vessel placement. For instance, impossible to put anything below the Mun Arch, the surface detection will put it above. Is it possible ? Thanks !
  7. Sooo I've reached out TU team, and they brought some details and testing that can be found here : Also, a friend of mine gave me another feedback, still waiting for further details but seeing my video, this is his reaction : "had the same issue but without even TU, since i was using Restock. Had most of graphics mods that you show in your GameData, but older version as it's an older install, older issue". Sooo... Might be related to EVE Redux maybe ? Did not change my EVE Redux version between working / flickering state, only Scatterer as said previously, but maybe the new scatterer triggered something ? Hope it can help, thanks again, i'll stick with the older Scatterer till some fix it happens :p
  8. Thank you very much for your feedback and tests ! It helps a lot, I'll see with Blackrack if these details allow to bring a fix, since he's also the Dev of EVE Redux. Though, as for my install, the only single change of Scatterer from the previous and the new version cause the flickering, with no change to EVE Redux. But as they are somehow related, it might still be a thing.
  9. Hi there, It looks like the new Scatterer update is not compatible with TU / TURD, Blackrack will investigate but don't have a clue of what's going on. Maybe you do, at TU / TURD Team ? What could go wrong between TU / TURD and a new release of Scatterer ? Please find every details here https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/103963-wip112x-scatterer-atmospheric-scattering-00825-11112021-scattering-improvements-in-game-atmo-generation-and-multi-sun-support/&do=findComment&comment=4053754
  10. Unfortunately, still flickering with the Very High preset. Except if it's required to relaunch the game after changing the preset ?
  11. Okay, without TU / TURD for the shiny part, there is no issue, no flickering I'll retry with TU + TURD with Scatterer at the highest setting, as this is what I was using with the previous version. If it does not work, do you think that's something that can be fixed through Scatterer update ? Thanks again !
  12. Nope, none other craft were loaded in this save, it was the only one. What is the "waterfall light beam" you are talking about ? I'll try right now without PRE Edit : same without PRE. Mmh what could have changed in the last release that might be the issue ? Weird !
  13. Hi there, as always, a crazy good job, Blackrack, thanks ! Though, I do have an issue, that is visible in this video : I warptime to show that it's not related to ambient lightning and I switched off/on craft lights to show that it's not related to this either. My crafts are flickering. I've tried deleting the new Scatterer to re-use the scatterer-0.0772, and it works fine, then I retry Scatterer.0.0825b and got the same issue. No mods were added in between, same install, just scatterer being updated. Any idea ? I really would like to benefit from the update for my upcoming video, but this flickering is too visible. Otherwise, damn, that looks ever more beautiful than before, atmosphere-wise ! Ah, mandatory, my GameData : As well as the KSP.Log : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uaeU-YBk-Ra1JmfMCkhX86Ome_doTVAW/view?usp=sharing I've also tried some workaround found here, but it did not do anything, might be not related ^^ Flickering (craft) shadow problem - Technical Support (PC, unmodded installs) - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  14. Hi guys, thanks Zorg for this visual enhancement topic, and thanks for your TUFx profile, you've been the ambassador of it I believe I can't get AA to work properly though. TUFx seems to disable the InGame AA, and has its own settings but I find them lacking. Only temporal looks good to me, but needs to be static picture while i'm doing cinematic with camera movement. I've tried using the NVidia panel but not success so far. Any idea ?
  15. Do you have any news about my issue ? Just to know, don't want to be rude or anything, no rush, your time of course Edit : Okay ! So, someone from Reddit (thanks :p) told me remove !stockwaterfalleffect in the first line of rapier cfg in realplume-stock fodler and it did the trick. But unfortunately, it also deeply impact performance and i'm about the same amount of FPS than with the Rapiers Waterfall Config, barely more... I'll have to pass on specific Rapiers plume then, have too much of them haha Thanks again
  16. Thanks for your help i've now reinstalled WaterFall + WaterFall Stock as I needed it for some footage, so don't be suprised if they show somewhere :p KSP.log (might help as well ?) https://drive.google.com/file/d/19cepoNmqqHYGJ23WwTdoxu0ruM834YnD/view?usp=sharing ModuleManager.log : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wyQGfZeudWMgltAS-3J-PN-0HdPe4QUg/view?usp=sharing ModuleManager.configCache : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1swMG_mSTRMPm7wa9z5Zry_tMeUpADN_z/view?usp=sharing
  17. I did reinstall, first was from Github and next from SpaceDock, had the same doubt, but same result. Not looking ugly by any mean, but I thought to recall some plus more different from stock than this, hence my questions Don't have a ModuleManager.log, only ConfigCache, ConfigSHA, Physics, TechTree. How can I send to you ? If it seems okay to your eyes, then fair enough
  18. Wether i'm using Waterfall or without it, I don't feel like Realplume is working, what do you think based on theses images, one from the ground and the other one in orbit ? It seems to me that RealPlume used to make a wider plume in the vacuum. Any idea ?
  19. Dang, I'm facing the same issue, can't disable it, that's sp frustrating, 2 weeks that i'm looking the web, Reddit, discords about it...
  20. Got it, thanks ! It worked, went from 3-4 FPS to a solid 9 FPS haha. But damn theses effects are missing, WaterFall is such a crazy addition ! I might even keep them for my cinematic and struggle until I jettison them haha !
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