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  1. Interesting thread, and i'll be following what could come out of it. May i suggest some threads with discussions and requests that might strike your fancy? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/53760-Science-is-great-but-there-s-no-need-to-return-samples!-an-essay http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/53320-Repeatable-transmission-nullifies-sample-return
  2. This is a very well put post, and i support it wholeheartedly. ksp 0.22 blew new life into the game, and i had a blast doing science-projects and trying to return samples to kerbin in one piece. I really enjoy the challenge of going to the mun and back, and i appreciated the fact that i was rewarded for the return-trip. This post made it clear to me that no return-trip is ever really necessary, and since then my interest kind of faded as fast as it lit, so thank you for that. /s But its a good post, and i hope the devs take it to heart. Failing that, is there a modder out there that would be able to slap something together that might accomplish what OP suggests? To avoid the "grindyness" of multiple trips to the same celestial body for samples from different biomes, i'd suggest being able to store multiple samples either on the kerbal, or in his shuttle. This would further encourage playing around with rovers.