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  1. Hey amarius! The original Alternis was awesome and I wanted it back so much. I saw how easy it is to modify the kerbol system now and fixed/cleaned up/changed your configuration files... Also, I think that Gilly was not a comet but a catched asteroid in Kerbins SOI. I might be wrong...but it gives new players a good goal for first Kerbin SOI missions... (like the Mun in stock KSP). Anyway, here are the changes I did to Alternis Kerbol (basicly changing your changes... yo dawg): cleaned up config files (proper usage of tabs, spaces and line-breaks, aligned equal signs in consecutive lines, uni
  2. Noticed some bugs...but the basic functions still work. One bug I found was using the 3m part and it simply did not attach on one side and in connection with another one it did not rotate.
  3. Running two servers now. If you need help with a website or a GUI for any program, I'd like to help
  4. No clue. Only tested sandbox so far... Just try it. BTW: Just captured an asteroid and brought it back to Kerbin orbit at 250.000m altitude
  5. I can confirm that it does work. Pretty well actually. And they spawn around the jool(ean?) system pretty well...interact with other planets and stuff
  6. Long time no news huh? Just curious whether these types of addons will be compatible with the new ARM patch... that actually depends on how the asteroids are generated....I guess it should work as they are "randomised"...
  7. I don't really think I can do this today but I'll try. Maybe the creator of ScanSAT is here and may answer whether its a static or dynamic plugin... EDIT: The planets in Alternis are called the same from what I can see, right? Thats means theoreticly it should work...
  8. I used the "search thread" function and searched for "scan". No matches. So here is my question: Does ScanSAT actually work on these new planets? I saw it a while ago and thought thats awesome but I want to keep using my little satellites :3 Thanks in advance!
  9. Because KMP is based on KLF you can even add your servers here: http://klf-info.general-physics.de/ This site is still buggy and I'll seperate KLF and KMP soon on a new website. Give me some time and that is done in under a week if I have free time. Also: My server is crashing everytime someone connects... System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden. File name: 'Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyTo
  10. Finally Thanks for telling us. Well, I'm open for everything then Simply contact me on: [email protected] if there is some big update changing the http output.
  11. @velusip: I know that and I support your enthusiasm for KLF. Still I would like to hear simply ANYTHING from SodiumEyes that he won't develop it anymore. Its nothing personal. I just want to make sure not to support two different development-branches at a time. I can't remember who exactly sent me the e-mail about 2 days ago but I answered them with the wish to reply back with some kind of proof or a new development thread. Simply open one and everything is fine. - Byter
  12. Please keep in mind that until there is an official statement by SodiumEyes I won't support any version higher than 0.7.1 on the server page and I see your project as unauthorized. Working on a new design btw...the current one is definitely too dark. MfG Byter
  13. It didn't and the GHud program only was selectable as soon as I had a ship flying in an orbit but after that, black screen. I can't give you the logs right now because I have to work and as I said, I'm going to test it later again. Don't worry. I won't forget it.
  14. Sorry to report this but I tried to go from the obervatory to my ship around laythe and the screen was black. Tried every button... Gonna test it later again after I finished my rocket but first of all I have to do some work here EDIT: Forgot to mention that I got a G19..
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