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  1. I think this could be abused. Imagine putting one of these on everything, so you never crash. It would be too op.
  2. Blue. What would you look like if a baseball bat struck your panda-colored house?
  3. My Kraken-drive jumps me to Jool. I remotely launch my kroton-torpedoes.
  4. But what if the parts had tags? So that you could search for the tag "lifter" and only get parts tagged as lifters.
  5. Good to see you my friend! Don't know if you remember me. I'm BriXman, creator of B.R.I.Xco, back in the day. Nice to see you are still on these forums! I'm gonna try to get back into KSP, maybe write a few stories of my own. Cheers! ~BriXman
  6. Looks great, I'd love if Ferrari made planes, like Fiat and Messerschmitt did during the WW2. Awesome!
  7. Awesome short little interview!
  8. Call me a noob, but what is an AAR? I've read a few now and wondering what it is.
  9. Good to get confirmation that it isn't abandoned at least.
  10. Well it's not really a new chute MADE for the new aerodynamics, but still, yeah.
  11. Yes, that's true. I've looked through the old 1.0 summary thread, and looked through all of the maybes that were not inplemented. These few were: New parachute for new aerodynamics* New way how reaction wheels work Barn back as Tier 0 KSC. *We didn't get an actual new parachute, but all chutes got an overhaul, so I guess you could count that as inplemented.
  12. Alright, so we are all familiar with the new changes made in 1.0. However what will come after that? Let's make a summery of all the confirmed and non-confimed features that will be inplemented in a future update. (By this I mean larger updates, like 1.1 or similar, and not smaller updates like 1.0.3) Let the speculation begin! -Brix
  13. I made this suggestion too in my Mk3 suggestions thread (now buried deep within page 2 of the KSP forum), and I totally agree.
  14. Well, that's a project for another day, ey?
  15. Love this! Haven't read the book, but it seems interesting.
  16. Countries: Some parody of the nordic countries, especially Sweden. Like, viking culture, government: Odin, 1000-2000 years of history: They raided, and raided another place, then raided a little more, landmarks: Valhalla, Kebnekaise, Karlskrona etc. Just what popped into my head. Just a suggestion.
  17. Yes, I've seen dialogue in mission reports before, but this report also contains several segments in which it is more like a writing.
  18. Hello! I have a slight problem. I have a mission report in the works that I'd like to post soon, however I have a slight problem. It essentially is a writing, however it's not fiction, it is a writing about a mission report. To put it simpler, it's a mission report with writing characteristics, like dialouge and other things, usually not in a simple mission report. Should I post this in the writing or mission report forum? Thankful for answers! -Brix
  19. Well, we'll just have to wait and see. After all, a big part of KSP is patience, both regarding updates (no offence SQUAD but since your updates are awesome, they need a lot of hard work and time put into them) and spaceflight! I mean, it takes some time to go to Jool doesn't it, ey?
  20. 401: The time has come to start a long term grand tour of Jool, crewed by Jebediah, Bill, Valentina and Zelvy Kerman. The rocket is launched and put into MKO until the launch window opens in 2 years.
  21. I think we all can agree, this thread is pretty dead. Therefore, if I have your permission, Mr. Pseudonym, I'd like to (with your contribution) recreate the thread, in a V2 thread, going under the same name.
  22. 8/10 Nice Einstein quote
  23. 6/10 Sounds hilarious, if I would have been able to understand it.
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