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  1. That's it. Thank you for the help and the awesome work!
  2. Hello, i have a problem. The FTL-Mod is installed and i can use the parts. But, when i right-klick FTL-parts there is no mod-specific option. I can not start a beacon or do anything on a FTL-drive. I used older versions of this mod with great succes but i cant find the problem now. i use both latest versions of KSP and FTL. But i use some more part-mods. Could there be a conflict?
  3. So its a balancing thing... Thank you for the reply.
  4. sorry if this was mentioned before: The "R4-D Rontgen" Engine says in its description that it can function in non-oxygenated atmospheres. But why does it still need Intake Air? Is it for balancing reasons?
  5. Thank you again for the quick reply earlier today. No major problems anymore with the last patch, great. I also tryed the "Lithobrake Exploration Technologies"-Mod, with the big Landerpods, and the Mk4-Mod with its large Cargobays.. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/130517 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/101699-1-04-Mark-IV-Spaceplane-System-The-redo-everything-update-bigger-and-better-%2824-07-15%29 There is a problem with the colission of the Foundrie-wheels on the Pod or Cargbay grounds. While the stock-wheels "work", the Foundrie-Wheels sadly just float through the m
  6. Is there a bugfix out now? Constantly, Ships explode after loading from quicksave or tracking station. Or, even better, out of the blue, the heatshield colides into the pod. And everytime comes the cause "ModuleWaterSlider collided into... <something>" Very very strange because i didn't even started to use "Kerbal Foundries"-Parts on my Career yet. If i delete the mod, everything is fine. :/ The only solution right now is using Alt-F12 and cheating. I read that this is part of the hover-parts, but deleting only them makes no difference because the code is in the plugin. Maybe you can ma
  7. ahh, thank you. Tweakscale does miracles.
  8. Hi, i am aware of the many possibilities out there to create a nice vehicle and put a rover in. But all of them need some work. There are the stock parts, the LLL-Mod, with awesome parts, and there is the Mk4-Plane-Mod, also great. But afterall, i am just searching for a box to put a (also a big) rover in, and don't need to think about landerlegs that break of or melt on reentry or how to get a rover out of a cargobay that is 5m in the air, because there are no ramps. Can you give me a advise for a mod that is out there? Thank you.
  9. I want to add something important here. use control surfaces / winglets. Especially while the gravity turn is a bit hard, the wings help drasticly to keep control.
  10. @smjjames and @Red Iron Crown Thank you for the info with the sea level. My problem is just the fact that i never noticed that before. I find it strange because never before i had a rocket on the pad that had not enough TWR to lift off. Has this something to do with changed engines in v1.0?
  11. The surface TWR in the "Vessel Info" For example i have a craft in the vab: mass 15,32t surface twr 4,32 on the pad: mass 15,32t surface twr 3,79
  12. just a quick question. is there a workaround of the wrong TWR-info in the VAB? When i got to launchpad, the TWR of the craft sinks extremly. Looks like there is wrong data displayed when in VAB
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