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  1. Picked a good day to come back after a year Thank you as ever beale, its been what, 7 years?
  2. winner, winner, oceans of boiling lead dinner! I went back and took another look, as i said i suspected it "makes more sense given the planet's nature", and it was probably just a flaw on my side. So, the lift was SO great, since i was attempting a flat bottom pod landing kind of thing, that the almost imperceptibly slight offset between my CoM and my CoL was pushing me about 5 degrees off! Thats hilarious! Its odd, i never found a problem like that with stock Eve, but I probably always had everything evenly balanced. Thank you!
  3. using the alt-f12 orbit setting option Also gotcha, i will give that a shot too, thanks for the idea!
  4. It definitely could have been a great many things - i had g forces cause some kerbals to go unconcious and then come back while landing. The problem itself was - i told a level 2 pilot to point retrograde, had an RCS full of propellant and a gimballing engine going as well, and they would lock 5 to 10 degrees AWAY from retrograde. If i cheat-warped them back into orbit, they obeyed all my commands perfectly, but then sure as sugar, when they were under a certain altitude they would get all wonky again. As i said before tho, there are quite a few mods going here so, its more than likely a
  5. Hey, i have a MILE of mods installed so, this is less a bug report than a "can anyone confirm" Duna - SEVERE fps drop when inside its atmosphere, from about 15k altitude and down? Eve - weird center of gravity, ships stop responding to orienting with rcs etc, when nearing the surface, less than 10k alt? This one makes more sense given the planet's nature
  6. Ahhhhh CW that's fantastic, I want to say i'm a huge fan of the idea of engines standing on their own, or alternative models. I've been very slowly meandering my way around a tech tree that has the goal of a realistic progression mixed with a genuine Lego mindset - not just putting together pre-designed ships, but mixing ideal engines with engine plates and procedural tanks to shape your own "titan" or "redstone". The cornerstone of the idea, to me, is to use the tech tree to progress the actual engines - invest science in them to improve them, much as was done in real life - an evol
  7. Loving how Minmus looks, i'm hoping to take some time on the weekend just to probe all of Mun and Minmus' biomes! I have to say, i hate(d) the title of this mod. Doesn't do it the justice of how well crafted it is, in a way in my head. But trying to describe to my wife what made it good... From the outside, or even from probably a great deal of the regular community for KSP, how do you explain wanting "a stockalike system but its not stockalike but its high quality but its not over the top for the sake of using every tool". Its KSP, if KSP Was made by better developers. I did ac
  8. Hey, first off - Gotmachine, Pap, thank you so much for the work you put into the KSP community, i'm an adherent of quite a few things you've touched so, since you're here anyways i just want to say thnak you so much. Second off- I have thought about a few hacky ways - custom barn kit style, locking science levels behind a different building, so say nothing past 45sci cost can be purchased at VAB level 1 KCT style,maybe even as an addon to KCT , checking as you said on the actual click of a science node to inject a "no go" if other building levels aren't at what
  9. Hey sorry, very newbie mod-writing question: I'm trying to get my mind around a way to set up something where specific tech tree nodes are reliant on a specific "building level", so for instance maybe you can only unlock heavyRocketry if you have VAB level 2 or something. I think maybe theres a hacky way to do it by writing a module that reads building levels and then locks a node based on if MM drops a line somehow adding "building level" requirements to specific tech nodes, but i cannot get my mind around how to crack such a thing out. Is there a smoother system that already e
  10. hmmm interesting, i suppose there are the green monoliths that also "unlock" techs if you discover them, i wonder if there is something to that concept as well... It feels like it should be something as simple as a modulemanager addon, i wonder if MM can "tap into" something like that, if i asked around on their thread maybe?
  11. Hi all, Been wrapping my brain around the idea of tying certain tech tree nodes to the "level" of your VAB, not sure where to start. Is this possible through an already existing mod? I can't see that custombarnkit would permit it, but i am not that experienced. I'd just like to be able to say "xyz tech research" requires "vab 1 or 2 or 3" etc built. If someone could point me in the right direction to get kicking, i'd really appreciate it.
  12. Well, some fantastic news, seems we're one step closer to this working with 1.7.1: Kopernicus has released its new version. Now the wait begins anew!
  13. One of my favourite mods, a nice in-universe way to encourage station keeping. Thank you so much for keeping it going LGG
  14. Oof forgot to turn my brain on apparently. Also, for the whole team, i have a weirdly specific question thats out of pure curiosity. Back in the days of say, 0.25, the big debate was that the kerbin system was properly sized for 6.4x systems. There was a lot of debate that this was a figure pulled out of people's behind and there was no real numbers to solidly back such a statement. How did you come to decide that 2.5x/2.7x was "just right" for your planet sizing? What was the thought process, what numerics did you use, what comparisons did you make, if you don't mind i just r
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