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  1. Yeah, sometimes there's a bit of gold at the bottom of remake pan, but it seems that more often it's just dirt. Now, expanding on an existing storyverse is a different story. I missed the news that Star Wars: Roque Squadron is being worked on, with an orginal story (not cribbed from the books or games). That sounds like the kind of action barnstormer I can strap into, but I'll have to wait and see what actually hits the screen.
  2. Whoops. I know this isn't a window-critical mission, but ULA is getting their "on-time" reputation tarnished a little. But of course it's always better to scrub.
  3. Yeah. And now we're expecting up to 10cm of snow by Monday morning. I know, I don't consider that a lot, but most drivers here don't see enough snow to know how to drive in it. And then stretches of the highway are still surrounded by water... it's going to be fun !
  4. Well, the Space Shuttle ran fuel rich to both cool the engine and increase the ISP. So basically, that’s already been done
  5. Ah, one of those majestic songs of the season on the radio, paired with a fantastic light display....
  6. Okay, I got one. Why does a game like Civ 6, which is turn-based and is doing nothing if not receiving input (animations off) run so stupid hot? I swear KSP runs cooler, at least at low part counts. It's always done this, and I can't figure out what all the hubbub is about, why it would need to be generating that much heat doing nothing. And then when I do something it's running slow. I suppose I should take it to that forum, but I don't hang there...
  7. My mind starts thinking "1-800-ON-ORBIT" or "1-800-IN-ORBIT" 1-800 MUNSCOP ? MNSCOPE ? (North American toll-free phone numbers, for our oversea friends)
  8. Doesn’t the Rutherford use electric turbopumps, IIRC? Would that help?
  9. Gotta load up on that finger=licking good chicken, I guess. or they need some of that special grease. Those 11 herbs and spices, mmmmmm, chicken.... *drool* https://images.nasa.gov/details-MAF_20211013_ArtemisIII_OrionCMpack10
  10. My wife wasn't sure what she was more tired of on the news: "All Covid, all the time!" or "All Flooding, All the time!" My reply, "Well, you know, we need...
  11. This seems to be the only place can find the video clip of the dike shortly after the breach. It's at the beginning of the video accompanying this article, sorry about the forced ad... https://globalnews.ca/video/8419024/b-c-government-warned-about-low-staffing-levels-at-river-forecast-centre-report What? Government declining to spend more money on something that won't earn votes? No surprise there...
  12. Yup, that's what i saw on Friday... It's certainly been one for the books!
  13. Yup, I'm pretty sure I've seen "Video Unavailable in your Country" posted here before... *sigh* Anyways, inspired by recent events... (most are probably more familiar with the Led Zep version) And inspired by the upcoming season...
  14. Have to share, too funny. Gotta get my kitty into this...
  15. I wish it were that practical. Usually the changes that are not directly attributable to cramming a 500-page novel into a two-hour movie are because the screenwriter and/or director want to exercise their creativity. In most cases poorly. Fair enough. Makes for plausible deniability, I suppose. I believe Terry Brooks, author of the Shannarra series (loved the first eight books or so, then lost interest) said something along the lines of that he liked the story of The Chronicles of Shannara better than his original work. I suppose it falls under the category of "If I could do it again, I think I could do it better..." I watched the first season(?) covering the The Elfstones but never bothered watching more. But there were some elements of the series that I liked...
  16. The highway was closed so they could build a "tiger dam" (water-filled tube) across the highway to keep the Sumas River from overflowing into the resurrected Sumas Lake and flooding the prairie further. (highway cam) Things are looking okay for now, just have to see how bad the next storm over the next few days gets. They don't expect as much rain along the border, which is good news for the prairie, but more along the mountains, which is not so good for the last highway through the Fraser Valley. I probably won't be going to work at all this week. I don't consider myself essential enough to brave that highway again. Narrowly avoiding getting hit head-on will tend to do that.
  17. I've concluded that this is another reason why movies differ from the book. Aside from the difficulties of directly adapting a movie, changing things a little keeps readers of the book still guessing.
  18. But what about laser-pumped direct fusion ionic tachyon drives (LaP-DiFITaD)?
  19. That separation clip was one of the best I've seen. With sound too!
  20. Aaaand the Nooksack has flooded into the Sumas River, which is now flooding Hwy 1 again and closing it. So no work tomorrow, and with the last but worst of this trio of storms hitting Tuesday, probably not this week...
  21. And here we go again! After the flooding two weeks ago, we're in the middle of another trio of atmospheric river events. The first storm wasn't bad, but storm two has the mayor of Abbotsford looking nervously across the border at the Nooksack river. If it floods, the fields are already saturated so the water will be here within a few hours. And if the Sumas dike breaches (again, it just got fixed last week!), the old Sumas Lake will refill again, and it hasn't even finished draining pumping out the last flood. And if we weather this one, the third storm on Tuesday promises to be the worst of the bunch! It'll be interesting to see if the government finally takes note that maybe we need to get serious about fighting climate change, which means ramping down oil/gas ASAP. But that won't happen. Oops, I'm getting political, I need to shut up now.
  22. Makes sense. My wife refused to let anyone play with our cats with a laser pointer, saying that not being able to ever actually catch it was teasing and mean. Given the number of scratches we've picked up from our newish bundle of terror, she may be rethinking that... Speaking of which, it is quite a difference between Gilligan and the departed Malibu. Malibu was never as cuddly as Gilligan (who is definitely a lap cat where he was not), and we also don't remember him being nearly as spastic/crazy/energetic as this she-kitty is. I guess that's the difference between a sickly orphaned barn kitten and an indoor house kitten
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