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  1. The slower the orbital velocity, the less dV to change inclination, so yes, it’s cheaper in a higher orbit. In an elliptical “egg-shaped” orbit, ideally the An and Dn will be at the Pe and Ap. Since the orbit is slowest at the Ap, it takes less dV to change inclination there.
  2. Would it be possible to use the SuperDracos? I suppose they’d need to be modified from the current abort-use-only design. Would probably only need or want to fire two of them
  3. It does have inclination, use the "normal/antinormal" toggles. This will also raise the far side of your orbit, so some retrograde is also required if you want to maintain your current Ap/Pe
  4. Twice the heart rate, half the volume pumped per beat… Wanna get funkier? Multiple hearts in strategic places around the body! See “Protector “ by Larry Niven for an example…
  5. That's the only version of that song that I know... No phones, no lights, no motorcars...
  6. This also has roots in Numerology, where changing one’s name (number) apparently changes one’s personality. This even applies to nicknames. Ever notice that how you act changes when operating under a nickname (alter-ego, including online personas)? Spooky stuff, and totally non-scientific, but yet anecdotally noticeable. My mom did that, and our names (including the dog’s) don’t even start with the same letter!
  7. Was able to surf the thread just in time to discover I haven’t missed it. Now running the NASA feed on YouTube on the Roku TV with now exactly 13 minutes to go… mark!
  8. Hmmm, but if the rubbing alcohol is not in a pouch, it will evaporate more easily than the water, and carry away heat via evaporative cooling. So will water, but it evaporates more slowly. I don't know how the calculus works out in terms of heat capacities / heat of vaporization, etc, as to which is actually more effective per unit mass. On a side note, I've noticed spilling heptane on my nitrile gloves at work feels a lot colder than water, even though the water and heptane are at the same temperature, because of the rate of evaporation. You need the same amount of delta-v. You need more thrust (which likely means heavier engines) to lift it, and more total impulse to impart the same delta-v to a heavier mass, which requires more propellants, and then the "tyranny of the rocket equation" rears its ugly head....
  9. Brittle, as in breaks instead of flexes. When the Ship flexes, vibrates, or otherwise changes shape ever-so-slightly, the tungsten will chip, shatter, or otherwise flake off. Early plans for Starship skipped tiles for a “sweating methane” solution, but I guess the math or sims didn’t work out… More layers of anything adds mass. Mass in spaceflight is bad.
  10. I've heard that the biggest danger is cars moving at different speeds on the same road. Lane changes become quite dangerous when traffic is coming up the other lane 30+kph faster (speaking from experience...)
  11. I believe the plan was to land little greenhouses to experiment with growing things on Mars. Humans on Mars were not part of that plan. I think it was discussed in the book about the history of SpaceX, “Liftoff…” by Eric Berger, but I could be wrong about that.
  12. That makes a much better phone wallpaper than my last one of the crew arm connected to crew Dragon
  13. It’s nice to see fire in all the right places and none of the wrong ones at Starbase
  14. Yeah, some of the procedural dramas my wife and I watch fall into the category of “but they wouldn’t do it that way!” I’m not even in that industry and I know that if they tried to do it that way they’d get fired if they didn’t get killed.
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