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  1. Interesting. A fully fueled jetpack weighs masses as much as a suited kerbal. So a bare kerbal will be able to jump quite a bit higher than a "fully loaded" kerbal. I'll need to remember that when I can't quite reach the ladder....

    Hmm, too bad the suits don't have a mass. Maybe the future suit could be a little lighter? And tourists don't even need suits, right?

  2. Oh hey, that's great. I had thought I had figured out a way to sort of do this in stock, and it seemed to work at first, and then it didn't...

    If you could make those config tweaks be part of the regular option menu, that would be great!

    I'm still hoping you can convince the powers-that-be to let you shoehorn your KAC and TWR mods into stock.

    Thanks for the blog!


    9 minutes ago, Kerbart said:


    Renamed Telus ladder to Kelus Ladder to avoid naming conflict

    Wait... what?


    Apparently Squad finally learned that Telus is the name of the major telephone/internet (and now cable TV) provider in BC and Alberta.

    No more exploding landing legs, yay! And I might finally possibly maybe see the Magic Boulder (or not)!

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