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  1. Same thing someone does at every release: go into the forum and bug modders for updates.
  2. I know exactly one, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. It's kinda neat, but I'd prefer a way for a separate app to read the game's state (which can be an issue in competitive multiplayer, yes), and I kinda expect that Telemachus-equivalent would be possible in KSP.
  3. Hi Angel, the link to this thread from your mod catalog is broken :-)
  4. ...the good news is that after loading a game the pop-up goes away, so it doesn't prevent you from actually playing.
  5. It seems like "large scale" space sims will become the exception - Star Citizen, for example, is built on doubles, AFAIK. But I think even they only do the physics in double precision, not rendering. And in rendering you need local space — far away objects are just dots and you don't actually do textures on them, and rendering a Kerbal walking on a surface of a planet can be fun.
  6. I doubt it can be open sourced in any meaningful way. It likely contains plenty of licensed 3rd party code that they can't just re-license to AGPL or whatever. Even if they spent the effort of separating the licensed code from their own, it's likely you couldn't run it or build it without the bits they can't even show you (at least with the engine they can show it to you and you likely can download it yourself). Otherwise we could speculate about e.g. releasing the code but not any of the assets, for example, or releasing the code for KSP1 (again, likely contains closed source code they don't have ownership of, so it's a bit of a fantasy) — that wouldn't be unheard of, notably ID Software did something like that multiple times.
  7. ...realistic look for a space program manager simulation? Yeah, that actually doesn't need bloom.
  8. Wait, you think they're there because they're realistic? I mean, sure, there's probably some authors who did them for that reason, but no, that's not why they're there. They're there to make the image more interesting and sometimes to mask shortcomings that would be impractical to correct otherwise. Also, as a glasses-wearer, eyeball grime is totally realistic.
  9. As I wrote, it enables a REPL which does help with this, but as for more complex module, eh, wrote enough of both Java and Django code and had enough of the former reload faster than latter to have doubt. But anyhow, I am happy there's a scripting interface as long as there's a REPL we can poke at somewhere, which does actually help a lot with messing with a thing's internals. Edit: of course a lot depends on the details. I didn't deal enough with C# and/or Unity (it's still Mono, right?) so maybe C# modules are really unwieldy or slow to load.
  10. I oppose the thesis of the sentence, not imply anything about whether it's good :-) You don't need an interpreted language for dynamic loading and/or unloading, nor having that automatically enables dynamic loading. You need some sort of dynamic linker (or a thing that fulfils the same purpose within the context), and if you want unloading, well-defined cleanup procedures. You can, and often have, dynamic loading with code written in C and C++ - that's how old browser plugins worked, that's how Linux, MacOS and Windows load device drivers (note to self: check how Windows does that now, they might have went all microkernely). I think having a scripting interface is great because it let's you have a built-in REPL prompt (REPL doesn't really work well for most compiled languages, they're not designed for that sort of thing and it gets unwieldy if you try), but that's different from dynamic loading. Sorry, it was obvious in my brain --' and I didn't want to take space with a huge paragraph. I didn't expect the "it's not a good thing" interpretation. Also, the forum didn't let me enter an emoji, I'm sad now.
  11. Loud grumbling. While I don't like Python (perhaps because I'm paid to write it - like every 2019 hipster developer I want to write Rust and/or Typescript, but I digress and long compilation times are coffee breaks) it was actually very much built to be embeddable. In fact Sims 4 is moddable in Python. Extremely loud grumbling.
  12. Just have her speak Persian and play every word backwards, it's the Kerbal way and I'm in it for her voice :-) Edit: this also solves all the concerns about translations and content updates.
  13. does any of those things get better by hiring a YouTuber instead? My comment is a bit tongue-in-cheek, I'd assume that if the tutorials were to be narrated, the work for it has started a long time ago and we can expect an AMA with Shohreh any moment now.
  14. As someone who does that, I'm going to remark how painful is splitting quotes in this forum. But I won't go further on this, because it's off-topic a bit.
  15. That was kind-of one of my two points (the other is that professional voice actors are, y'know, professional voice actors): petitioning commercial companies is something best done rather sparsely. Edit: I do have to resent this comment, though. "Vital reading comprehension skills" set in contrast to voiced tutorials pass unpleasantly close to exclusive. Depending on visual acuity (I'm pretty sure my eyesight is going to go bust before I retire) this just goes a bit across accessibility functions. While hopefully we'll have font size settings, and the game does inherently depend on having some visual function, depending that people consume "written" material just to "teach them something" is not okay.
  16. First, down with parasocial relationships. 2nd, Chrisjen Avasarala does voice work, she's even in Destiny 2, and has objectively (OBJECTIVELY!!!1!1!one) the best voice ever.
  17. Petition to hire actual voice actors to narrate KSP 2 tutorials.
  18. It usually did that, but during the "grand finale" it went into the actual rings a few times (see here) and even "recorded" the plasma discharge from particles impacting the instruments. It is mentioned that the entire thing was rather risky, as there's plenty of material bigger than the microns it actually encountered, but it was end of mission anyway. Edit: in particular, re our expectations:
  19. As much as I hate to bring redditism outside of reddit, I do have to point out that the username checks out.
  20. Actually after writing the above I went ahead and checked, and Cassini intentionally crossed the rings a few times, and it was considered risky, but it went okay. Also, some of the rings are, um, clumpier than I thought.
  21. I really wish they just went with naming after function, it gives plenty of freedom in a setting where planets are made out of neutronium. So we'd have "liquid fuel," "cryo fuel," "oxidiser," "solid fuel," "monopropellant" and, last but not least, "fusion kibble." I mean, people would still split hair over "what fusion kibble actually is," but it sets expectations better.
  22. They have been sprayed with seawater since 2097. It is imported and maintained at great expense specifically to spite the sailors.
  23. Large Mass Assembler - Orbital. (I think dry dock is fine, but once you open the gates of creative naming you don't close them back)
  24. I mean, while my preference is for rings to generally be "mist that hurts a lot if you enter it at wrong velocity" with relatively sparse larger objects, but with a bit of mathematical trickery you can ensure effectively infinite supply of objects, as long as you don't need to keep any data on them permanently. That's exactly what Elite does, and people actually map the rings. I'd actually love this for sparse-but-enormous asteroid belts, though I suspect the mix of "the asteroids don't exist until you start looking" and having a usable planning UI would be treacherous.
  25. a person who used to help my grandfather with beekeeping, I am extremely angry about the way we're misusing the term "drone." I'm also pretty sure that, if we somehow survive into 2100s, there will still be sailors angry about the spacers using the term "dry dock" incorrectly .