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  1. Hello, glad for you to join us on the forum! To answer your question visit this link : I've used this post multiple times when creating my atmospheric vehicles, one of my most maneuverable planes was born not long after reading through it (pulled a constant 80g, made another that got ~300g from pulling out of a nose dive). Hope it helps!
  2. Nice work Ven, really love the new flatter docking ports. Will you by chance rework the bi-tri-quad adapters? Take the Saturn V, could we get an adapter that is just the bottom part with the engine "nosecones" that simply slips over the preceding part? Anyway, keep up the good work!
  3. The mod shouldn't cost you too much memory especially considering how it "replaces stock". IIRC it works by simply labeling stock as something unnecessary to load on game launch, and will only load the Revamped parts.
  4. That's great, can you use it only for a single site though?
  5. I wonder, is there any chance that a community member can make a dark theme, and have it added? I mean if the stock is white, and you change it, and then you have problems navigating the forum, you know how to revert the theme. Plus this is no longer just "anecdotal evidence".
  6. Great ideas, sounds like we need the Tweakables to be action groupable. Maybe even act as a way to dump fuel?
  7. Well yes, that is how it affects me, and I didn't think of that language barrier. Would it be possible to include some sort of Google translate app that translates only the words on buttons and menus and such?
  8. That's good that the site could be moving software, and sumghai, some times staring at a white screen for too long is stressful on the eyes, and I find that being mostly black or a shade of grey easier to use for prolonged viewing. Also seeing as most buttons have text on them, is the colour really a problem?
  9. Just noticed that there is a Style selector at the bottom of the forum pages, and I was wondering if we can get a dark themed style for those of us who don't want to have to sit through the brightness of all this white. Or if a custom one can be made.
  10. I'm not a mobile user of, well pretty much anything, but I agree as well. You could have the App start with the stock GameData data, and if you want mods, just plug your phone into your computer, and have the App analyze what additional Partpacks are installed and copy their essentials over. i'm also not too sure how much of that is possible, but at the very least, the App should be able to get the same modded files off of Curse (because Kerbal Stuff is 3rd party). But this thing could be awesome, and should happen.
  11. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/92764-90-Stock-Part-Revamp-Update-1-7-2!/page82 Voila, the best I could find, I would of taken a pic myself, but my KSP is buggy as heck right now, no matter which mod is installed. Hope this helps, you can kinda see the curvature where it says "FL-R1".
  12. I think the sphere works better, but do agree that the first one looks more stock. My suggestion is to do like Ven's 2.5m RCS, which IIRC, has a slight bulge to it. Both ways looking good though.
  13. I too would like to know of a way to get Cool Rockets to work with Ven's, any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hey, so I just noticed this bug, actually noticed it before with the Skipper B, but now also with the LV-909B. I don't use those engines, but I thought I'd share this peculiar bug.