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  1. @DocNappers I've made a pull request with a series of tweaks/fixes/new features aimed at improving the user experience and versatility of pathing mode: https://github.com/BrettRyland/CameraTools/pull/4 The changes make creating complex paths much easier. Mainly it's easier to adjust rotation at different points in the path without affecting position, smoothly extend paths, make fine adjustments to keyframes and quickly preview changes to different sections of the path. Here's an example of a path that would have been incredibly difficult to make without the changes. @EndAllFilms What about Camera Tools do you find hard to use?
  2. Seems to work fine during Menu/Time Control pause by moving from FixedUpdate to Update and changing Time.Time to Time.unscaledTime. Might experiment with switching between paused/unpaused mode based on the check you mentioned, unless you've already started on it. EDIT: It also seems to work while the game is unpaused or running in slow motion with Time Control. The path speed stays the same while moving between different slow motion rates, which is quite handy. This might mean that everything could be moved to Update permanently, unless I'm missing something?
  3. Thanks for writing such detailed responses to my suggestions. Compared to Slerp (the default), Component mode can sometimes cause the camera to rotate in unexpected ways (opposite angles, flipped normal) between highly disparate keyframes, such as keyframes facing towards each other. This has very rarely been a problem for me in practice. If you were to implement something similar to Component mode, linear interpolation could be kept as a fallback for people who need higher accuracy. Slerp is very similar to the linear interpolation in Camera Tools. Squad mode is erratic and was probably just added out of curiosity. Your ideas about paused pathing seem promising to me; I don't see why using Update, and a real time delta time and clock wouldn't work if physics aren't doing anything. Though that's probably because I don't know enough about Unity and KSP. After reading your message I checked Time Control's config and found an option called 'CameraZoomFix'. I tested with this setting disabled and paths played in slow motion with no issues. Stationary and Dogfight seem to work fine too. Now I feel an idiot for asking you to support Time Control, but it's great to find that it actually works. Pause doesn't work as the path speed is proportional to the slow motion but even 1% speed works well.
  4. Here are my suggestions in order of increasing complexity (I think), baring in mind that this is a wishlist and I understand that some of these probably aren't worth your time. Prevent pathing/stationary from starting automatically. The current behaviour seems to be to start automatically when switching between modes. This seems inconvenient to me; I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature. Improved interpolation based on Kerbcam's component mode. Camera Tools has never had completely smooth interpolation between more than two keyframes, regardless of interpolation rate. Kerbcam's component mode does this really well for rotation, and the default Kerbcam position interpolation also appears to be completely smooth. Playing paths while the game is paused. The increased frame rate when physics is paused would be immensely helpful for recording high part count scenes. The current behaviour is to freeze with an offset camera. Support for Time Control. Expanding on the previous suggestion, playing paths (or using any mode) while using either the slow motion or pause features in Time Control would have the same benefit of increased frame rate as well as introduce the ability to film slow motion paths/stationary/dogfight shots. The current behaviour for Pathing mode is to play the path at a speed proportional to the slow motion with working rotation, but with position stuck in an offset position. Current behaviour for stationary mode is working rotation, with camera position remaining stuck in an offset position relative to the vessel. If you do decide to implement any of these, please let me know if I could help in any way.
  5. Hi Doc, Thanks for supporting Camera Tools. I understand this version is mainly about improving Dogfight mode, but would you be willing to take some suggestions on improving Pathing mode? I'd completely understand if you'd rather spend your time working solely on Dogfight mode.
  6. Should be fine. I try to play to the strengths and weaknesses of craft in the series. If a craft has a limited range then it's going to have a limited range in the show too.
  7. Still here buddy! Haven't played KSP in a while but check the forums every so often. Trying to get something together for Christmas right now. After that there might still be the possibility of that video I promised. Pretty funny how long I've been saying I'd make that... Seeing as though I'm posting I thought I might as well share this.
  8. We started one a while ago. https://discord.gg/NgFMKkz
  9. @MiffedStarfish @Joseph Kerman I'll likely use both if I can. Joseph I should mention that the submissions thread isn't really for general posting, strictly just submissions with all the relevant information. It's alright if you plan to edit that same post later but I'd appreciate if you could take another look at the rules. @Jon144 I'm afraid I don't have a great deal of interest in stock atmo weapons. Space combat works because micro-gravity does away with ballistics and opens the door to a lot of interesting weapons and tactics. I find stock atmo kind've boring given that so much of the focus is on just hitting the target when BD Armoury allows for such a wide range of interesting gameplay. My friend @SuperHappySquid does a lot of stock atmo videos if you're interested in seeing that.
  10. @JPLRepo So glad that the tree shadows were finally sorted out and to hear about future lighting improvements. Could you talk a bit about camera clipping and why it became rather severe a few updates ago? And indeed if there is a possible solution.
  11. Could you provide a video, @MiffedStarfish?
  12. @NotAnAimbot I likely couldn't see myself using it in the show. It's a cool concept but strays a bit too close to exploit for my liking; given that it's only feasible due to KSP's limitations.
  13. That ship is absolutely stunning. I've got some plans for it that I'll message you about. What ship is that? Have you not released it yet? Looks great. That's not quite how submissions work. Whilst I keep up with posts in the thread, when it comes time to make the episode I tell @ScriptKitt3h what I'm looking for and he'll find something in the thread that he thinks will meet my expectations. You'll have to link me to your submission if you'd like me to take a closer look. I haven't really thought of the specifics of the timeline like that. For example: right now I'm still deciding whether or not the Jool system has been visited outside of scientific missions. So I guess I don't really have an answer; it just depends on whether or not I like what you write.
  14. Can't wait to film something in an environment like that, it looks stunning. I'd appreciate something simple like that. Given that it's rather important to me.
  15. No, I don't see how that would work in the pseudo-realtime combat of the show. I've added a few more to the library. If what you're looking for isn't there then just ask, although I may not have it.
  16. Sure, feel free. The textures for the orange suits are from Green Skull Inc for TextureReplacer.
  17. Precinct Siege by Ola Strandh. It's in the credits.
  18. No, neither of those are requirements. The Hellrazor and the Centurion in the last episode were both drones with fairly weak armour.
  19. Sure. I've added a few atmospheric craft from the last episode to the dropbox. It's nothing to do with the story itself. I even think it would be a pretty cool bit of lore behind a submission. I just don't want the responsibility of curating anybody else's work. That's why I'd rather keep it unofficial and give you freedom to do as you like without myself having to come in and change anything now or later down the line. I'm pretty sure I don't have the Mun Wagon or the Turtur (I think that's what that GMI ship was called). I'll have a look but they're probably not going to turn up. Update: Sorry, I've definitely deleted them. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to recreate either of them if you really needed them.
  20. In that case I'm afraid I'm not going to be tying it into my show. You're totally free to do what you want with it but it would be strictly unofficial. I don't know exactly what craft you're talking about. Could you link me to the part of whatever video they were in? I likely won't have them as I deleted quite a few craft I was sure I wasn't going to use again, it's worth a shot though.
  21. I went and added a few more to that link from earlier. I'm afraid I no longer have the files for some smaller craft like the Centurions and the Buzzard. I only just realised what you meant by off-shoot: you mean a spin-off series, right? Videos? If so, I wouldn't be so eager to pass them off as canon, of course it depends on the actual contents.
  22. This link includes the craft file as well as a mod containing the decal and miscellaneous parts you'll need to load it. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j3rodtbrnbs2ynz/AAAiysLRJekC7uSjIVAFzrP5a?dl=0
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