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  1. Switched it back to KSP time. Tried reinstalling KAC just to see, but it's still off. Game says Day 8, KAC is on Day 23.
  2. Sorry if this has been answered, I can't find anything. Using 10x scale, KAC and game time aren't in sync. Game time is set to 24hr days. Is this normal, and is there anything I can do to fix it?
  3. This is really cool! To answer your questions: 1. Works with 2x 1080p monitors, running DX11 on Windows 10 2. Display ID remains 0 at all times. Mouse coords are always positive. This might be due to my setup, where second monitor(1) is on the right of primary(0). I noticed that (0,0) is on the bottom. It's running fine so far. I'll try to break it *Quitting to main menu, cannot click any options.
  4. Does this mod play nice with MKS' disassemble function? Like, if you disassemble a fuel tank, will it explode and send the kerbal flying?
  5. I noticed the same problem back when I used PreciseNode. It doesn't happen every time, just most the time.
  6. Will there be any significant changes to NF Spacecraft that might make updating a problem?
  7. I have ENTER bound to staging control. Is it possible to rebind mod control to SPACE?
  8. <Snip> That actually makes sense. It just caught me off guard. I haven't played in a while, and MKS is constantly changing, I guess I missed it. Lesson learned.
  9. Yeah, missed that. Kind of a shock from a simple upgrade. Thought I was being proactive sending some 1.25 Kans, just for maintenance. I thought wrong. I haven't unlocked the survey scanner, much less the means to make anything on-site, yet. Word up kiddies: Don't update mods in the middle of a game.
  10. I'm playing highly modded with CTT. It's not that simple.
  11. OK. I finally unlock some parts in career, ship them to Minmus, painstakingly land them in the right place. Now I need 8000 material kits just to inflate my habitat? Is that right? It's ridiculous. *It feels like some F2P game where you have to pay to unlock the thing you already paid for. I think MKS just got the boot from my game.
  12. I'm having a strange issue with the Akita wheels. Maybe it's CollisionFX at fault, but whenever it's rolling, there's lots of sparks like parts are colliding. Seems mostly cosmetic, driving is unaffected. Just wondering if it's known or something to be concerned with. Hate to put one on Duna and have the Kraken eat it.
  13. I'm pretty much lost trying to use this thing, but I love the fact that it exists. Well done and keep it up! I just wanted to say that.
  14. Yup, that done it Thanks Roverdude!
  15. I'm getting hardcore log spam from latest version: [LOG 14:48:54.366] ERROR Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object IN ModuleLifeSupport Happens in both existing and new crafts, manned and unmanned.