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  1. I second this by the power of Grayskull!
  2. OK now I'm totaly confused. Did these parts just didn't make it in time for the pre release of 1.2 but will be included in the final 1.2 update or do have to wait for 1.3?
  3. What you're listing are the display options. ... to display signals. You need to find input settings, to handle the video signals. Maybe in a different menu. But sure, some TV's just don't give you these options. Shame ... shame ... shame ...
  4. Yes, by now I should definitely know about Squad only dealing with soon™ when it involves release dates. But I just have to ask. Is there some approximately time frame in which we could expect this. This Tuesday was hell because I didn't knew if I should have a firm look at the PSN Store. I should have, though. Nothing was here. I can't stand this procedure any longer ... please Squad ... just some breadcrumbs ... pretty please?
  5. This! I guarantee you, that you have not checked your TV settings for the right Input setting. Unfortunately every TV has a different name for this. Overscan, PC mode, Console Mode, Game mode, 1:1 ... the list goes on. I would bet money that you played with a cropped picture for a long time without noticing it.
  6. For the love of god, let us just invert the Y axis.
  7. I think this is by far the biggest mistake with KSP for Consoles right now: "The game doesn't even allow inverting the vertical camera control for god's sake! How does anyone work in the games industry and not know that some people are "invertees" who willnever be able to comfortably enjoy a game that doesn't allow this incredibly basic feature". We need to be able to invert the camera. This is mandatory. Everything else you listed is just meh. I too would be glad if I didn't needed to use the US Store - and will probably buy it again on the EU Store :/ - but the rest i
  8. Your ship looks quite like my good old "USS hyperedit is for quitters"
  9. @selfish_meme I'll just get my shorts and beach rain coat out. BTT: A real color image from those NASA guys: When I compare this with the latest screenshot I can't really tell which is real and which is ksp.
  10. I first also thought it was simply colored from a black and white pic. But indeed, those crazy Russians - gotta love 'em - send a heavy color recognizing camera there. In those pictures you can even see the massive cover for the lense lying at the landing legs, which apparently was decoupled just before the camera would be avtivated. Holy gosh! This Venera probe really is an enormously impressive piece of probe. However, so far I think the really yellow ones are a little bit oversaturated and brightened. @Berlin @sDaZe I just saw that you really included my configs in th
  11. Disgusting! Looks like someone just peed all over the atmosphere. For decades. Are you sure this isn't recolored? Wikipedia gives me this:
  12. Me too. Use my settings from page 33. They'll fix the artifacts for you.
  13. Please Test my settings. I made a download at page 33. Please follow my instructions there. It is definitely a Problem with scatterer OpenGL and ssrss. However it should be completely fine with my settings.
  14. Shameless double post: btw ... I think you made a mistake in the latest Mars atmosphere update in SVE: OBJECT { name = Duna-MainClouds body = Mars altitude = 40000 speed = 0,35,0 detailSpeed = 0,0,0 settings { _DetailScale = 20 _Color = 128,108,108,200 _MainTex { value = StockVisualEnhancements/EVE/Atmosphere/Textures/mars2 } _DetailTex { value = StockVisualEnhancements/EVE/Atmosphere/Textures/DetailCirrus } } In the line: "_Color = 128,108,108,200" the value 200 makes Mars purple like stock Eve, when I change it to 20 like this: "_C
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