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  1. Mine was a contract bug to explore Duna. Some how, according to the game, I flew a probe to Duna, entered the SOI, landed on the surface (using parachutes and a small engine to soft land), transmitted data from the surface but I did not enter the atmosphere even though I was floating down and gathered data on the way. It only registered the atmospheric entry after I went into orbit and then into sub orbital. Originally I flew straight into the atmosphere and aerobraked. Not as elaborate as some of the others but a strange one.
  2. Scott Manley YouTube tutorial videos for most part, also a few websites for departure angles, DV maps and aerobraking altitudes. A lot of it was trial and error, funny because most of the issues I had real life agencies also had and unintentionally I did similar things to practice and over come them i.e. sending up a fuel tank with docking port as a target to practice docking.
  3. I've got one to test the 3.75m fairing in a sub orbital trajectory over Duna between 220,000m to 230,000. I can understand some parts needing testing in certain environments but these should be ground tests or in space around Kerbin. The contract logic is better but still a bit flawed, when you get a 'perform flyby of Duna' followed by 'build outpost on Ike'. Surley it should offer flyby > explore > plant flag > station / outpost.
  4. Hint in the text.... Ears burning, its super cool... My guess is radiators.
  5. The "unprotected" ones can now only be deployed as per 1.0 design. The more expensive boxed ones can be toggled and also act as a small thermal radiator.
  6. For first time since initial installation I've deleted KSP from my computer, starting 100% fresh in 1.0 Keep the hype going my PC is empty without KSP installed!
  7. Hype +1 The engine canna take na'more....
  8. For rovers and probes I generally find Eve the easiest to get to and land on. Never tried taking off again, well actually only to get rid of the sky crane I'd built. The one I've had the most failures on for sudden deceleration into surface has to be Duna.
  9. Cpu : i7 5960Xk @ 3Ghz Ram :16Gb DDR 4 2800Mhz Gpu :GTX 690 4Gb DDR5 SSD :crucial 512gb OS :Win 7 64bit I have everything set to max, debris to unlimited. I did do a kessler bomb and made it start to stutter a bit but that was thousands of bits scattered!
  10. The hype train canne take much more'o this c'ptain! Shes gonna blow!!!
  11. I have been having this issue for a while now. I initially thought it was when jumping to a ship via Kerbal Alarm Clock, specially from the space center screen. It can also happen via the tracking station or even the map by right clicking on the ship and selecting it. Issue : Intermittent issue when swapping ships, the ship loads, the screen goes black with the exception of the altimeter and nav ball. On exiting to Space center again a black screen though the overlay appears and sounds can be heard in the background. Game has to be fully exited and re-loaded for space center to appear. The ship that was being swapped to no longer appears in the game and crew (if any) are missing. This can be any ship both large and small, with or without a kerbal on board. Usually when in space between planets. A work around of saving the game before swapping ships, then after the bug return to space center and load save game, quit game fully and reload. Ship still available. This crash may happen several times before ship loads normally. Mods Installed : Mechjeb ; Kerbal Alarm Clock Game Version : x32 Windows System DxDiag Ship Craft File Persistent File Output Log
  12. Same here... Here goes nothing! 2nd steam download, now v0.25.0.642
  13. I'm on steam, downloaded the update but still have version none of the new features present. I have also deleted the old version and reinstalled.
  14. Looking at the picture the new runway structure reminds me of an airport fire station, the positioning at the runway, tower to hang hoses to dry. Maybe a crash landing has a few kerbals jumping into emergency vehicles to put out the flames. Not done in any mods, good players may never see.
  15. I was talking to a friend about the new feature. One idea i came up with was instead of mechjeb as an auto pilot what if your kerbal was the auto pilot? Depending on courage and stupidity of the kerbal results in how good they fly the rocket / plane. Just a thought.
  16. I prefer the term "long term planetary flag mission" rather than maroon the Eve one is a very long term mission....
  17. I have 7.8m at the moment but haven't taken any contracts for a while. The main cash cow for me is a small satellite (yes they are useful now!!) thats made up from: Probadabadyne QBE x1 Z-100 Battery Pack x2 OX-4L 1x6 Solar pannels x1 Commuotron 16 x1 2Hot Thermometer x1 I have them in orbit around Kerbin, Mün & Minmus. Just sent them to Duna & Ike and Eve & Gilly though the Gilly one was a pain as it has to be below 6km and the game deleted it when I swapped to another vessel. Take the contracts for transmit science, swap to satellite and I have the thermometer hot keyed. Click, then click again for lots of money for a craft already there. For the home systems it cost me 12k in total for launch vehicle and satellite, of which you get 12k advance and 30k, 60k & 78k for completion of Kerbin, Mün & Minmus. Currently have a fleet of the heading to Jool, not contracted to but once they're there I should get them. Considering sending one to eloo to see what that pays out Its the way NASA & ESA work (regular small contracts) so its good enough for Polstar Space too
  18. The contract could be launch a satellite into an orbit & inclination range and after a period of time you can deorbit or keep it. Example: Ground mapping corp wants to map kerbin over a 3 year period. Launch a satellite to an alt 70-90km on an inclination of 80-100 degrees for 3 years. Once the 3 years are up if you want to keep it you can if not destroy it. All values are just examples.
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