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  1. The same thing happened to me! That was a pleasant surprise.
  2. First Mun landing, and first Duna landing.
  3. I still have the old demo in my folders, that was the first version I played and back then I thought the goal was strap boosters on and then see how high up you go then put more boosters.
  4. Tricouplers and Bicouplers do not work as ACTUAL DECOUPLERS.
  5. I remember in one of my old saves I accidently did something to a rocket adding about 20 debris into space, at a later launch, all I saw was 20 pieces of debris coming at the ship, the closest one was I think 1.6km away. It was scary and awesome at the same time.
  6. Haven't really gone all that far, so far only: Mun Minmus Duna(and it's moon)