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  1. What a strange complaint to hate a developer for tweaking balancing/physics in a beta. Yeah, your previous designs were designed around a previous balance, and that balance is now gone. What do you expect? Also, modding an alpha/beta is a real privilege, I wouldn't care if mods were impacted during the design process, either. [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] The problem is most people who buy into alpha/beta builds just want to play the final game and couldn't wait.
  2. Is this broken for 1.0.5? I'm getting exploding ships at high x1M warp.
  3. I'd disagree with the first line in that, right now beyond difficulty of entry/escape, all planets are more or less the same. You have a different colour palette, a few have atmospheres, but Duna is Kerbin is Eve in terms of functionality. Having more geological and meteorological diversity would give us another way that they planets are different, and offer different challenges. Duna could have dust storms that block out antennae signals and reduce visibly to zero, Eve could have acidic oceans and rain that damage/heat/corrode parts, Dres already has an asteroid belt (although it could have m
  4. I think your idea of barren (not beautiful) and my idea of barren (nothing exists beyond the terrain map) may be different. Some of the planets are really striking, I like Minmus a lot, and it fits the barrenness of the game because it's an arctic tundra, but there's just nothing to explore or research. Every single science experiment in the game is the same experiment, just in a different zone, and all the zones are more or less the same, hills and cliffs and texture aside.
  5. Exactly. -1 rep is such a tiny, meaningless amount it only serves to combat heavy exploitation of the function. People declining dozens of contracts in a row looking for something specific. The exploit: If you have a satellite in orbit around Duna, for example, previous to 1.0.5 you could could decline every contract on the board over and over until some 'Collect Science In Orbit Around Duna' contract comes up. You're already in position for it, so you accept it and complete it immediately. The contract cost you nothing and you rake in the cash. It's a technical exploit but only one that can w
  6. I should correct myself: getting there the first time or two is fun. It's a new challenge. Can I get to it? Can I land on it? Can I get back? But once you've done initial meet & greet, you know there's nothing to come back to, really. It's a big, dead ball, just like all the rest. So we just sit on Kerbin and fart around with new ship designs. - - - Updated - - - We haven't found any life on other planets, so I don't expect KSP to start filling planets with birds and stuff, but we've found a hell of a lot of meteorological and geological diversity among what we've observed, and that just i
  7. Every planet in KSP is barren and dull. We spend most of our time on/around Kerbin because we've seen the empty expanses of the other planets and realized it's easier if we just stay put now. Like, where're the clouds? Where's the acidic atmospheres? Where's the incredible heat? Dust storms? Volcanoes? Where's something other than another dead ball to land your junk on. Space is a snore right now. - - - Updated - - - Like, give us birds and fish and stuff on Kerbin. We're exploring because we want to find things, not because we like the headache of getting there.
  8. this seems way too high/steep even before 1.0.5, but i'm a 70/50 sort of guy and take entry slow and long.
  9. I like it, but those would be my uses for it, yeah. Right now I've got a concept ultra-light science/survey drone carrier meant for planets with atmos. this wasn't really possible before with air-breathers without the carrier needing to be massive, and we still don't have a 0 size class kerbal cockpit, but maybe in time. I've also strapped them behind larger bodies and they're not terrible, and might as well come with unlimited fuel given how efficient air breathers in KSP are right now.
  10. good christ. does it have a part animation? something like: i'm sorry, i've only briefly played with 1.0.5
  11. Wait, what? - - - Updated - - - is its thrust reverser new to 1.0.5 or have i completely overlooked this function every time i've used this thing
  12. I'd be fine with this if the lower stages weren't blinked from existence by a chintzy, orb of static flame texture. Kerbal part destruction is ugly and clumsy. Lower stages should be deflecting the exhaust, not being comically disintegrated. And the degree of damage obviously should reflect the degree of exhaust. 1% Spider and Sepratrons vs. 100% Mainsail. I get what Squad was trying to do, make exhaust rightfully deadly, but it needs work in degree and staging realism.
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