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  1. Great! I was looking for something like this. I don't want to be annoying, but how is this patch coming along? Thanks for the great mod btw. Seeing the shuttle reenter is glorious.
  2. There used to be this mod, but it has never been updated...
  3. Mac Retina display support

    I have this same problem. Although since last update I can't play ksp anymore on my Macbook. Still I'd like to see this adressed and be able to appreciate retina in all its glory
  4. Roscosmos flag

    ^this I love the russian space technology, but the Nasa flag became available when they added the Ksp version of the SLS. Not sure about the ESA flags though (I remember it was some publicity thingy). So unless Roscosmos does something similar, I wouldn't expect to see those flags anytime soon. Then again, I would love to have some genuine russian/soviet parts ingame.
  5. Should be fine. I'm playing on a Macbook pro 2013. Just turn down some settings and you're good to go.
  6. I'd go for blue highlights on the J2 like the RL10, as they are both cryogenic engines.
  7. This sounds a lot like "I'm just going to do what people don't want me to do whether they like it or not. Because in the end they will get used to it any way.". Sorry, but I honestly don't get what you're saying.
  8. And where would be the challenge in that? If you put it that way it wouldn't matter wether or not I add that extra dv or not. edit: whether it is a non-argument? what? The entire discussion is about what specific people want or don't want. None of this is factual...
  9. Definitely not. Resupply missions would become very tedious after a while. And when it would be optional, I'm one of those guys who feel like missing out because I selected 'no life support' in the pre-game settings. And then I would select 'life support active', which would probably end in me never ever playing the game again and also not recommending it to somebody else. Simply because Life support made the game too tedious, boring and repetitive. I see KSP as a sandbox in which I can do whatever I want as long as it conforms to physics. Which is a lot of fun, but when I have to start managing my kerbals like they are dumb sims people I'd get bored after 2-3 hours.
  10. Devnote Thursday: Tweaking and Turning Gears

    regarding life support, Honestly it would make me quit the game and probably ask for a refund. KSP is about orbital mechanics and getting somewhere (and engineering challenges), it ain't about managing the kerbals on board. You could say life support modules add engineering challenges, but it would only end up in some parts that you would add or you'd have to fly up to your craft to resupply. I don't see the "fun" in that, if you do then I suggest you take a look at the mod section. Atleast that's what I do, I have a boatload of mods running, but although I love all of them. Probably none of them are fit for vanilla. It is just the way it is. Some things are fit for stock and some aren't, Life support is one of those things. Ps: I also have doubts about the comm system. I'd love to have a more fleshed out career first. And the planets should be more interesting...
  11. ehm, that's not what that article says. They're going to use test flights as possible launch platforms for payloads. Earning some money while still being in the atmospheric test phase.