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  1. Ice storage sounds a lot more logical. I can't wrap my head around radiating heat into space while the ambient air is above zero and then getting below zero to freeze water. Seems very counterintuitive, now, there are a lot of things that are counterintuitive. But this just seems to violate the laws of thermodynamics.
  2. I've read trough all of them, but I still don't understand how it works. How does something get below ambient without conventional compression and expansion systems?
  3. It's very obviously a joke. Don't take yourself or life so serious.
  4. That would only work when the front element (the glass) of the scope extends beyond the hood of the scope and the sun is perpendicular to both snipers. Or when the sunlight bounces of something else into the scope. However I don't think scopes have extending front elements, because a lens hood prevents flaring and other visual artefacts. A mirror will still reflect some of the light. So if there is a insanely powerful laser there is a reflection of that laser. However if the laser is powerful enough to instantly melt/vapourize the mirror the reflection might last too short to notic
  5. Little bit offtopic, but how does ksp work with variable rate monitors? My display goes up to 240Hz but is GSynced. Or does it not matter in anyway?
  6. Oooh man, that would be so awesome. I'd do it myself were it not for the fact that I would have to learn how to and while I'm very good at starting projects, finishing them is a different matter entirely.
  7. Is there somebody by any chance working on configs for Waterfall for Tantares?
  8. Irl this happens a lot. Soyuz, Proton, Titan, N1, probably more all do it. When hot-staging you don't need ullage motors to settle the fuel in the tanks. This however is not modeled in ksp without mods, but it might be an aesthetic you want to go for. edit: typo
  9. it's the first vertical ascend that's doing it. Try going vertical for 100m/s and then bank 5 degrees. And then just let it follow prograde. should be 45 degrees around 10km in altitude. If that gives you a too steep of a trajectory try starting your turn earlier (somewhere between 50m/s and 100m/s). And then just finetune it in the following launches. Back of the throttle if you are not at 45 degrees at 10km. This is the same for you: @Fredde104 It is NOT an issue with your mod. I have used it since forever and never had any problems. The first time the issue has popped up
  10. Just want to thank you for everything you have done and have created for ksp! I've been enjoying your mod and the progression of it for a long time. So really thank you. I hope you'll bring your creativity to other places too.
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