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  1. Just watched the trailer for 0.25 and my girlfriend asked me what Jim is talking about. Curious as she is her dutiful hubby (me ) was forced to play with the audio and guess what? It sounds very familiar Just played it in reverse and with 75% speed I got this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4231312/economicboom.mp3 Reminds me of:
  2. @sarbian Thanks. 32bit works well. I hope this will get better with 0.25.
  3. Any chance to get an answer on my question? It is really anoying because my slow i5 4200u notebook does not crash, only my PC with the new AMD 280x GPU.
  4. I get constant crashes the second I start a new game oder load an existing one and this only happens when Mechjeb is installed. Ksp is the latest 0.24.2 64bit version and Mechjeb with the 288 dev release. Can someone tell me which logfiles I could post?
  5. Why should they be disguised so hard? I think mapsat is the perfect balance between frustrating and no fun because too easy.
  6. Nice. Perhaps the visited planets could be a bit brighter so the difference between visited and unvisited gets clearer.
  7. I tried to land on Eve but my parachute had no intention to help me with the job. Nevertheless the ship got down safely and the rover could make a little journey but then I saw something funny
  8. Warp is a nice feature, yes When you want to turn warp on try to set everything off that can steer your craft. Thrust, RCS, Mechjeb etc. If it just won't work, try to attach the rover in a different way.
  9. The modlist will now link you to the specific threads. Hmm, with another tank the last stage (designed for the descent) could also do the reentry burn. I have to check this but where exactly would you add it?
  10. Shedao Spaceflights Debris is our business. With the sudden appearance of new planets all around the Kerbol system it is time to get back at the drawing table. Some of the results will be shown here Useful data for interplanetary travel: When you want to reach a specific ejection angle like described on Olex site you probably know that low thrust engines like the NERVA tend to shift your apoapsis during the burn. What you need to do is start the burn before you reach the ejection angle or in other words you need to add a craft specific value on the ejection angle. Rockets: Duna One - Interplanetary craft with extra Mapsat satellite and rover.The Duna One is our first ready-to-use interplanetary rocket capable of sending you on a one way trip to Duna, Ike and several other planets (not confirmed). Once in a Dunian orbit you can adjust your inclination and release a micro-Mapsat-satellite that will show you the nicest spot to land. But that was not all the Duna One can do for you! If you can manage to land softly a little rover stands ready for a little drive around Burn before ejection angle: Duna, Eve: 30° Jool: 50° Mods: Novapunch 1.3b, Cart 1.3.4, Damned Robotics 1.2.1, ISA Mapsat 3.3.0, Zools Escape Pod 1.2, Mechjeb 1.9.2, OA Floodlights
  11. Ok, 0.17 is there and the interplanetary rocket ready for its one-way trip to Duna. Unfortunately I'm experiencing some trouble when using this calculator. Setting warp to 100000 I wait until Duna is 44° ahead of Kerbin. Once this is achieved I wait again until my craft reaches the right point on its orbit around Kerbin and set the thrust to maximum. Now the problem: The calculator says (going from a 100km parking orbit) I need about 3289m/s but then my orbit would nearly reaching Jool Am I thinking wrong? 3289m/s is the orbiting speed around Kerbin right? Or should I wait until my craft swithces the SOI from Kerbin to Kerbol and then reach 3289m/s?
  12. Looks great. I have to steal the connection method to the SRBs
  13. Wow Big thanks for this great webapp (is that the right word?)! Looking forward to the 0.17 update.
  14. You can use Zool's Escape Pod for your lander. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/17439-PLUGIN-PART-16-Zoolotac-EscapePod-v1
  15. You can use "instant orbit" or the "orbital construction mod".
  16. I want to build a big craft capable of interplanetary travel using this plugin. Once it has reached the planet a lander vessel will be seperated (by use of Zool's escape pod plugin). Of course both, the mothership and the landing vessel have to hold one zo2 main system. On the first page it says the craft should explode when two main systems are used but in 0.6.2 it does not (good for me ). Unfortunately I discovered an interesting bug when seperating one of the two main systems (like seperating the lander stage). Two Kerbals just disappear from the mother vessel and this only occurs in orbit. This happens without the use of Zool's plugin. When I use this in addition and send one Kerbal into the escape pod before seperation he will survive the seperation and the zo2 main system connected to this pod doesn't seem to work. I really hope you agree that Zool's method for multiple command pods is a great thing for future interplanetary travel and that multiple zo2 main systems would be the perfect addition
  17. Totally excited about the project. As someone said here it looks a bit like how spore should have been in the endgame.
  18. Es gibt eine ganze Reihe an recht realistischen Mods hier im Forum. Einmal natürlich die von Olex genannten. Ich würde aber auf jeden Fall noch Novas Mods Probodobodyne (Raumsondenteile) und Bace (Raumstationenteile) dazunehmen. Zusammen mit Novapunch kann man damit schon eine große Bandbreite an realistischen Missionen auf die Beine stellen. Ansonsten gibt es noch eine ganze Reihe an weiteren Mods, die das Spiel sinnvoll und realitätsnah erweitern. Hier mal eine kleine Auswahl: - Carts (ein kleiner fahrbarer Rover) - Damned Robotics (allerlei steuerbare Gelenke etc.) - ISA Mapsat (kann Höhenprofile von Kerbin, Mun und Minmus erstellen) - Remote Tech (man kann satellitengestützte Kommunikationsnetzwerke erstellen) und viele viele mehr
  19. Or you can make a .zip containing the craft file and upload it as an attachment.
  20. Already posted pictures and data of my crafts in this challenge: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/15985-Interplanetary-Vessels-and-Motherships But I guess here is a better place for discussing the actual missions to new planets. My original plan contained two crafts. One would land on the new planet and later achieve a low orbit. The second would function as a return craft grab the lander and set course to Kerbin. Unfortunately my poor orbital rendezvous skills made that plan impossible. Alternatively the lander will now hold only one Kerbal and the return craft holds two and an empty seat so the pilot from the lander can set over to the return craft. Both designs use the same technology and only differ in the upper stages. IP Lander: 98500 fuel units and a total weight of 512.9 tons IP Return: 96100 fuel units and a total weight of 502.4 tons Both crafts are capable of reaching an 27x27Mm orbit around Kerbol with the IP Lander having enough fuel in its upper stage to successfully land and take off from a Kerbin like planet (but a bit lower planetmass would be nice). Now two additional pictures regarding the mission specific details of the two crafts: The booster will be left as a sign of the Kerbal presence on the planet and is actually a strut with the empty mass of a real booster and can be carefully decoupled when the lander hits the ground. Mods are Mechjeb 1.9 and Novapunch 1.2b. To use the empty booster on the lander you have to copy the folder from the small vanilla booster, rename it to "fakesolidbooster" and use the part.cfg attached to this post.
  21. No, that part is the mission my crafts were designed for. I followed exactly your mission: Get into 100x100km -> burn until Kerbol escape velocity -> look how much fuel is left. Edited my post a little so it gets clearer what is challenge and what original mission. Thought the idea behind the design would be interesting as most people here are looking foward to 0.17 and build rockets which get to another planet and then return safely to Kerbin.
  22. My turn: Assuming that there will be a planet at about 27Mm from Kerbol with a mass somewhat lower than Kerbin I designed two rockets. One called IP Lander (one seat) will land on that planet, let Jeb take a walk and leave an empty booster as flag;) After return to a low orbit it will rendezvous with the IP Return (three seats), Jeb sets over and return to Kerbin. Both designs use the same technology and only differ in the upper stages. Ok, now the challenge: Both crafts will take off from the KSC, get into a 100x100km orbit and from there try to reach Kerbol escape velocity. IP Lander: 98500 fuel units and a total weight of 512.9 tons IP Return: 96100 fuel units and a total weight of 502.4 tons IP Lander (~100x100km): ~22500 fuel units left IP Return (~100x100km): ~21100 fuel units left IP Lander: ~6250 fuel units left IP Return: ~4600 fuel units left As I burned from an 100x100km Kerbin orbit the result was not perfectly efficient. Now two additional pictures regarding the original mission both crafts were designed for: The booster/very Kerbal flag is a strut with the empty mass of a real booster and can be carefully decoupled when the lander hits the ground. As I am not an expert in rendezvous the return craft is covered in ladders so Jeb can grab one even if I am not able to aim for the hatch. So, that's it.
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