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  1. My friends, I love this community! you guys ( in particular Camacha ) helped me build my last PC, now I return to you all for more advice. I changed jobs recently and this has me travelling around Africa for months at a time; leaving my custom built PC to gather dust at home . The good news is, the new job pays more ! So I need your advice on buying a good Gaming laptop, My budget is around $800 - $900 (I could stretch it a little if need be). My priorities are Performance reliability and quality Cost I'll be buying the laptop in India, which has most of the models avai
  2. ahhh, you should hear some of the ISRO scientists talk about their 'mom' and 'naughty boy'
  3. ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) marks a year in orbit around Mars! The maiden Indian satellite is still going strong with all sensors still functioning and ISRO predicts that it will remain in service for several years. To celebrate the occasion, ISRO has released a Mars Atlas with more than a hundred pictures of Mars. " The images from Mars Color Camera (MCC) have provided unique information about Mars at varying spatial resolutions. It has obtained Mars Global data showing clouds, dust in atmosphere and surface albedo variations, when acquired from apoapsis at around 72000 km. On the other
  4. Thanks for the advice RainDreamer ! I didn't reply earlier because I was still thinking about it. After a lot of thinking, I have decide to take the opportunity ! so thank you once again for advice. the company is a Medical tourism Facilitator. so If you ever need a surgery in a foreign nation, let me know
  5. hello Everyone ! I have found the KSP community to be one of the most knowledgeable and Helpful forums on the internet, so I come to you in search of a little advice. I have been offered a job as a Social Media Executive and SEO Planner with a small Start-up. I find the role to very interesting and I do have some of the basic skills and knowledge to be an SME. my question is, should I take it up ? I currently work as an English Trainer and I don't have any pressing financial constraints to worry about. I am concerned with career growth and advancement opportunities. where does this job lead to
  6. For the first time, ISRO has released a video showing footage from an on-board camera! the video is from the GSLV D6 launch on Aug 27, this launch was important because it was using an indian Cryogenic upper stage engine ( rather than the usual Russian ) the Payload was a new GSAT. the vid shows the separation of the first stage along with the strap-on boosters, and the ignition of the Cryogenic upper stage. ISRO Link ( may not work on some browsers )
  7. awww shucks only for people with more than 4 gigs of RAM then ?
  8. I have a 64 bit Windows 10, with 4 GB RAM, and a 2GB Graphics card. will I get any performance improvement out of this ?
  9. Hi ! I was a Bharat ( indian ) Scout a long time ago ! I got till Squad Leader and I had the Climbing, bridging and surveying badges.
  10. As some of you might have heard, The former president of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam died on July 27, 2015. Kalam was held in very High regard in India for his contributions to India's Space, Missile and Nuclear programs and also for being one of the most Inspiring leaders the country has seen. I highly recommend reading more about the man and some of his books. ISRO recently released several pictures featuring Kalam during his time with ISRO. I have posted some of the more interesting and thought provoking images here, looking at these makes me think whether it is funding or spirit and leader
  11. Please make it more efficient, my poor PC can only do so much
  12. 7/10, simple and witty, but the badges could be smaller.
  13. Flying on an aircraft had a been one of dreams for a long time and I finally had a chance to fly a few days ago from Bangalore to Chennai, India. it was a short flight, only 40 mins. but I loved it ! the thrill of the aircraft accelerating on the runway ! that moment when it banked ! and that jolt when it landed !! I know it all sounds a little childish, but after years of watching members of my family travel on aircraft, and countless hours on flight simulator X,it was a special moment for me and something that I will remember for a long time. so please, share your first flights, your thought
  14. yes, I mean can you get a sufficiently powerful laser easily ? at a cost and quantity where it could be called a genuine threat to flight ? if not, then this whole episode seems silly.
  15. I remember reading the 'The laser to the pilot's eye' trick in tom Clancy's "debt of honor" but that was a spec-ops team with a military grade laser designator, do commercial lasers have sufficient range and power to blind pilots landing/taking off ?
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