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  1. Downloaded LLL-Continued from [GitHub]( Here's the logs:
  2. Made a clean install of 1.2.2, with LLL-Continued (plus the stuff that comes with it), CommunityTechTree, CommunityResourcesPack, and CommunityCategoryKit. Don't see any errors. The greenhouse just isn't there. Very odd.
  3. Ach. I was afraid as such. The USI-Core Kontainers don't fit as prettily. Any chance they might be found somewhere in a form compatible with 1.2?
  4. I see the greenhouse module in among the files, but when I load up the game it doesn't seem to be there. The greenhouse worked fine with LLL-Continued v1.0.2.0 on KSP v1.2.1. I'm currently using LLL-Continued v1.0.2.5 on KSP v1.2.2. Is this a known issue, or is there something wrong with my install?
  5. Where can I find the "flat" 6-sided cargo boxes shown in the Imjur album? These ones: I can't find them anywhere.
  6. Ahahahaha! So I was running 0.13 back when I was working on my PhD thesis. Sleep-deprived, caffinated, and half-dead from anxiety, I fell to a strange sort of madness that cared only for munbases. So I built a few. I used mods, though, so I dunno if that counts. In my madness I (over-)excitedly and comprehensively (obsessedly) documented the missions and posted to the forum. Looking back I can't fathom why . . . Here's the Farside I, which was a small (by current standards) munbase on the far side of the mun, with a return vehicle attached. It also included a mun-orbital space station and a kerbin-orbital satellite. Of course back then such things disappear once they are 5km away, but in my fevered imagination they lived on . . . Here's the farside II, which was basically a small office building landed on the mun. Ah yes. Good times. And by "good times", I mean that that period of my life almost killed me. But I did make some cool spaceships . . . I even found my old installation of 0.13. All the ships are still there!
  7. So one question: is there a reason that the oceans on are so shallow? Even in the middle of the pacific, I can still see the bottom . . .
  8. In a bygone age, I made a very simple, plugin-free submarine proof-of-concept mod. The principle is trivially simple. (1) A radial monopropellant tank with massive capacity, the "ballast tank". (2) An RCS thruster with massive fuel usage. (3) An RCS thruster with massive negative fuel usage. Then you put the negative one on top, and the positive one on the bottom with the ballast tank. That way, when you turn on RCS and translate downwards, you sink. To surface, just translate upwards. You can download the new updated mod, which works with 0.24.2, at It's very basic, very quick and dirty. All the models are from stock parts. It's literally just a set of config edits. Pics: This ship has two tanks, to allow me to level it by activating and deactivating them as I fill the two ballast tanks. Diving: I landed on the bottom of the sea, around 700m down.
  9. Yeah, I couldn't get the spaceport thing to work, for some reason. The upload just hung. The versions up there are old. The mediafire one is the only one made by me that is ready for use in 0.20+ Before I got around to it, someone else uploaded a version to KSPSP that was just a simple update, but I haven't tested it. To be clear: I have no problem with that. If they change the configs again or anything and I'm not around, people should feel free to fix it up and post it. Same goes for all my work.
  10. Updated to 0.20.2, and added a few minor parts. Some parts got removed just because I don't use them anymore and they were too much of a pain to update. As always, everything is quick and dirty. Enjoy.
  11. Already working on something at least mostly similar: Planned parts: -A 5-meter to 19x1m splitter (Arranged in a hexagon). -A 5-meter, (19x Standard Stock LFE)-equivalent engine. -A 5-meter, (19x Stock NERVA)-equivalent engine. -A 3-meter, (7x Stock NERVA)-equivalent engine. -A 1-meter Radial Stack Decoupler -A 5-meter Radial Stack Decoupler -A bigger radial decoupler, maybe. Other planned changes: -Remove the upward-facing splitters. No longer needed now that you can change orientations in the VAB. -Make the habitation pod actually capable of holding kerbins. Maybe increase the size of the windows to reflect the new rescale. I am willing to take requests, if people have ideas for things that I think sound useful . . .
  12. Zekes, there is only one word for one such as you: Hero.
  13. Fixed the uber-prometheus tank. Thanks! P.S. I use "maxTemp = 200" for the launch platform.