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  1. Glad to see one of my favorite mods updated. I noticed that CKAN isn't listing SDHI. Has that entry been updated?
  2. Thanks DMagic for a great mod. I am a little confused by the latest update. The US Materials Bay looks like it moved quite a bit farther into the tech tree from the position in prior versions. When I went to see what the configuration file said (to check whether it was a change in CTT or DMOS) the cfg file said that the part was 'unresearchable'. Now I have no problem with writing a modulemanager patch to move it if this is an intended change, but I was confused by the cfg entry. Can I get a clarification about what I am looking at?
  3. I want to thank SirCmpwn for hosting KerbalStuff (long may it stream!) I have noticed that I am getting server not responding errors while attempting to connect to the site. No worries if you know about it - I just wanted to make sure that if for some reason you don't have alarms on whatever downed the site you found out about it.
  4. If you use RealChutes, that shouldn't be a problem, as RC uses its own drag code to deal with parachutes. I would highly suggest DebRefund users consider using RealChutes - especially because that can greatly reduce the parts needed to recover heavier stages.
  5. Given the width of the resource window, I like the idea of it presenting left-most. Using I have it set so that it is always visible while in flight, and moved over enough to the left that I can still open the contracts view without it being obstructed. Is this preserved in the newer version?
  6. In the announcement post for .24.1, RocketPilot573 stated that the launcher patch utility did not update his x64 install properly. If you still have decoupler problems, try reinstalling from the website.
  7. Thanks for the excellent work. I wonder if it would be possible to separate the phases into different downloads, that would be greatly appreciated. That, or a document letting us know which GameData assets belong to which phase. I am having massive problems getting my KSP install with KSO to load, and since I don't need the KSOS phase one, that would help a bunch. I know there is no obligation on your part to do either of those things, so feel free to tell me no if you don't want to do so.
  8. If the DPAI offered a list of docking ports in a collapse-able field to the side of the main DPAI interface, that would give us that long-range targeting that seems to be your intent with the auto-target feature, while allowing the user complete control over when the DPAI appears.
  9. Would it be possible to have a module manager patch for KSP Interstellar's Magnetometer boom science to be added to the magnetometer you made? It is quite weird to have two very similar tools on the same craft - especially now that US modules are available for your gear. If you would prefer not to do so in the pack, could you let me know what I need to do to make it work? The few times I have tried to do MM files for science experiments I haven't been able to get them to work correctly.
  10. Thanks for the neat plugin! I noticed that the curse page has not been updated with the 1.18 version, and since the 1.18 was mentioned several days ago I thought I was point it out in case it was an oversight. Thanks again for your work!
  11. With an understanding that Stupid_Chris's schedule strongly affects any possible changes, is there plans to update the mod to the current 2.x releases of modulemanager? Seems like something like this would be best applied right after stock. In fact, if others agree with the load point, I may take a shot at updating the files for that purpose.
  12. Thanks for the information. I was unsure about whether there would be a problem with HAS[] and spaces. It may be a good idea to edit the info post to clarify about using ? instead of spaces in all match fields.
  13. I have been trying to get the TAC-LS resources inserted into the config of the SDHI Service Module for the last day (using MM v2.1.0). I have run into a wall where I don't know what I am doing wrong. Yet I get an error on MM parse of this: @PART [*]:HAS[#title[SDHI 2.5m Service Module]]:AFTER[TacLifeSupport] { @mass = 3 @RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] { @amount = 240 @maxAmount = 240 } @RESOURCE[Oxidizer] { @amount = 293.3333333333333 @maxAmount = 293.3333333333333 } RESOURCE { name = Food amount = 63 maxAmount = 63 } RESOURCE { name = Water amount = 63 maxAmount = 63 } RESOURCE { name = Oxygen amount = 63 maxAmount = 63 } RESOURCE { name = CarbonDioxide amount = 0 maxAmount = 21 } RESOURCE { name = Waste amount = 0 maxAmount = 21 } RESOURCE { name = WasteWater amount = 0 maxAmount = 21 } } ...with the result being no change to the part. Is there something I missed in the documentation or an undocumented requirement that I don't know about?
  14. I do look forward to a 'official' version that contains support for Toolbar, but I do think that optional support is best. There is also nothing saying that you have to be as feature-complete with buttons in the non-Toolbar UI. I think mechjeb is a good example of how things should be done in terms of optional Toolbar integration.