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  1. I am happy to report this mod works just fine in 1.8.0
  2. I don't know. I'm not far enough along in the tech tree, but as long as it has the Launch Clamp Module it will work, or if you know the name of the part you can copy/paste one of the other ones and change the name as appropriate.
  3. I learned something new today. My statement still stands though, I have yet to come across a popular mod that doesn't use this.
  4. There are very few chutes anymore that aren't using this mod, or because they use the stock chute system, get converted by this mod.
  5. Safe to say you're going to be starting a new thread once it's released?
  6. It looks like you might have more than one installed.
  7. This seems to work fine as in in 1.6.1 Nevermind. Looks like there's an update. (See below)
  8. I guess the thing I don't like most is the different sized nodes. Half size is fine, but the decreasing size might get hard to see.
  9. I actually like the Engine Nerf, makes designing and building rockets more of a challenge. As far as the Oxidizer/LF levels being adjusted, as long as the same mass results in the same dV I don't see an issue with it, my only concern would be mod parts and how those would interact, so I would probably either make an extras folder and make it an option, or move the resources bit to its own mod. As for the tech tree itself, I'm not sure I like the new direction? I guess I'm not fully understanding what's going on, and if anything the upgrade nodes would make the tech tree more cluttered, even without CTT. I think the upgrades should stay in the next tier nodes, where .8 is in advanced rocketry, and .9 is in heavy rocketry (Or wherever they end up)
  10. To be fair, Gemini used ejection seats. The proposed Big Gemini ('Big G') was going to have an LES, but it was never constructed.
  11. That's pretty normal actually. Sounding rockets aren't supposed to go to space, and certainly not stay there. It takes 3300m/s or so to reach orbit around Kerbin, three stages of a Sounding Rocket is only going to get you to about 30km or so. (I used 2 stages and got to about 10km) To go higher you'll need a bigger rocket, the .035m parts aren't going to do it, and you get the .0625m parts are right where they should be on the tech tree. Yup, sort of. Because Simplex uses stock nodes the parts get put in their stock places, but because sounding rockets are geared towards being the first rockets you get they appear very early in the tech tree.
  12. I am happy to report that this mod works well in 1.6.1
  13. If so that mod still works in 1.6.1. I use it regularly in my Space Program series on youtube, and it's integrated into the Tech Tree already.
  14. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. As it stands BDB is probably the most versatile mod Ive ever seen. You can make historic stuff, or toss parts together to make whatever you want. I wouldn't change that at all and I feel like adding more realism would do just that.