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  1. Nah, unless it's been changed it won't be possible with just the part files. You can edit the g limit in the part config but there's a secondary value that kicks in to prevent transmission within 1.25 planetary radii. That was intended to give Gilly and some of the smaller Joolian moons a meaningful exclusion zone. That value is applied in the source code, so it would require an edit and recompile. I'm uncertain since it's been a while, but I want to say that you'd also have issues transiting if either vessel is in a LANDED state, since there's a few bits in the code that reference the orbit parameters of the vessels involved and I don't believe landed vessels have an associated orbit. Definitely 100% would break if you tried to transit to a beacon on the ground, not least because there's a 50% chance you'd end up underground.
  2. The Heisenkerb Compensator may be of particular interest.
  3. What page is that on? I can't find anything that seems to contradict your usage window stats. The wiki reads: Which is more-or-less true - unless you're playing with multiple stars you're not going to run into the upper limit on the IB-1 beating out the LB-100. Perhaps change "long-range" to "interplanetary", leaving "interstellar" as the province of the LB-100? Let me know. Also, did you change it so the IB-1 can't be used as a target anymore? I seem to remember seeing that somewhere. Let me know if that's the case and I'll correct that part too.
  4. Fun story, that was actually the original use case - I was getting a headache imagining how long multiple flights for base building and resupply for a USI Laythe base would take. Something about having to forward through that much time again and again always sets my teeth on edge, because then you have to run concurrent resupply flights for your other bases or just make sure they're all sustainable/unpopulated before you do the timeskip.
  5. Yeah, that's probably on me. Perhaps showing some of the visual aids from the wiki on the first post would help? I feel like the github wiki is actually relatively complete, just problematic in that nobody reads github wikis.
  6. The mechanic is that the higher mass increases the effectiveness of the GMU. If you build a class-e asteroid into your station you can run your LB100 in low Eve orbit. The EC cost offsets this advantage. 1500 tons is the target heavy mass I used when calibrating it.
  7. I am, but if you got it to spit out a valid bodies.ini file with that modset then I should be able to use that in lieu of generating my own. Do you happen to have it still?
  8. I don't see any obvious error messages but I'll include a full dump of the log it made during the attempt: [LOG 17:19:21.187] [KSPTOT Connect] accepted connection [0] from IP: [LOG 17:19:21.188] [KSPTOT Connect] new connection [LOG 17:19:21.259] [KSPTOT Connect] [CONNECTION][0][READING] received complete message head [LOG 17:19:21.259] [KSPTOT Connect] [CONNECTION][0][READING] data Size: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.260] [KSPTOT Connect] message from [0]: GetCelestialBodyData n 0 [LOG 17:19:21.261] [KSPTOT Connect] about to handle msg [LOG 17:19:21.265] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Sun [LOG 17:19:21.266] [KSPTOT Connect] Sun: 9 [LOG 17:19:21.266] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Sun [LOG 17:19:21.266] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Earth [LOG 17:19:21.267] [KSPTOT Connect] Earth: 40 [LOG 17:19:21.267] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Earth [LOG 17:19:21.268] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Mercury [LOG 17:19:21.268] [KSPTOT Connect] Mercury: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.269] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Mercury [LOG 17:19:21.269] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Venus [LOG 17:19:21.269] [KSPTOT Connect] Venus: 38 [LOG 17:19:21.270] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Venus [LOG 17:19:21.270] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Callisto [LOG 17:19:21.271] [KSPTOT Connect] Callisto: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.271] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Callisto [LOG 17:19:21.272] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Jupiter [LOG 17:19:21.272] [KSPTOT Connect] Jupiter: 44 [LOG 17:19:21.273] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Jupiter [LOG 17:19:21.273] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Titan [LOG 17:19:21.273] [KSPTOT Connect] Titan: 33 [LOG 17:19:21.274] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Titan [LOG 17:19:21.274] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Phobos [LOG 17:19:21.275] [KSPTOT Connect] Phobos: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.275] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Phobos [LOG 17:19:21.276] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Io [LOG 17:19:21.276] [KSPTOT Connect] Io: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.276] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Io [LOG 17:19:21.277] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Europa [LOG 17:19:21.277] [KSPTOT Connect] Europa: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.277] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Europa [LOG 17:19:21.278] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Moon [LOG 17:19:21.278] [KSPTOT Connect] Moon: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.279] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Moon [LOG 17:19:21.279] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Mars [LOG 17:19:21.279] [KSPTOT Connect] Mars: 35 [LOG 17:19:21.280] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Mars [LOG 17:19:21.280] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Deimos [LOG 17:19:21.280] [KSPTOT Connect] Deimos: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.281] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Deimos [LOG 17:19:21.281] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Ganymede [LOG 17:19:21.282] [KSPTOT Connect] Ganymede: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.282] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Ganymede [LOG 17:19:21.282] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Saturn [LOG 17:19:21.283] [KSPTOT Connect] Saturn: 43 [LOG 17:19:21.283] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Saturn [LOG 17:19:21.283] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Mimas [LOG 17:19:21.284] [KSPTOT Connect] Mimas: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.284] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Mimas [LOG 17:19:21.285] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Enceladus [LOG 17:19:21.285] [KSPTOT Connect] Enceladus: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.286] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Enceladus [LOG 17:19:21.286] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Tethys [LOG 17:19:21.287] [KSPTOT Connect] Tethys: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.287] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Tethys [LOG 17:19:21.288] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Dione [LOG 17:19:21.288] [KSPTOT Connect] Dione: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.288] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Dione [LOG 17:19:21.289] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Rhea [LOG 17:19:21.289] [KSPTOT Connect] Rhea: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.290] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Rhea [LOG 17:19:21.290] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Iapetus [LOG 17:19:21.291] [KSPTOT Connect] Iapetus: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.291] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Iapetus [LOG 17:19:21.291] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Uranus [LOG 17:19:21.292] [KSPTOT Connect] Uranus: 39 [LOG 17:19:21.292] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Uranus [LOG 17:19:21.293] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Neptune [LOG 17:19:21.293] [KSPTOT Connect] Neptune: 42 [LOG 17:19:21.294] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Neptune [LOG 17:19:21.294] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Triton [LOG 17:19:21.295] [KSPTOT Connect] Triton: 18 [LOG 17:19:21.295] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Triton [LOG 17:19:21.295] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Pluto [LOG 17:19:21.296] [KSPTOT Connect] Pluto: 18 [LOG 17:19:21.296] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Pluto [LOG 17:19:21.297] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Charon [LOG 17:19:21.297] [KSPTOT Connect] Charon: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.298] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Charon [LOG 17:19:21.298] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Vesta [LOG 17:19:21.298] [KSPTOT Connect] Vesta: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.299] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Vesta [LOG 17:19:21.299] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Lutetia [LOG 17:19:21.300] [KSPTOT Connect] Lutetia: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.300] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Lutetia [LOG 17:19:21.301] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Juno [LOG 17:19:21.301] [KSPTOT Connect] Juno: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.301] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Juno [LOG 17:19:21.302] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Ceres [LOG 17:19:21.302] [KSPTOT Connect] Ceres: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.303] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Ceres [LOG 17:19:21.303] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Pallas [LOG 17:19:21.304] [KSPTOT Connect] Pallas: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.304] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Pallas [LOG 17:19:21.304] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Ida [LOG 17:19:21.305] [KSPTOT Connect] Ida: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.305] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Ida [LOG 17:19:21.306] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Dactyl [LOG 17:19:21.306] [KSPTOT Connect] Dactyl: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.306] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Dactyl [LOG 17:19:21.307] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: ChuryumovGerasimenko [LOG 17:19:21.307] [KSPTOT Connect] ChuryumovGerasimenko: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.308] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: ChuryumovGerasimenko [LOG 17:19:21.308] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Metis [LOG 17:19:21.308] [KSPTOT Connect] Metis: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.309] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Metis [LOG 17:19:21.309] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Adrastea [LOG 17:19:21.310] [KSPTOT Connect] Adrastea: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.310] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Adrastea [LOG 17:19:21.310] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Amalthea [LOG 17:19:21.311] [KSPTOT Connect] Amalthea: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.311] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Amalthea [LOG 17:19:21.311] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Pan [LOG 17:19:21.312] [KSPTOT Connect] Pan: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.312] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Pan [LOG 17:19:21.313] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Daphnis [LOG 17:19:21.313] [KSPTOT Connect] Daphnis: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.313] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Daphnis [LOG 17:19:21.314] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Hyperion [LOG 17:19:21.314] [KSPTOT Connect] Hyperion: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.314] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Hyperion [LOG 17:19:21.315] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Phoebe [LOG 17:19:21.315] [KSPTOT Connect] Phoebe: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.315] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Phoebe [LOG 17:19:21.316] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Pandora [LOG 17:19:21.316] [KSPTOT Connect] Pandora: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.317] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Pandora [LOG 17:19:21.317] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Prometheus [LOG 17:19:21.317] [KSPTOT Connect] Prometheus: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.318] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Prometheus [LOG 17:19:21.318] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Epimetheus [LOG 17:19:21.319] [KSPTOT Connect] Epimetheus: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.319] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Epimetheus [LOG 17:19:21.319] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Janus [LOG 17:19:21.320] [KSPTOT Connect] Janus: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.320] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Janus [LOG 17:19:21.320] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Chariklo [LOG 17:19:21.321] [KSPTOT Connect] Chariklo: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.321] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Chariklo [LOG 17:19:21.322] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Halley [LOG 17:19:21.322] [KSPTOT Connect] Halley: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.322] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Halley [LOG 17:19:21.323] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Titania [LOG 17:19:21.323] [KSPTOT Connect] Titania: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.323] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Titania [LOG 17:19:21.324] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Miranda [LOG 17:19:21.324] [KSPTOT Connect] Miranda: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.325] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Miranda [LOG 17:19:21.325] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Ariel [LOG 17:19:21.325] [KSPTOT Connect] Ariel: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.326] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Ariel [LOG 17:19:21.326] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Umbriel [LOG 17:19:21.326] [KSPTOT Connect] Umbriel: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.327] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Umbriel [LOG 17:19:21.327] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Oberon [LOG 17:19:21.328] [KSPTOT Connect] Oberon: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.328] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Oberon [LOG 17:19:21.328] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Proteus [LOG 17:19:21.329] [KSPTOT Connect] Proteus: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.329] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Proteus [LOG 17:19:21.330] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Styx [LOG 17:19:21.330] [KSPTOT Connect] Styx: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.331] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Styx [LOG 17:19:21.331] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Nix [LOG 17:19:21.332] [KSPTOT Connect] Nix: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.332] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Nix [LOG 17:19:21.332] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Kerberos [LOG 17:19:21.333] [KSPTOT Connect] Kerberos: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.333] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Kerberos [LOG 17:19:21.334] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Hydra [LOG 17:19:21.334] [KSPTOT Connect] Hydra: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.335] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Hydra [LOG 17:19:21.335] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Orcus [LOG 17:19:21.335] [KSPTOT Connect] Orcus: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.336] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Orcus [LOG 17:19:21.336] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Vanth [LOG 17:19:21.337] [KSPTOT Connect] Vanth: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.337] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Vanth [LOG 17:19:21.337] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Makemake [LOG 17:19:21.338] [KSPTOT Connect] Makemake: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.338] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Makemake [LOG 17:19:21.339] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: Sedna [LOG 17:19:21.339] [KSPTOT Connect] Sedna: 0 [LOG 17:19:21.339] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: Sedna [LOG 17:19:21.340] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: PlutoCharon [LOG 17:19:21.340] [KSPTOT Connect] PlutoCharon: 6 [LOG 17:19:21.341] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: PlutoCharon [LOG 17:19:21.341] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: PlutoCharonOrbit [LOG 17:19:21.342] [KSPTOT Connect] PlutoCharonOrbit: 6 [LOG 17:19:21.342] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: PlutoCharonOrbit [LOG 17:19:21.343] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: OrcusVanth [LOG 17:19:21.343] [KSPTOT Connect] OrcusVanth: 6 [LOG 17:19:21.343] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: OrcusVanth [LOG 17:19:21.344] [KSPTOT Connect] Start Body: OrcusVanthOrbit [LOG 17:19:21.344] [KSPTOT Connect] OrcusVanthOrbit: 6 [LOG 17:19:21.344] [KSPTOT Connect] End Body: OrcusVanthOrbit [LOG 17:19:21.345] [KSPTOT Connect] Transmitting Data Of Length: 15018 [LOG 17:19:22.561] [KSPTOT Connect] Transmitting Data Of Byte Length: 120144 [LOG 17:19:22.562] [KSPTOT Connect] about to close stream [LOG 17:19:22.563] [KSPTOT Connect] about to close connection 0 [LOG 17:19:22.564] [KSPTOT Connect] Shutting down message receiving [LOG 17:19:22.564] [KSPTOT Connect] waiting for writing thread to terminate [LOG 17:19:22.565] [KSPTOT Connect] Shutting down message sending [LOG 17:19:22.566] [KSPTOT Connect] Closing socket [LOG 17:19:22.566] [KSPTOT Connect] Removing disconnected connection 0 To save you hunting, the barycentre objects are listed near the end of the stream.
  9. Sure, the sequence is: Install ModuleManager (bundled with most of the following mods). Install Kopernicus. Install Real Solar System Install Sigma Binary Install Real Solar System Expanded I was able to pull a successful bodies.ini with the first three (plus other likely inconsequential mods) installed, but after installing the latter two I was not able to make it work.
  10. I know this is sort of an edge case, but I thought I'd post it here even so. I'm running RSS, which posed no issue with the bodies.ini export until I also added the RSS Expanded pack. This pack adds a whole ton of new bodies and makes a few modifications to existing ones. With this pack, three systems are turned into binary objects - Pluto/Charon, Orcus/Vanth, and Ida/Dactyl. The KSPTOT export is failing, and I believe it is failing due to how these are implemented in the mod. The systems are modeled as being within the SoI of a barycentre, which is a dummy object. There are three barycentre objects in the mod, and three times in the ksptot.log file I see this error occurring: Read doubles from KSPTOT Connect failed: SIZE must be greater than 0. file: 'F:\Apps\v90\mcr\toolbox\shared\instrument\@icinterface\fread.m' name: 'fread' line: 163 My conjecture is that the barycentres are being modeled as objects with a size of zero, which is causing the script to object. I have a working bodies.ini for the major planets in the system, which is enough to keep me occupied, but if you happen to see an easy fix for this to allow a full export it'd make my day. The remainder of the log is here (this sequence repeats three times: Read doubles from KSPTOT Connect failed: SIZE must be greater than 0. file: 'F:\Apps\v90\mcr\toolbox\shared\instrument\@icinterface\fread.m' name: 'fread' line: 163 file: 'C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\****\mcrCache9.0\KSPTra0\helpe...' name: 'readDoublesFromKSPTOTConnect' line: 53 file: 'C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\****\mcrCache9.0\KSPTra0\helpe...' name: 'getBodiesINIFileFromKSP' line: 8 file: 'C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\****\mcrCache9.0\KSPTra0\KSPTr...' name: 'createNewBodiesFileFromKSP_Callback' line: 0 file: 'F:\Apps\v90\mcr\toolbox\matlab\guide\gui_mainfcn.m' name: 'gui_mainfcn' line: 95 file: 'C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\****\mcrCache9.0\KSPTra0\KSPTr...' name: 'mainGUI' line: 42 file: 'F:\Apps\v90\mcr\toolbox\matlab\graphics\+matlab\+graphics\+inte...' name: '@(hObject,eventdata)mainGUI('createNewBodiesFileFromKSP_Callbac...' line: 0
  11. Since I'm in a configuring mood, I've also made some edits to the various flyby contracts: Fixed the displayed/required altitude to better suit the smaller SoI of various bodies. Contracts for flybys now have altitudes appropriate to historical flybys if one occurred (although some I had to alter since NASA gets really close on their maneuvers sometimes) Changed the contract completion prerequisite for Neptunian moon flyby contracts to be Neptune, not Jupiter. Changed the prerequisite for Makemake to be a Neptune flyby rather than Mars. Added the missing flybys for Charon, Kerberos, Styx, Nix, Hydra and Sedna. Charon requires Jupiter, like Pluto. Kerberos, Styx, Nix and Hydra require both Charon and Pluto. Sedna requires Neptune. You can grab the additional files for the missing bodies only if you don't want the lower altitude limits, the higher ones should work fine (you'll just complete the contract whenever you enter the SoI).
  12. Awesome mod, thanks very much for all your work in compiling this and thanks to Guswut for the unofficial patch. At the risk of descending deeper into unofficial patchception, I've further patched Guswut's files for the nine moons of Jupiter and Saturn which had SoI radii smaller than they were. I somewhat arbitrarily set the SoI radius to be 3x the planetary radius. Those go right into the GameData/RSSExpansion folder and overwrite the existing files.
  13. I think you'd be surprised - most of the farTargets calls are only referencing the vessel, so the beacon is just there for the ride. There are two instances where the beacon is fetched from the list directly, at lines 482 and 302-306. If you package that nested foreach function where you iterate through the parts and their constituent modules into a function all of its own for general use, not only should it make it easy to provide those beacons at all three access points (the third being the farTargets population function) it probably will work better for the scenario where multiple beacons are active on one vessel. I don't think it's necessary for this bugfix, but it would be relatively easy to make it return a list and then just make sure all the function outputs are fine with multiples. In fact, the 482 instance **already** has multiple handling, it's just not functional because of the way the dictionary generates.
  14. Gravity well shouldn't make a difference, the list should be a full inventory of active non-self beacons and would then show blocked transfers as such. I suspect that the problem stems from a change to the target generation code that DBooots made to resolve a key duplication error - he predicted the possibility in a comment. The comment is line 173 in ESLDHailer.cs. This in turn seems to reflect a tendency by KSP to treat two distinct parts as identical in some cases. I have a sneaky suspicion that it has to do with some generalization it's making as part of performance optimization for unloaded craft. Solution is probably to move away from using the module itself as the far target key and instead use the parent vessel, or a unique id if that has the same problem.
  15. [quote name='iliketrains0pwned']The parts load in, but they don't seem to be working. Can anyone do a quick fix to update it?[/QUOTE]I'm kinda busy currently but I'll try to take a look at it if I have time in the next few weeks.
  16. I'm no youtuber, but I'll respond to any questions you have. First thing you want to do is find some Karborundum, since without it you can't do anything fun. By default it's not easy to get - you can mine it from Eve, Eeloo or from some asteroids. If that sounds like a pain, there are configs in the download that also make it available on Tylo, Ike, or just in the VAB if you don't want to be bothered going to get it. Second is just putting beacons up. You'll have to move them out a bit from the planet to turn them on, and once you have two beacons you can take a third ship (this ship needs an antenna) and use the beacons to move it around.
  17. Thanks for the offer, I sent you a PM with more thoughts on the matter. Reading the posts on the previous page about potential mechanics, it occurs to me that the easiest thing to do would be to temporarily control the camera into chase mode, set up the barrel-o'-blue and reflective panel, then progress forward until the camera view was inside said barrel. At that point, transit the ship, swap to the other gate with the camera in a barrel on the other side, then progress forward until the camera is on the other side of the barrel. Clean up the barrel, release camera control, done. That should be quick, maybe a second or two of elapsed time after the camera is in position. I think the mechanics are all there, but it'd be tricky to play with until you got the visual effect just right.
  18. That's a cool-looking model, although it looks more like the Tollan gate due to no symbols around the rim. Unfortunately you may have been given some false optimism, I note the person who sent you here said I had basically written the code already but that's not quite the case. It's true that my mod has the script you need to do point-to-point transit arbitrated by vehicles you're not currently flying, as well as things like line-of-sight checking and gravity wells and whatnot. What I don't have is the code that would let you know if a ship has gone through the gate or not, which is actually surprisingly hard to do. How do you define "through"? Is it as soon as any part contacts the event horizon? Is it when the center of mass is through? Figuring out the absolute coordinates of all the parts on a ship relative to the stargate is doable, but not easy. How do you detect ships that fit or won't fit through the gate and handle it appropriately? These questions involve analyzing the geometry and layout of the two vessels, which is much, much more complex than simply transposing it to another point in space. You're not the first one to think of a stargate mod, nor the first to try to adapt my code to it, but nobody that I'm aware of has made it past that hurdle. Now that I've got the PSA out of the way, though, please don't let me discourage you from trying. You have an excellent model and I don't mean to imply that the challenge is insurmountable - just that it would get pretty complex, so you should know what you're getting into. You're welcome to any code you want from my projects and I'd be happy to explain my shoddy comments or lend advice if you get stuck. You might also take a look at RoverDude's alcubierre drive for the event horizon, he made a cool-looking transparent bubbly thing for his drive and it strikes me that some of the same techniques might lend themselves to making a cool-looking event horizon within the gate.
  19. Not easily, no. The fuel usage is defined by some hardcoded equations in the mod dll. It would be easier to just make karborundum more available, which is easily accomplished by downloading the configs in the extras folder off of either Kerbalstuff or Github. There are configs that let you add Karborundum to Tylo, Dres and Ike, as well as one that just makes it tweakable in the VAB. You may also consider using K+ or FTT, which add more storage and acquisition options for fuel. Specifically, FTT has a huge whopping karborundum tank and K+ has some new extraction tools, various tanks and a solar collector.
  20. Hrm, I didn't code it with that in mind and I'd have to go through and change a lot of hardcoded references to make it work. I don't think it's something I'm going to prioritize as I haven't heard many people aside from yourself asking for greater resource flexibility in terms of which fuel the beacons use. You're free to fork and recompile the DLLs, of course, and I will keep it in mind for the longer term.
  21. Yeah, there should also be a config in that folder that just makes it tweakable in the Vab.
  22. Three ways to get it - surface of Eve, surface of Eeloo, and asteroids. If that sounds daunting there are configs in the download from (extras folder) that also make it appear on Tylo, Dres and/or Ike.
  23. There were definite numbers in mind for each beacon, yes. The difference in the formulae rises from the unit of the end product - initially Karborundum was purchaseable and the cost was supposed to be equivalent to a similarly featured rocket. Now that it is harder to get, the numbers are slightly different and I had forgotten about the adjustment. A system like what you describe is certainly possible for decrease in resources over time but it is much less doable for something like electric charge where the variables are not just time but also solar exposure and intensity as well as variable draw resulting from the beacons which also traces back to variable gravitational field strength.
  24. Minor update on Github - no release or anything, but I've resolved the conflict with AntennaRange by changing how the Hailer determines if it's active, as well as the orbital direction indicator scaling. The scaling isn't perfect, but you can at least see it in solar orbit now. Also, the spread values for how close a transfer lands to a beacon are rebalanced, and the confirmation window will throw a warning if your potential arrival zone is too close to a planetary body or its atmosphere. You can still jump, but whatever happens after that is not covered by insurance.