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  1. Sounds like you're suffering from "Too Many Options" syndrome. As you said, this started when you got a better PC, and now with so many new possibilities available you become frustrated with the sheer impossibility of playing them all at the same time. Any time you pick one game, you can't help but long for all those other's you're now "missing out" on. It's kinda similar in a way to "Programmer's Block" - A situation in which the choice of what method requires the least effort to implement ends up taking more effort than any of the alternatives. The thing that seems to w
  2. One can never have too many BoolDogs!* There'll be a bunch of ppl looking for their left arms though, but we can always set the dogs on them... There will be an absurd amount of licking - Ten thousand faces will be covered in slobber! *Not a typo; "BoolDog Games" is the name of my startup game studio. My avatar was the original logo for it. It is based on a real dog, though the arm is purely fictional - 10k of my dog would indeed result in an apocalyptic amount of face licking
  3. Thou meaneth, it can'th? Thou shalt wait a score and ten minutes or it to load! And thinketh it normal!
  4. Hey, everyone!New build today! Now you can use your joystick(s) to fly your glorious/infamous creations around! It also includes the plane in the picture above, the Hellcaster SovereignAnd I've fixed a bunch of weird bugs that were making the drag model act all weird (basically, induced drag was acting backwards - it's correct now)Get it while it's hot!
  5. "Aah, the sweet couple of seconds before I remember why I'm sleeping on the lawn..." -- H. Simpson. (unrecalled episode) "Build a man a fire and you warm him for a day, set fire to him and he'll be warm for the.rest of his life." -- Terry Pratchett (Jingo; Discworld Series)
  6. New build (Mk.1d) Just Uploaded! Here's the news: Updated Map Generator; Performance improvements, better position tracking for detail. Improved Terrain Texturing and Elevation Generators. Added Tweakable System to Parts. Added Part Selection Highlighting and Preview Effects. Added Part Reshaping Capability, aka: AeroMorphing (a complex, yet very flexible system, meant to be addon-friendly) Wing Sections may now be reshaped via Tweakables Interface when selected. Wing Section shape changes affect their flight characteristics. Wing Sections
  7. Does it have to be in space? My current project (see banner below) is basically what you describe, minus the actual part about being in space. Also, it'll take a bit of patience as I work alone before any meaningful combat may be had...or perhaps a generous donation to help get the business started? But you can build airplanes - And eventually use them for blasting other things to bit in battles not unlike those of Star Wars. I.e: Where star destroyers clash and their fighters scramble onto furious skirmish in between. Just replace "Star Destroyer" with "Massive Airship" and Space w
  8. As happens to be the case, all of them sharing the Kerman surname, is really MY fault... This was waaaaaayy back when, I think sometime in 2001-ish or even earlier than that, me and my brother were playing with model rockets and I made a little tin foil man. I called it a "Kerbo"* - Though mostly it was a random-ish combination of alien sounding syllables. This poor chap was the very first Kerbal, though I don't think he ever knew that in the few moments he existed before his very much unavoidable totally not more-than-half on purpose Grizzly explosion-bound fate.... Af
  9. Aircraft design rule of thumb: If it looks like an airplane, it should fly like and airplane. Can also be read as: An aircraft in flight handles just about as good as it looks. There's no mystical reason for there being a direct relationship between an airplane's eye-pleasing appearance and it's general airworthiness. It is all but a simple matter of proportions. It just so happens that the same geometric concordances that make an airplane wondrous to behold, are also those that make it fly properly. So the question of "Will it fly?" can have it's answer
  10. No worries mate, I guess you weren't around back in the day, but we had a whole forum section dedicated to this very kind of play. Alas, it gradually devolved into ppl being very nasty towards each other over assorted petty nonsense bickering items. All of which of course, must have seemed immensely important to them at the time. Eventually the only solution was deem the place "unfit for human habitation", then bring the whole house down and burn whatever was left upon the lot.... Long story short: This is why we can't have nice things around here....
  11. The Probe! Hail! Aye, All Hail The Probe! https://www.orbiterwiki.org/wiki/Probe It's an Orbiter meme, predating KSP by almost a decade, I think. Anyways, IIRC, long ere the first Kerbal blasted heavenwards, the ancient thusly spake: First, there was nothing, then there was The Probe! And aye! It was hailed! For all shall hail the Almighty Probe! And thus it was, and is, and ever more eternal lasting, there shall forever be The Probe! And forsooth, thence too it must be hailed! For the Mighty Probe needs not have come no
  12. Yes, I do believe that especially since the Great 2017 Extinction Event when most of the original crew went their own separate ways, I just might be now the most ancient of all active forum users. My user ID is really 9, as can be seen on the link preview when you hover my avatar. This means there are only 8 people who could possibly have joined before I did, one of these is my brother (HarversteR, you know him, made the game and all...) - He hasn't been around here ever since "That Day" I don't think. Though his account is probably still active, it is safe to consider him a generally in
  13. Python doesn't count - that stuff with the tabs and no braces is really just, weird.... Maybe I'm old-school, but I can't do away with being able to freely indent my code - I like to have my identifiers line up vertically so I can do the "alt+select, then type in multiple lines at the same time" trick whenever possible... My favourite language is C++, I really like how it never sacrifices flexibility in exchange for features designed to allow programmers to do their jobs poorly *cough* Java *cough* But, these days, it is kinda on the aged side of the hill, lackin
  14. Actually, once you learn your first programming language, most others come on quite easily... Quite enough so that learning another programming language in a single day is really not that uncommon. Some languages however are indeed alien enough that they require a lot more effort to wrap one's brains around... C++ is one that makes sense only after one has become familiar with C. Anyways - learning programming is really not a finite event as much as it is a way of life. One does not ever "finish" learning that kinda stuff - Even with decades of experience, every now and
  15. Can SuperMan even catch such bugs? I mean, he's technically not really "human". Also, he's an illegal immigrant, as far as those things go.... I mean, dogs for instance can't catch most human diseases. And that's simply for them being dogs, not even super or anything... I reckon a far superior creature from another planet who just so happens to look exactly like a human being (albeit one who wears his underpants atop his trousers) wouldn't be subject to puny human maladies. In any case, SuperMan is totally not helping out with the pandemic - Like, what the
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