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  1. Another build today! Mk.1f4-NT is now live! Bunch of bugs got fixed on this one - simulation feels lots more cromulent! Game is still free, so please keep telling people about it so that one day this may become a real thing that I can make a living from... I wouldn't have the gall to charge for it until more game-making features (like things to shoot at and get shot by) are in - Until then, it's all about spreading the word.
  2. For the last few days it's been "Born Bad" by The Gone Jackals Many folks will know this tune from "Full Throttle"
  3. Yeah, it'll be up on steam when the time comes for it to enter official "early access" and pre-order phase. For now there's not enough game to justify asking ppl for money yet - But I plan on having it grow out of that infancy sometime this year. Then there'll be a free demo version and the option to pre-order the full game, and it'll go the same way as KSP with regular updates and all. He's actually my identical twin brother, though I like to think I'm the better looking one.
  4. Now with constant-speed propellers! https://www.motorwings.net/updates Still free for now! Only cost is please tell everyone who will listen (or can be held in place with rope or something) about it so that we can build up a proper playerbase. Enjoy! Now hear this: I will grant players who make videos showcasing the game, it's concept and potential, the title "Media Partner" and with it, a free copy with all updates and future expansion packs when it becomes a commercial product. This offer stands as long as it takes to make it popular. The Moto
  5. Aye, mate, most of this is in the plans in a way, at some point or other along development. Flying boats especially, given the nature of Outlandish* infrastructure. Not sure about the computer, though - It's a bit of a stretch from the central concept, but definitely a modding possibility I'll make sure to provide for. *The world of MotorWings is called "The Outlands" - It's a very fragmentary frontier land, where every homestead and it's outhouse may claim itself a sovereign kingdom at a whim's notice. The state of public transportation facilities in such a place is pretty much wha
  6. My Bulldog says "What do you mean 'if' ?!"
  7. I'll confirm that Crimson Skies does indeed run on Windows 10 (there's a patch, use XP compatibility mode) - I have it installed on two computers and it runs perfectly fine. Only the startup MS logo plays weird and the initial loading screen gets mangled a bit, but everything else runs quite well and at super-smooth framerates unthinkable back when it was a hot new title. I've never played ther xbox sequel, perhaps mostly due to me never having owned an xbox.... Anyways, a few more parts added today: Also gave the old runway a good revamp, with an overlay arran
  8. I think the fuzz is to obfuscate the names of these boats, as it could cause Image Usage Rights trouble with their owners on publication.... Same reason for Google blurring out car license plates and people's faces on Street View. It's amazing the kind of mess one can get himself into by having people unknowingly featured in photographs. This is mostly if you sell or present your pictures in some very much public way - For personal everyday use, it's usually fine and nobody cares
  9. Or do like me, make yourself a game developer and then you can start calling it your "career"
  10. Duun Duun | Duun Dun-Dun-Dun | Duun Duun | Duun Dun-Dun-Dun | Duun Duun | Duun Duuh | Duuuun... Notation: each "u" in dun represents a whole beat note, dashes indicate tuplets; "|" separates bars
  11. I'm pretty pleased with how that one turned out. Got kinda carried away there - But hey, it's all part of the game! It's actually a screenshot from the game itself that I took, then I started editing it and stuff, then one thing led to another and next thing I know I'm "Hey it's daylight outside again? When did that happen?" So I had to make myself stop before either my mouse or wrist broke down... I like drawing explosions and such... Fly safe out there!
  12. Some bugs to fix, but that's how the next build should look like
  13. That wasn't him. I think I remember that episode too - "Felipe" is just a really common name, that's all (It's just the Latin variant of "Phillip") The furthest north either of us have been is just around Vancouver. That's the only part of Canada where people still find snow a pretty morning sight, rather than refer to it as "that white sh..." I think also that episode was aired some time before he left Squad, I loosely recall seeing it some time between 2014 and 2016. That was one year too soon for that theory in any case. Am I an old man for remembering how historicall
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