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  1. I seem to have run into a problem where the game has decided that the shuttle is the casino. I've tried to fix it but I can't find how it identifies which vessel is the casino.
  2. I just tried without DSEV and it still glitches out.
  3. I've removed all mods except DSEV for power and Hyperedit. If I hit quicksave and quickload during warp, it will result in a static fluorescent green bubble. When not using warp, if I go to any other vessel, quickload, or go to Space Center, then come back, the warp drive will just not activate. The engine will still produce thrust, but no warp, or bubble either.
  4. My proposal is to instead of when vessels dock their respective parts lists intermingle, they are placed into a sub-category, something like "component". It would make it much easier to forcibly separate craft after a kerbal gets the idea to put Space-Krazy-Glue on the docking port. VESSEL { pid = 2 ... name = Example Composite Vessel ... ORBIT { ... } [b]COMPONENT[/b] { pid = 0 ... componentid = 0 name = Example 0 ... PART { ... } PART { ... } PART { name = dockingPortLarge cid = 4283826400 uid = 01 ... MODULE { name = ModuleDo
  5. I've noticed a typo in the Supernova's config file, the pulsed fusion mode has an ISP of 25,000 instead of what the picture advertises (60,000). Also, is it just me or whenever the Supernova is upgraded the part flies off despite still being attached. Though I'm still having trouble with upgrading it, it just says "insufficient resources" when everything's there, so I have to edit it in the save file.
  6. TheSaint, thanks, I was hoping to hear from someone who has tried this. My reasons are wanderlust, I love their music, architecture, and when I do start a family it would be in a better place than here. I've seen and heard far too much to be comfortable here, I don't want my future children to deal with the issues I've had to. I have a handful of friends who were forced to quit for the simple offense of going to church on the wrong day (there are loopholes in the laws). On top of that, my demographic is tied with the most hated in America (oddly there is a PubMed article on it) and I don't
  7. Thanks for the info, unfortunately the closest embassies for the countries I'm thinking about is about 3,000 driving miles away. I guess I'll try the town hall first (I've got a bit of a phone phobia that I've not been able to get rid of yet). United States. Oregon to be more precise on location.
  8. The only jobs available here pay so little that one needs to be on welfare just to survive. And the political and social climates are...off-putting you could say. Currently I am considering Denmark primarily, Sweden and Norway are the runner-ups (I'd consider others too). My only problem with Denmark is purely geographical (its too flat). I understand that moving to a different country can be very difficult. Which is why I plan on going as a student to make the transition smoother. Not as an exchange student though, since I'm not planning on returning to my current country. This is the fir
  9. Right click on the part in the catalog in the VAB or SPH. It says 10k Rocket parts and 600 Science Points IIRC.
  10. Thanks, I didn't see that info. I have tried to attach the rocket parts, but the "upgrade engine" option didn't come up. Could that be due to being in sandbox mode (I usually test designs in sandbox)
  11. I cannot seem to change the fuel mode for the Supernova Fusion Engine. When changed in the VAB it just resets, and there is no button in flight.
  12. I would like to propose adding visibility to a Kerbal's stats in-flight. The same stats visible in the Astronaut Complex.
  13. This is definitely inspired by Macey Dean's series, as it takes place in the same universe, and in the same time as Macey's series. My story has 3 parts to it that I'd like to divide into seasons, but I'm having a bit of trouble with insufficient content. I would definitely appreciate input (especially from other Youtubers/storywriters). The company, Astrotech (name still in-the-air) is a small company with a big dream to develop interstellar capable technology, but is caught in the crossfire between the two mega-companies, and has to deal with the changing political climate. Assets Ideas Th
  14. This is where all of my obsolete ships go to be preserved for posterity. Currently only the first generation research frigates are retired.
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