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  1. So I decided to build this miracle. It went brilliantly, until most of the engines came off.
  2. Apologies for the long title, but I didn't want it to be misleading. Scientists in Scotland will attempt to use light to simulate the conditions around a black hole using light, as part of a research scheme to see how energy and matter interact. Some articles on the matter: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/british-scientists-to-create-black-holes-8198002.html http://uk.news.yahoo.com/scientists-create-black-holes-151942948.html Just thought it would interest people here. We're not actually going to die, are we?
  3. mincespy

    Liked Total Annihilation? Then you'll love this!

    I had an idea for a game similar to that some time ago. Must. Learn. How to program. Now.
  4. mincespy

    [Video] The Munolith

    How do you get the camera to not focus on the spacecraft, but to do awesome camera angles instead? I must know.
  5. mincespy

    Kommunity Guidance Bureau - Moderator Recruitment Open

    Rule 3. I am dissapointed. Who's to say that there can't be a 14 year old that's as mature as a 18 year old? Seriously.
  6. How's the testing the Titans going? Also, Luigi, you're going to need to fix the BBCode in the OP.
  7. mincespy

    Google picture war!

    Still this, because there is no way that can beat an Imperator Titan. Read the article.
  8. mincespy

    Engage in a conversation using one word per post only

  9. mincespy

    [FORUM GAME] The tall skyscraper game.

    You run back up to 123. You find á+?íí?ýáýššš===%.
  10. mincespy

    FUUUUUUU Pictures in KSP

    I think this may violate forum rules about spam...
  11. mincespy

    Official 2012 Olympics Thread

    The US is also the reason why it was so late at night, it\'s so it would be midday in the US at the time of the opening ceremony (more people would be watching), and the US could make money from advertising. Tragic, isn\'t it?
  12. 6/10 Baseball Bats. (And btw, my avatar is the symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus)