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  1. Nice! Can't wait to glue those all over my rockets again. EVA feels so pointless now, without KAS.
  2. I think modded variants of the default solar panels would be great. Just make em so they do not produce any power but in turn radiate more heat.
  3. The probably thought that the rubber-variant of the standard spacehelmet looked more fashionable...
  4. Well if that bothers you, why don't you simply change ur difficulty settings and scale down the heating effects?
  5. That really depends on the type of people. Some enjoy challenges and love to dig into things to figure out how everything works. Yet others prefer to get showered with achievements that tell them how awesome they are, just for picking their nose. Patience is also becoming are rare quality nowadays. What really annoys me, are people wo do not even take the time to look at the key-bindings (or better yet, to adjust them to their liking) before jumping into a game and then run around asking other people which key does what. (an attitude which I simply can't get into my mind... but some people seem to like it that way)