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  1. Thank you all! Just had some experiments transferred via (science) relay to the lab. Smoothly. :-) Oh, and DMagic: Thanks for the awesome-plus-plus mods of yours.
  2. Thank you all. I got it. The way it is handled in vanilla I find strange. Why build a rover or a probe if one has to send a Kerbal after it to gather the science? Anyway, I will give Science Relay a try. If I am not mistaken, Remote Tech shuts off/replaces CommNet, so I will have to see whether those two work together. Thanks for the advice to put a command unit to the lab. For sure I had not done so :-)
  3. Thanks all for your answers. Unfortunately, I am more confused now. Let's use the following scenario: I drop a rover on a planet and let it do some experiments, i.e. with the thermometer. How do I get that to the lab, assuming the rover is just that and not a rover with a rocket strapped to it. Can I transfer the experiment points to a probe in orbit? Will I have to "dock" the rover to a base on the same planet, orbit that "base" and fly it back to the lab? I take it no 3 or bewing's answer is just what I do when sending science points directly from the probe with the thermometer to KSC? Will the mod "Science Relay" help with transferring experiment data from the rover?
  4. Hi all, Got into KSP after a long pause. I plan to use the science lab this time and read that science needs to be transferred either via EVA or docked craft. Is there no way to transfer science from a probe via relay to the science lab? I am using Remote Tech mod to control my probes, so I already have a nice com sat network I could use... if possible of course. Thanks!
  5. Thank you very much. It currently says for 0.21.x, will there be an update of the mod? Unfortunately I could not find the forum topic for that particular mod.
  6. Hello, I was quite sure that there were some functional docking ports somewhere hidden in the depth of the Spaceport, but I cannot find these parts. Am I wrong or can someone please point me into the right direction? I'd like to integrate these docking ports into my new rocket to make an Apollo-style mission to Mun. Thank you very much.