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  1. I also think that some parts may need some slight balancing (Although this was fun, so I'm not quite sure). With B9 Procedural wings and Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, I put wings on a small ship I built and replaced the 3 normal engines on it (2 for forwards and 1 reverse, all thrust limited) with a single center-mounted submarine water jet on the rear. I was able to get that ship to orbit and safely back down to Kerbin without any damage.
  2. Some things to note: 1. The default sever info in the modpack is not correct. 2. It seems that several mods are missing from the modpack. I was able to get the correct info for the server from the facebook page (I would recommend putting that info here so people can find it easily), but It seems that Spanner's Broomsticks, Rovers and Roadsters (I think that was it) and some mod that adds a Halo Falcon (?) (really have no idea what mod that would be or why it is even on here).
  3. The thing about the sub disintegrating is that I was still a good few kilometers away from the coast. I did EVA the Kerbal through that waterline door, but the kerbal couldn't climb aboard. EDIT: The new patch seem to have fixed the issues mentioned in previous posts, and probably fixed the disintegration one.
  4. I created a clean new save for the mod, so that sub was the only active vessel there was, although the revert issue was when I had a kerbal EVA out of the Crew Cabin and fall into the water unable to get back on board, and tried to revert while focused on the kerbal. I also forgot to mention that the underwater camera, autokeel and autobuoy, and animations for the diesel generator do not work but the no thrust above water does. There is also no air intake in the conning tower, and in an earlier attempt while manually keeping the sub submerged it randomly disintegrated, the log saying it splashed down hard and was destroyed.
  5. I've noticed that this doesn't work properly for me. My list of mods is E.V.E. (With Avg's cloud pack), the Firespitter plugin included with this pack, KJR, KerbinSide, the Sub Pack itself, Ship Effects, and Stock Bugfix modules. When I Hyperedit the sub I built to the water, I get a message on the screen saying "Time Warp Claw Bug, Quicksave and Restart Now!" (presumably from stock bufix modules), despite not having any non-submarine pack mods on the craft and not using time warp. Next, the ingame log is spammed with a message saying the file MPlog.dat (or something like that) in the PluginData folder cannot be found, and if I try to revert the game the game locks up, the revert menu is broken, and when I opened my ingame log (that still worked, but I couldn't scroll through it) there were a bunch of Null Reference errors. I tried to put the log in a spoiler here, but due to the sheer amount of spam, it was 850k-900k+ characters, and my web browser freaked out and when it finally loaded I couldn't post because the character limit on the forums is 100k characters.
  6. I believe that the Pre-Porkjet Mk2 parts were also very similar to the Mk2 parts in B9 as well, though I may be wrong since this is all from memory.
  7. I think that it is possible to do a RB squad with a friend as long as the countries are on the same side (Allies/Axis). I don't know if this si right though, as it has been a very long while since I played WT Aircraft and a few days since playing at all, and that was a CB.
  8. Regarding the helmet issue: why not use the transparent pod module that RPM includes? I know it is possible to have it where the kerbals don't wear helmets.
  9. One thing to note is that I remember that in the movie, the normal rover only has 4 wheels and the 6 wheel one was actually just a trailer put on the end for the other batteries. I may be wrong, but I think that is correct.
  10. It may just be me, but the new size for the 38 cm SK C/34 seems a bit too big. Putting it next to the Yamato turret in the SPH, the turrets are around the same size (no idea if this is accurate) but the guns on it definitely seem to be bigger visually then the ones on the Yamato turret, which definitely is not right.
  11. If you're looking for some good landing gear I'd recommend BahamutoD's Adjustable Landing Gear. Has three different sizes, with only the largest size (four wheel setup) not having steering. They are also customizable, so the same part can fit a variety of roles.
  12. The problem I'm having isn't that parts are not appearing but that the clipper deck adapter likes to overheat and explode, especially when there are a lot of them together.
  13. I think my problem may be related to the fact that I am running the last pre-release version of the new parts, not the actual release version even though I remember it being said redownloading was not required.
  14. I'd like to report a bug that I've been having issues with but have not seen reported here before. It seems that the clipper deck adapter likes to randomly overheat like I've heard cubic octagonal struts like to do in stock (I use stock bugfix modules). This issue only happened on my paddle-replica of the USS Langley, probably because it used a ton of them for the runway. This issue actually led to it's demise when I turned on physics warp while testing Lack's nuclear ramjet within physics range of the KSC. The crew survived, but the entire runway was separated from the ship.
  15. I think two of the big reasons are A. Kinda hard to do quality control to keep people from just upvoting random things B. Making sure that it's impossible for a mod to be exclusive to a community like steam and C. The fact that last I checked .dll files were not supported by workshop, and most plugin mods use them.
  16. I'm going to test turning off the front canards on my Pluto test design to see if that helps with the turning issue. I myself have never actually had any parts explode from overheating. I think the highest temp I ever got the non-engine parts was about halfway to max temperature. The cockpit I am using ATM is Beale's stockalike X-1.
  17. I think that Pluto works relatively well. After doing testing, second flight of Mk1 design got up to 1,167 m/s (compared to 908 m/s on previous flight) and Mk2 (same as Mk1 but with some fixed wings so that it didn't need to go stupidly fast to hold altitude) got up to 1,090 m/s before heading back to KSC. I find that it tends to bleed a ton of speed in turns, but I think this is just due to the design having winglets on the rear and canards on the front, allowing it to turn ridiculously fast. EDIT1: AFter doing some conversions 1,167 m/s is around Mach 3.4, and 1,090 m/s is around Mach 3.2. These speeds were obtained at high altitudes (12-16 Km) though. The Mk2 got up to 800 m/s (Mach 2.3) at lower altitude (around 6 km) after losing speed during the turn to get back to KSC, though I believe I could have gotten it back up to those higher speed if I climbed again.
  18. I just want to point out that this thread was dead for two years before today, and comparing the thread creation date to the version history on the wiki, these tests were done in 0.21.1 (maybe 0.21). I highly doubt that it is still accurate.
  19. I found that after I turned around to head back to KSC that it couldn't get up to speed again to keep itself from falling back into the thicker atmosphere, albeit very slowly. I think the speed at which it was flying most of the to the KSC was around 250-280 m/s. According to the F3 Mission Log the highest speed achieved over land was 908 m/s, and the generic highest speed achieved 1,500 m/s. My design doesn't land, so I just use the Vangaurd EVA parachutes (which somehow have yet to break despite not being updated for several major updates) to have the pilots jump out and have the aircraft crash into the ocean.
  20. The new download does work. I'm currently testing a vertically launched design using 4 RT-10s (winglets did not allow 2 BACCs).
  21. Well, I downloaded project pluto and it isn't showing up in the parts list (in Sandbox). I tried changing stuff in the config like category to parts that i know work (KAX engines) but that didn't work.
  22. Some Names I came up with: *** Humphrey Chaffington *** Charles Kottendorf *** Geoff Churchill *** = your equivalent to stuff like USS or HMS (Example: HMS Humphrey Chaffington).
  23. My idea for the stacks on the Paddle-CV I planing on creating was to simply angle them so that they don't get in the way of aircraft, though a setup similar to the USS Langley would be interesting.
  24. I've noticed that attempting to use the CVE deck parts on top of the paddlewheeler quarters with adapters on top doesn't quite work. If you have it all the normal deck peice it fits together fine, but the stern ends up with a little gap between it and the deck section in front of it, and the bow clips into the deck section behind it a bit too.
  25. I wonder if the home planet for the old species mentioned here was the inspiration for Eeloo in some way? It depends on if Nova came up with the idea before Eeloo was created, but the two planets seem to be kinda-similar. Eeloo is in a orbit around the sun quite far out, is covered in ice, and has a very thin atmosphere.
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