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  1. Wrong forum, but Hooligan Labs Airships should be what you're looking for. However I'm not sure if it works in the latest KSP version atm;, it says 0.25 in the thread.
  2. I think I might just have accepted an espionage mission... The problem is, not everyone has the kind of supercomputer required to run a station like that, nevermind the lifter to get it into orbit. I agree this would be nice, not only for stations but bases too. Another idea: requiring a certain electricity generation capability.
  3. Alternatively, you can try the Kerbal Attachment System mod, which allows you to connect ground bases together by laying pipes between them on EVA. It is perfect for this kind of thing.
  4. I'm getting a strange bug. At certain times, the buildings in the KSC overview become unresponsive. I can still move the camera around and interact with GUI items normally, but moving the mouse over KSC buildings doesn't highlight them and clicking on them does nothing. The single exception to this is the flagpole. My modlist is large, so this might be caused by a conflict with some other mod (and took me ages to pin down) but adding or removing TimeControl to the installation "enables"/removes the bug. I can reliably replicate it by doing the following steps: start KSP load or create a save
  5. I was planning to do both, but if I'd only accepted one of them at a time, the other one would probably have expired.
  6. Still one of my favourite part packs. Small rocket parts are something hardly any other pack provides, and the new monopropellant engines are lovely too
  7. What kind of magic supercomputer are you using? Cause I'm not sure if I'd get multiple frames per minute if I loaded that ship on mine.
  8. Whoops. I just put a contracted base on Minmus, but I also had a Kerbin orbital station contract in my list and after landing the base I realized that it accidently fulfilled the station contract on the way. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
  9. "Neutralize controls" is regarded as completed when the player timewarps, even if SAS is still turned on. Not sure if that's intended or not, but it recently led to me completing a satellite deployment contract before I was actually done circularizing my orbit. The perfectionist in me complained
  10. Yeah, the F119 is definitely good for maneuverability and efficient subsonic engines make sense too. It's just that the D-30F7 takes long to change throttle, eats more fuel than the nerfed TurboJet and goes less than 100m/s faster, so I'm not sure where its niche is.
  11. Oh okay, so users of NEAR and FAR cannot get to Mach 7 already. I had assumed the FAQ were adressed at them, since that's already listed as a prerequisite now. Hmm then which applications would you say the D-30F7 and the (nerfed) stock TurboJet respectively are best for right now, compared to the F119 and to each other?
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