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  1. Spaceship Endurance: The Anywhere Lander

    MJ, KER?
  2. Spaceship Endurance: The Anywhere Lander

    Hold My. Beer.
  3. Hi again! We just put a Kerbal in space. And by "We" I mean @53miner53. Generation 2 rocket design is starting NOW. Come join us! >> ONE OF US << (Discord direct invite)
  4. The Flea Jump Challenge

  5. heaviest vtol ever

    Hold my beer.
  6. Kerbal Capitalism Program

    @Thor Wotansen -- When development gen 2 starts.
  7. Kollaborative Challenge

    Technically a Mission idea, but this forum is called Challenges and Mission ideas. Hold my beer.
  8. Kerbal Capitalism Program

    @MajorMushroom -- Very, very carefully. Also, PPs get paid yearly by the government for their satellites.
  9. Kerbal Capitalism Program

    @James M -- Join the PC master race!
  10. Kerbal Capitalism Program

    Uhhh...... Kerbucks are not exchangeable for real money?
  11. Kerbal Capitalism Program

    @cratercracker, We have a sort of hastily-made-in-paint icon, but if you want to make a better one, we would be honored
  12. Kerbal Capitalism Program

    So, remember Emulating real life in Kerbal Space Program by @TheEpicSquared from the way-back-when of April? It's back. This time, we're calling it the "Kerbal Capitalism Program" to distinguish it from the old one. With the new-fangled technology like Discord and GitHub! 2017-10-06 | We're staying on 1.3 for a bit until the mods are updated. >> Sign me up, Scotty! << WOBSITE MODLIST | SAVEFILE ROLE INFORMATION HOW TO PLAY LINKS
  13. The Solid Plane

    Hold my beer!
  14. Hands-Off PLC Rocket

    Hold my beer.
  15. Airlifting Challenge (AirplanePlus recommended)

    (1) The given savefile is focused on an asteriod in deep space (2) the crafts in it seem to have parts from BDA. So... fix pls?