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  1. The "Untitled 1" SSTO coming today or tomorrow soon to a spaceport near you!
  2. Pff, they were just extra mass. I didn't need them; it flew fine after.
  3. Yep, I know. Just checking if i needed to not explode those bits.
  4. Is this an acceptable landing?
  5. Is also blacksilver

  6. No idea, @Skylon. I just worked. erm, I mean @StupidAndy. Brain on holiday.
  7. Be careful: I don't think kOS has been updated for 1.3 yet. Jul 09/17: It's updated.
  8. @Uace24, go crazy starting a RSS version once we get a seperate forum set up for this. Delegation! @rockets-don't-make-toast, @TheEpicSquared is MIA again (hasn't responded to PMs for a week). No idea what the progress on the new forum is.
  9. Xyzzy aerospace LOOKITUP
  10. @White Owl, try putting a decoupler in the nose? Wait, wouldn't decoupling the nose to move the CoL aft make the plane a lawn dart that wants to go forwards?
  11. PM away. I had no intention of not crediting you with the original idea ALSO: I came up with some possible other names that sound better: Kerbal economics program Kerbal capitalism program Kerbal politics program
  12. @quasarrgames, Yeah. If I'm hosting, I'll do launches way more frequently. I've been waiting weeks for the Xsat1 launch since: