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  1. ► Download Chaka Monkey 161 ◄ Chaka the monkey supports Test Shot Starfish: https://soundcloud.com/testshotstarfish/tracks Chaka Monkey Exploration Odyssey is a space program based on NASA and Boeing proposals for future missions. Part models from a wide variety of authors have been licensed, and new original models made, then combined with all new textures, sizes and configurations, to create craft files depicting the proposed missions. This project is modeled at 75% real scale.
  2. Chaka is going on an important mission https://teespring.com/stores/chaka-monkey
  3. Update and exciting news soon. Chaka Store open. https://teespring.com/stores/chaka-monkey
  4. Chaka Monkey 160 According to our tests the next version of Chaka is ready for 1.6 If you would like to beta test the next update before release, please PM for the link Yeah fixed
  5. "Dear Chaka, In the next update can we haz a carbon ablative interstage for the AMLV series?" Yup
  6. Great! The idea is to assemble the vehicle and turn off fuel consumption on all the tanks except the center one, then burn it out completely to get the fastest transfer speed possible. Once spent, the vehicle splits by un docking into the 3 sections, and the center drop tank can be discarded. Once out of the way, the drive section and habitation section can re dock and complete the mission. Cheers!
  7. ► Chaka Monkey Evolution ◄ Your desire to explore is sold here ► Chaka Monkey Exploration Systems 1.4.3 SpaceDock Download ◄ Click here to "Get Monkey"
  8. AMLV - Orion II & AMLV - Exploration Habitat Orion "Returns to Flight" with 1.4.3 certification
  9. Because we love you guys... Chaka 1.4.X Beta Test Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/lf082752sj46uhn/CHAKA 14X Beta.zip?dl=0 Enjoy; we're fully booked IRL to finish the update but you are welcome to the work as it stands tonight
  10. AMLV Orion II & MLS - Orion Exploration System Okay so we've talked about an expanded diameter reusable Falcon 9 system paired with Orion, now lets look at some applications. Here we are pairing the reusable system with MLS, EUS ( TALUS ) and the venerable “Observatory Lander” to provide extended mission lunar exploration. Presumably the lander would offer it's own return to orbit capability based on the expanded delta V pool of the related systems to get it on the Munar ground with minimal use of on-board prop. Assembly altitude is 500 Km with initial Orion circularization at Chaka s
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