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  1. Oops. I thought I'd try to complete another challenge at the same time (and partially recreate an earlier mission I flew in January). However, I forgot to read the instructions carefully, and accidentally left all my kerbals in orbit. Also, I'm not 100% sure if this counts as an "aircraft". I suppose I could try to land the upper stage on the carrier too, since it does have parachutes. Getting the aim right might take some work, though. Let's just say that, even with RCS control on the lower stage, the F9 key got quite a bit of use. (FWIW, I do have video of the whole flight, including all the reloads. Hopefully this time it even has a two-digit FPS rate, since I'm playing on a slightly better laptop than when I flew the Falcon Heavy mission. It still probably needs a bit of editing, though.)
  2. Here's a save I made with @Lucast0909's original carrier placed just about exactly 75 km due east of the launch pad (by straight-line distance, so a little more as measured over Kerbin's non-flat surface). I made it using KSP v1.4.5 with the Making History DLC enabled; let me know if there are any compatibility issues. I also had KER and Vessel Mover installed (the latter just for this challenge; that carrier indeed doesn't fly worth ****, not even with gravity hacked down to 1% of normal), but those shouldn't hopefully affect the save in any way. Here's a screenshot of the carrier in place, with the target set to a Stayputnik sitting on the launch pad. Have fun!
  3. Exactly. In fact, if I had some more spare fuel, I suspect that a SpaceX style vertical tail landing on the jet engine might be possible. I haven't actually tried it out in practice, though.
  4. I know it's late, but I didn't manage to reach orbit with this thing when I first tried it yesterday. It's a five part LF-only SSTO. I first tried making a four part one, but it turns out that none of the inline intakes carry quite enough fuel, so I had to add a separate fuel tank. Even then, there's a pretty narrow range where the vessel is light enough for a single Whiplash engine to take off and push it supersonic quickly enough, but still carries enough spare fuel for the nuke to finish the orbital insertion (which takes about 1000 to 1400 m/s of delta-v, depending on how much speed you manage to pick up before the jet flames out). Flying it properly is a bit tricky, but I did finally manage to put it in orbit: More screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/mH7Mozh Craft file here: https://pastebin.com/C6tsnQVP Maybe this'll at least qualify for a honorable mention.
  5. I see your Spruce Goose and raise you this: Unfortunately, it's not quite finished. While it flies just fine (except for a mysterious and annoying, but fairly easily correctable, tendency to roll to the left), it floats a bit too deep in the water and can't actually take off from the surface. Also, the head tends to come off when landing in water. Unfortunately I probably won't have time to work on this design any more before next weekend, at the earliest, so I'll just leave this half-finished thing here for now.
  6. I really liked @XLjedi's inflatable boat design, so I decided to make one myself: Final time: 13:03 No video this time, unfortunately, but I did post a bunch of screenshots and commentary on imgur: https://imgur.com/a/FMZxuDu Also, here's the craft file, in case anyone else wants to give it a try: https://pastebin.com/3XujHQFd For maximum speed on water, press 1 to activate some flaps that stabilize it by adding a bit of extra lift to the front. Remember to turn them off again after returning to land, or you're likely to find yourself doing an unexpected backflip. To be honest, this design could probably use more engines. The single Juno is enough to push the boat up to over 60 m/s on flat ground (and to make it take off vertically, if you give it a chance), but on Kerbin's treacle-like water it only tops off at a little over 20 m/s. Ps. I must confess that, just like XLJedi, I also managed to briefly lose contact with the ground while climbing up the slope to the summit. Not on the same terrain edge, though. I even managed to grab a screenshot for evidence to self-incriminate myself with: I hope that still counts.
  7. I was talking about this leap at the summit. But as I said, I feel it's still within the spirit of the rules, if not quite their letter.
  8. Nice work! I think you technically broke rule 2 a little there near the end, at about 12:35 in the video. But while I can't speak for the OP, I would certainly personally let that slide.
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    Be cool, jump the pool !

    I assume this counts (yes, I did land it intact):
  10. To be fair, it was only added quite recently. (MechJeb's had a similar feature for longer, though.)
  11. Wait, 100 km? Not 70 km? So we're actually allowed to go temporarily into LKO, as long as we stay below 100 km ASL? (Never mind that, going by the original definition, Kerbin's Kármán line would probably be somewhere closer to 40 km or so. I haven't actually done the math, and in any case the original formula involves a couple of somewhat fuzzy factors that basically depend on the aerodynamic characteristics of the hypothetical vehicle being considered, but both the slightly lower atmospheric scale height and the significantly smaller radius would tend to push Kerbin's Kármán line lower than Earth's.) I would hope that's OK, especially if informational mods like KER (which can display a predicted landing spot marker and its coordinates, among other things) are also allowed.
  12. All I see in the middle of your screenshot is a Kerbal on EVA and a bunch of rocket engines scattered on the ground (which, admittedly, do give the place a rather nice and stylish ambiance ). Which of those is the entertainment? That said, I do already have an idea for "something fun" to build. Now I just need to decide how to best get it to Minmus. I could go either the semi-realistic way (with in-orbit assembly and possibly multiple launches) or the Kerbal way (a single ridiculously overpowered launcher with a blatant disregard for aerodynamics). Both have their up and down sides. Hmm...
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    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Right-click the image and select "copy image URL".
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    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Just copy and paste the image URL (the one that ends in .jpg or .png) here, and it will be automatically embedded.