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  1. I tend to see the stations and bases as investments - you might make a loss on the initial contract but take some science equipment and an antenna with you and if you ever need science from around kerbal you already have the infrastructure there to for-fill that contract. I tend to get those contracts turn up every now and then - accept them - switch to the station - perform them - get the contract and go back to see what else I have. Same with a base on mun or duna - you'll always get those contracts to plant a flag on mun or perform a crew report on duna - you already have the base there so its just a matter of popping out a kerbal to do whats needed.
  2. the persist file is just a text file so theres nothing stopping you from using windows normal backup system and just get it to back up that every ten minutes. Its not impossible to set up a batch file to do it too if you prefer. Also there are a few free 3rd party programs that can do it too.
  3. for fuel transfer issues I would recommend either the or Goodspeeds mod is far simpler and uses priories to move the fuel around (ie if you set a tank to 6 and another to 1 the fuel will always drain from 6 to 1) for the engine issues would action groups help at all - you could set key 1 to toggle one engine and key 2 to toggle another then just hitting them will change that. I'm not sure if you could bind an action group to reduce or increase thrust limits - of if not if theres a mod for that anywhere.
  4. can imagine how this played out jeb: "I'm on the ladder ksc, over" capcom: "be careful Jeb we don't want you falling off" jeb: "ksc we have a problem I've slipped and now floating away from the capsule. I cant reach it. I'm drifting away. help. ksc" capcom: "noooooooooooooo!!" cut 2 weeks later at jebs funeral capcom: "such a shame about poor jeb" flight controller: "yeah certainly is" .... flight controller: "hey didn't he have an eva jetpack on...?" capcom: *facepalm* "frak"
  5. in 0.25 there was a category value listed in the parts cfg file but you couldn't just create a new one and it would appear as an extra icon in the VAB - you could move them from one to the other though. I'm not sure if its still there in 0.90 though.
  6. Hi guys, many thanks for the feedback - you're all pretty much saying the same thing - drop a maneuver node down pull it out past minmus orbit until the part that intersects is the right time (using a 2nd maneuver node it should say how long before it takes to get to that point and then remove it) and then pull the node around kerbin until I get an encounter. I think this should work well for mun but for minmus I might have to launch my rescue vehicle in to an orbit which matches minmus' inclination first. As for putting in an emergency hab system in orbit around minmus - that doesn't sound very kerbal but might implement that with excursions to duna or the jool system - having a spare habitation module ready and close by would be a good idea. In scifi films and books when going to another star they burn the engines constantly until they are halfway to the star system then turn around and then burn to start reducing their velocity - high dv, low duration flight. Would be interesting to see if I can get a minmus encounter which would take twice as long to get there (give or take a minute to turn around) as the burn takes. Then burn out would be pretty simple but then turning around and burning retrograde might change the orbit a great deal - perhaps I could use that burn to also pull my trajectory in close to the moon so I could hug the orbit in close to the ground and land - now that would be an epic mission! - a suicide burn starting halfway between minmus and kerbin!
  7. I want to be able to do high dv transfers for instance from lko to minmus. This is so I can get to a base or station in an emergency (I have tac life support installed). Fuel saving requirements aren't important so I want a heavy burn to leave Kebal and then a heavy burn to get in to orbit when I get to the moon. However as soon as my exit trajectory leaves kerbins soi I lose my close approach markers so I can't work out if I'm getting close to an intercept. Has anyone else pulled off this manoeuvre successfully and how best do I do it?
  8. If the magnetics are kicking in then it could be... ^^ This. Otherwise is there anything blocking the ports? My work blocks imgur so if you posted a screenshot I don't see it - if you haven't can you post it so we can take a look?
  9. A year and one month in the game and I just learn this. Next you're gonna tell me that kerbals can run or look around while climbing up ladders...
  10. 255 if i remember correctly. oh and i'm gonna be that guy: The vote numbers overlap which isn't required for absolute values - which option do I choose for 25 pictures? And you're missing the option for 501 to 999... (sorry)
  11. I played 0.25 with fineprint and at first I just left them in orbit - I had about 15 in orbit around kerbin before I thought something had to be done - it was hard to drop maneuver nodes on ships when the trajectories of countless sats kept getting in the way. So I started decommissioning them - they had enough dv to deorbit so I started doing that on the older ones - then came up with the idea of leaving them there for 30 kerbin days using Kerbal Alarm Clock before deorbiting them - the idea is that the contract is for a spy sat that needed to be in that orbit for a month then to get rid of it. I've just restarted with 0.90 so started putting parachutes on them with the mind to recover them once they've been up for a month. - not sure what I'd do with Mun and Minmus sats - perhaps return them to a transporter which will bring several back home once completed maybe. Beyond Kerbin's SOI I'll probably just deorbit them in to the nearest body - not worth recovering.
  12. just look at his signature guys. look. at. it. O.o Anyone that can fly an asteroid in the atmosphere knows a thing or two about moving one!! That being said - pulling an asteroid makes more sense than pushing it even when you have the CoM nailed down. Most of my heavy transporters have the engines radially at the front of the CoM as it makes it less likely to wobble about and you could certainly place a lot of fuel tanks between your craft and asteroid without too much trouble too.
  13. As you're new to the forum have you tried any of the challenges - a fair few of those can be pretty wacky like getting to orbit and back in the quickest time produces some crazy craft. the eve ones are pretty spectacular too
  14. My usual docking port trick might work - this happens sometimes when ports are trying to acquire when you save and reload and they get stuck that way. F5 to quicksave open quicksave.sfs in your saves folder after backing it up. search for "Status = Acquire" - replace it with "Status = Ready" and save in ksp hold down F9 to reload - with luck your ports are close enough that they should activate the magnetics and dock straightaway.
  15. Eeloo isn't a planet its a dwarf planet ... *signs Neil DeGrasse Kyson's petition*
  16. So you're looking at an engine which will use a lot of intake air and not much liquid oxygen and as it ascends higher in to the atmosphere it'll consume more and more liquid o2 until its in space and its using liquid o2 and fuel much like a normal engine. Whereas a rapier will use no liquid o2 until its reached a threshold and switches to 100% liquid o2 straightaway with no sliding scale between the two.
  17. I think Carsogen means a bi-propellent system but it can take o2 out of the atmosphere while its available instead of using the liquid oxygen in the tanks - this has the advantage of needing less liquid oxygen to get in to orbit.
  18. This was when struts were introduced and the stats for each part appears when you hover over their icon in the VAB and stages can be moved around. can you imagine a time before 'moar struts' was even possible!
  19. .... that got your attention! I saw a few posts recently asking again why the new version is 0.90 and not 0.9 and it started to get me wondering if there ever was a version 0.9 out there and I found this little gem in the kerbal wiki: Its interesting how things have come along since that far off past and just wanted to share it with the rest of you. And to answer the question - the point isn't a normal decimal point, its a separator. In version numbering you have - the first major built of the game/program will be version 1 (or 1.00) as kerbal hasn't been officially released they use the 0.xx so show its alpha and beta stage. The xx will then increase as each minor version gets released 1,2,3,4...,23,24,25 etc - at version 25 they realised they were on the verge of making an officially released product and switched from alpha to beta so skipped a few minor version numbers all the way up to 90 - in fact version numbering still allows you to have minor versions 100, 101 etc so you could still have kerbal version 0.100 in 10 versions time!! So you could also think of it this way - its the computer version of feet and inches, minutes and seconds etc so if I said it was ten thirty pm you'd write it as 10:30pm (or 22:30) - no one will ask '3 minutes past ten? why don't you write it as 10:3' Feet and inches are written out as 3'11". Its just version numbering uses full stops for their separators.
  20. I guess you haven't heard of breaks then!!! Hit the B key or the break button at the top of the screen. Also pressing S applies reverse motion to the wheels which is great for slowing down if you have a top heavy plane and the break just makes your nose plough in to the ground.
  21. when you say all of a sudden the staging in locked could it be that you've only tried to stage when you needed it or could you stage before SOI with Mun changed and now can't. I ask because I'm thinking this is more of an issue that you undocked the ship from another ship at some point and thats what caused the staging issue. If you have a ship which is docked to a launcher etc it will lose the staging for engines etc. what are you trying to stage? what is meant to be happening when you stage?
  22. looks like the only think you can do is swap the names of the kerbals around - so if you have a pilot in orbit around LKO and wanted an engineer but have an engineer in a base on duna but wanted a pilot you could swap the two names around. Whether you would consider this cheating or just upgrading an old save to the new game or not (personally I'd be the latter - if you started from scratch you would've made sure you had the right mix before launch).
  23. I do pretty much the same but I have a probebody on the upper stage so that I can lift equipment and parts without needing an extra command module. At one point I was creating a LKO station and had the upper stages docked with it if they had any fuel in them. At one point I had 4 of them all full with fuel and thought that I should put a load of empty tanks on the station so I can store the fuel for when I start exploring. Now when I start a new save the first thing I do is create a refuelling station that is used when I construct new ships - it keeps a reserve of fuel that I've had spare from the launches for when I do duna transfers etc.
  24. Could have it as an opt-in in a config file? Could also restrict what they can carry - so for instance - anyone can carry a container but only an engineer can carry a lifesupport module
  25. They did state it was due to the other two planes set to follow target so...