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  1. Ooo..this is excellent. Will go great with a mod idea I have. Now just to get working on that. Very lovely work Zeenobit!
  2. Actually that mod is why I'm asking Kinda asking for Nifty heh. Okay so cool if it can be suppressed then that would likely be the best route. Thanks nightingale, figured you were the best person to come to for this And will def see if Nifty can get an API working for some integration
  3. Nightingale! Long time no talk to Had a quick question for ya. Is it possible to suppress stock contracts? Or potentially hook into them? Am wanting to have the rescue contracts pull names from a Twitch user base instead of the random pool KSP has. So thinking options are either replace the name list with a temporary one pulled from Twitch at time of playing, if that can be hooked into. Or creating a new contract pack which will pull those names from Twitch, but suppress the stock rescue contracts so no random names are pulled.
  4. Hmm would this help for the sub issue? https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/v3_resources/subscriptions.md Also not sure how thetwitch api shows it, but when viewing users via chatty it has an icon in front of their name. If that shows up in the twitch api like that, then should be kinda easy to determine? just search and limit to that symbol. Ohhh so in career it wouldn't include any random named ones just ones from your channel? What if you don't have enough folks in your channel? still would pull random named kerbals?
  5. Nifty! I have a feature request and a question, sir! Could you make an option box so that it would select from subscribers only? In career mode, do drafting viewers cost Kerbucks to hire? If not, could you make it so it scales like hiring them out of the astronaut complex?
  6. No, THANK YOU Squad Been such a pleasure to have joined this community you created for us. Definitely one of the best on the 'net.
  7. ahh I was close on my advice. But I misunderstood the beginning parameter, I should've caught that's how CC was interpreting it. I gotta pay closer attention at reading these
  8. zcaalock, Where you have the prelaunch parameter add this and it won't mark the parameter failed after launch: disableOnStateChange = true Like this: PARAMETER { name = ReachState type = ReachState situation = PRELAUNCH [COLOR="#FF0000"]disableOnStateChange = true[/COLOR] } For cleanup I'd remove the minCount=1 on your detectionarray, it should just detect then if it has one or more without the added text. As for the Destination Mun that might be a bug? But I think the workaround is to remove the target=Mun from the main contract parameter and put it i
  9. heyas Nightingale So been trying out this spawn kerbal stuff So I completed my contract and recovered my kerbal, but afterwards he wasn't available in my save to select as a kerbal for more missions Also I'm not setting an expiration time for my contracts yet they have expiration times in the admin building when showing up
  10. EDIT: as a troubleshooting step, I tried using disableonstatechange = true , but it hasn't helped. PARAMETER { name = ReachSituation2 type = ReachSituation situation = ORBITING disableOnStateChange = true } Still uncompletes after de-orbit burn you have disableOnStateChange = true, this needs to be false so that it'll stay checked.
  11. nightingale thank you as always The update looks awesome. I'm confused by the documentation on VesselParameterGroups though... could you give a more clarified example? Like would this work or do I need to change things? can parameters be updated to any newer ones (i.e. orbit?) or is this the simplest/most optimized way? Rather it instead of being "Just working" to it being "properly coded" (Still the basic munar landing and planting a flag contract with using a specific craft) CONTRACT_TYPE:NEEDS[!MechJeb2&!HyperEdit] { name = KSABKHW150110 title = KSA BootKamp 2015-01-10 Homework
  12. CKAN integration I believe can be done automagically if you're uploading to KerbalStuff
  13. Heyas Cvod Loving the update!!! I was helping someone troubleshoot getting this working in their save and noticed some things: 1) Alternate tree id needs to be changed to modOrienTreeAlt as the name conflicts with the other and would require a manual delete of the file, this way there's nothing required on the user end. 2) In both trees: name= Mod-Oriented Tree 0.3.0 (normal) <---needs to be label, not name
  14. Debug window is alt-F12 actually Alt-F9 is load a specific quicksave. Love the new features! Esp the no need to restart so much easier to test contracts now. Hopefully should have full set of KSA homework soon
  15. Seriously. Quit being so awesome Nightingale. No...not really... but you've done some amazing work Thank you so much.
  16. Awesome!! More Awesome Request/Suggestion: is it/would it be possible to block out stock contracts? Would be nice to insert into a career and only have custom contracts enabled.
  17. <3 CrewManifest fo lyfe! Down with that ShipManifest stuff (though it's an awesome mod too!)
  18. you were able to get new agents created? How so? I haven't tested yet trying to make my own cfg file yet. Also thanks for testing my contract Zeta!
  19. Hmm weird, I have the custom agency in there And dangit see I knew there was something like that out there. I was thinking it might be a modulemanager edit but I couldn't find anyone that did it before. Hmm so I just need to create my own cfg with details from the squad one minus squad stuff...well that's way easier if so Hmm wonder what's going on in my game causing me problems. Shall wipe and try again.
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