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  1. Is that a Docking Port Sr. On the bottom?
  2. Fantastic, this is just the kind of behavior we need at Kerbal Space Program. Keep it up guys.
  3. I want to get MechJeb, but I see myself using to much and taking the "piloting experience" out of the game. What should and shouldn't I use MechJeb for? Side question: Is it bad that I post so many questions on this forum?
  4. You realize that when the sun "sets" it isn't moving, the Earth is moving. The sun is always burning, Fr8monkey; go back to school.
  5. Didn't really expect this many replies, anyway, thanks for the help, I just wanted to know if it was possible. It obviously is not. What could be the closest to a "perfect orbit"?
  6. Every time I launch a vessel into orbit, I can never get he Apoapsis and Perapsis perfectly matched, it's always a couple ten or hundred off. Is perfect orbit possible, if so, how is it achieved?
  7. Thanks you guys, oh, capi and vetrox, your pictures don't show.
  8. The Duna Operation is my plan to send a probe to Duna, then a rover, and ultimately colonize Duna. I was wondering, is Duna's gravity and atmosphere so strong you just need parachutes and no boosters? Also, how do I get to Duna from Kerbin? Would rendezvousing fuel and boosters be necessary to get to Duna? I don't need a rover design, I just need an idea of how much fuel I need, but a rocket design would be nice. Do the probe and rover need to have a shielding mechanism on the bottom? Sorry for so many questions.
  9. I'll get MechJeb. I'll let it do it put the Station together, and then I'll try to do it myself with a two Kerbal pods.
  10. Anyone have a auto-pilot for rendezvousing for 0.22? Rendezvousing is just a challenge and a hassle and I just want a simple and easy way for two of my pods or vessels to meet up. I really want to make a Space Station but I suck too much at rendezvousing to do so. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this.
  11. Quick noobish question, how do I switch the thread to Ansrewed?
  12. Raptor9, Thanks, I don't plan on docking anything once the colony has touched down, but thanks for that.
  13. Can someone help me get to Minmus? I don't plan on returning back to Kerbin once I get there. Docking and rendezvousing isn't really my strong-suit. A rocket desing would be nice. I've heard it is just like going to the Mun, but I haven't really seen how.
  14. I agree, asparagus staging is a lot simpler and is more efficient. Yours is complicated and requires more part than asparagus. How did you even come up with that?
  15. I'm trying to land a permeant settlement on the Mun, but I cant seem to make a design that works. My first design was like a four legged tube. On the rocket it would be upright(the legs/landing struts facing horizontal), but on the Mun it would be the way it's supposed to be, standing up(the struts facing vertical, standing). The problem is I can't figure out how to get it from the vertical position, to standing on the surface of the Mun. Picture link, the ship on the right- Mun