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  1. Is Harv involved in this? It is after all his baby.
  2. Having both KW & Novapunch is the biggest issue IMO. Even when they're the only mods installed, I'd be hitting that limit. One or the other, I can have dozens of large-ish mods and it works fine.
  3. Just a suggestion, but when you update this for .22, have the upgrading of the parts require a Kerbal EVAing to do it.
  4. How will Career Mod deal with Mods? New coding for the parts that allow it to be incorporated into the Tech Tree? Or will it have them blocked in Career mode? Personally hope it'll be allowed in via new coding!
  5. I only have 3 mods I feel are must have regardless of anything else. -B9 Aerospace Pack, which contrary to B9's own statements, does match the current feel of the KSC. It's pretty much just an expansion pack for stock KSP, and in the next update, it should be the top of the tech tree. -Kethane, to be honest, is near 'bout perfect. If Squad today released it as the stock basis for all further resource expansions, I highly, extremely, doubt they could do better. Kethane's maker has hit the nail perfectly. -Kerbal Attachment System, while not as perfect as the other two(look at your detachable fueling port), it's just so good. And like as been said by previous posters, it removes the massive difficulty of docking while landed to refuel. Other than that, there's a few mods that would be nice to see added to the game, but these three? Squad, just add them and be done with it.
  6. I accidently moved my menu for RT off the visible screen to the side, and now I can't get it to come back. Any ideas how to fix this?
  7. I KNOW ZE SECRET OF THE SOUND, I KNOW IT! D: But the proof evades me in this forum of ours, for the proof is here! I must continue my search for I have seen that image before! EDIT: I've found its trail, the proof will soon be mine! EDIT2: NOOO!! My hermit ways failed me! I got THIS and THIS mixed together... *Goes back to his Hermit Cave on Minmus*
  8. At what height does the solar panels start working? I'm in orbit of Kerbin at about 250km, but the solar panels aren't generating power.
  9. Obviously a wall built by Mun Spiders to keep out Mun Birds!
  10. It seems to me that its obvious that Apollo 18 was film on the Mun. =P
  11. Wait, wait, wait, wait... Is this a mod or a new feature for the fullscale paid game?
  12. How do you get the Klamshell Fairing to work? I\'ve tried the Symmetry and this doesn\'t work.
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