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  1. No. He could, but if he does not want to, or like NathanKell mentioned, not have the priority to.. why would he? Personally, I expect nothing from r4mon regarding KSP and his mods, as I know I would not like it if others had that expectation of me. I do expect others to have at least some modicum of courtesy when it comes to other peoples personal lives and whether they contribute - for free I might add - their time and effort to a game. r4mon could at least do anything.. but he does not have to if he does not want to.
  2. I made a reply some days ago, I guess I did not submit it like I thought I did. I have a few ideas of what I want to do with the tree, aside from completely re-do it. Either it is my tree, or TreeLoader itself, but one or the other gives me some form of problems when I play, namely the vessel recovery problem I mentioned somewhat above this post, with subsequent workaround that works for me just fine, and which nobody seems to have noticed. Anyway, I was hoping to wait until TreeLoader or KSP itself could handle bigger trees before tackling another round of TechTree modding.
  3. It is not that FASA does not work with the Vertical TechTree, it is only that I never integrated the FASA parts into the tree. The parts are guaranteed to be in the tree, however they will only appear in their stock nodes as designated by frizzank. Their placement is neither right nor wrong, as I never got to work on the update following the v1.15.45 release of the Vertical TechTree which, as it happens, would have included FASA, see from planning file: Next Update: Angara Pack Aset ALCOR BFT Conformal Tank Pack BFT Form Tank Pack ESA Pack Experimental Parts Pack FASA Kerbal Dust Experiment MPSS Nautilus Prometheus Rover PTK NP RocketCo Noyuz sfr Command Pod Stock Station Parts The Truss Pack TMA Orbital Habitat Pack Vostok Spaceship Falcon II Engine All stock nodes are in the VerticalTree, so any parts with "TechRequired = stock_node_whatever" will be in my tree too. Don't worry about it, I'm a professional.
  4. Tried your recompiled version, but it wacks out my TechTree. Lots of missing connections mostly. I have found a rather circuitous work around to the recovery problem though: here It either works as well as I think it does so far, or not. There still is a problem with contracts not changing met conditions green though, but they still work, you just don't see it working..
  5. I would like to think I have found a work around. I have only done it a few times now, but it seems to not break the save, and the recovery function works normally. Asumming you have a vessel waiting to be recover'd: Step 1: Load game as normal. Step 2: alt+tab to your save folder where tree.cfg is located Step 3: rename tree.cfg to notree.cfg Step 4: alt+tab back to game Step 5: press Esc to save game as whatever you want Step 6: press Esc to load the whatever you want game Step 7: proceed to Tracking Station and recover vessel, normality should ensue Step 8: return to main scene Step 9: press Esc to save game as whatever you want Step 10: press Esc to load the whatever you want game Step 11: alt+tab to your save folder where tree.cfg is located Step 12: rename notree.cfg to tree.cfg Step 13: alt+tab back to game Step 14: press Esc to save game as whatever you want Step 15: press Esc to load the whatever you want game Step 16: play the game normally with Ackander's Vertical TechTree (or other modTechTree) When you have another vessel to recover (only predicted behavior at the moment, not yet tested) go to the main scene and begin with Step 2.. I am testing this bit right now to make sure I am right.. I know it is a lot of steps, but it does not take too much time, nor effort to do the saving, loading, altTabbing, renaming.. Hopefully othesr can test this workaround and either verify or not if it works. Thanks!
  6. That certainly sounds like the issue I have been experiencing. Are you playing with any other mods? I have found that the science does eventually get awarded if you keep randomly switching between the different scenes, VAB, main, tracking, etc.. If it is an issue with the number of nodes, then that sucks. The only hope in that case is that R4mon can find the time and the desire to update TreeLoader. Here's hoping.
  7. How do you mean "stopped getting Science"? I never stopped getting science, just a weird Kerbal recovery bug..
  8. Yeah. I am seeing some bugs in my testing games. Like when I EVA a kerbal and try to recover him, he is not recovered but the recovery screen pops up saying I received reputation (I am guessing the number is the amount I already have, so efectively doubling my rep amount), but he is still where I left him and recoverable still, but seemingly randomly, when I change scenes, the real recovery window will pop up and he is recovered along with the science he had on him and a reasonable amount of rep. I have not pin pointed the cause of the bug yet, still cycling mods in and out to see which one is for sure it, but every time it has happened, I was playing with my TechTree. So either it is my TechTree specifically, or something with TreeLoader. I just dunno yet. Anyone else? edit: I just remembered another bug I was having problems with. During a long flight, right clicking parts stopped working. It was infuriating believe you me. Not sure why I had that one either..
  9. Oh good. Has anyone else noticed any EVA'd kerbal recovery bugs? I think it was a problem with the TechTree somehow, with a part in two seperate nodes..
  10. I just got the .24 update this afternoon. Unless there were changes made to how the Science center works, or the TreeEdit/TreeLoader mods' compatability with the new version is different, the current version of Ackander's Vertical Tech Tree should work just fine. The parts that were added will be added to their stock nodes, which should be fine for now. If this AVTT does not work, it is because of how TreeEdit/TreeLoader works with KSP v.24, just to clearify.
  11. It can be pretty flaky, I agree. If all you are doing is adding parts to existing nodes, I would just edit tree.cfg, but if you are going to add nodes, for sure use treeedit. As I may have said earlier, AVTT has been moved to something of a back burner while I work on a new project, so extensive updates are currently not pending. When starting AVTT, I did have firespitter in there, but if I recall correctly, there were just too many disparate parts to justify, at the time, making new nodes. Now, however, there are so many nodes, I don't think the techtree "engine" can actually handle them all and their connections, ergo some connections dissapearing and other errors seen. I have tended to stay away from the forums this past few weeks, perhaps erreneously so I, just to concentrate on the new project, and I am pretty busy IRL, so I have not been able to see new mods come into the game like Spaceplane plus with its high quality awesome parts I can only look upon enviously. Anyway, I fully agree with you about pre-jet flight and how I handled jet flight in the tree; I just do not have the time to make any neccessary revisions at this point in time, sorry. I am, however, open to user involvement when it comes to further development, so if anyone has good changes or additions they want to make, I would try to make time to review such. G'day.
  12. I did try to adjust science costs for this, I thought. Generally, the entire aerospace section is cheaper than the rocketry. You can research the entire aerospace side before rockets for the most part. If there was any inclusion of pre-jet aerospace technology by Squad, I would have required that before jets and advanced rocketry. As it is, the Vertical TechTree assumes pre-Jet tech is "free" and jet and rocketry tech can be simultaneously developed, albeit at different rates. Maybe someday if advances in KSP techtree are made to make it more dynamic, I might redo the Vertical TechTree, but my main focus was to give players the freedom to choose what direction their tech moves, while still having realistic requirements.
  13. Updated to KSP v 0.23.5. Missed the .5 in the title somehow, going to change it when it lets me.
  14. Lol, sounds like that is more useful than the actual tree. Thanks for staying tuned, everyone, I have not entirely evaporated, yet. Unfortunately, I probably will not have the tech tree updated any time soon.. so busy right now.. that said, stock parts should appear somewhere in the tree at least, except maybe the claw, I am not sure how treeloader etc handles the new stock node. I will take a look at Sidfu's update, however, and maybe put it up as an 'unofficial' update in the meantime. Thanks, Sidfu for that. As for my current project.. I am not sure if I am ready to reveal anything yet as I am not one to intentionally embarass myself by my apparent mediocrity and lack of progress.. I am sure it will be fine when I am done, but for now let us just say that it is not yet ready to be seen.
  15. Aye! I have a few things to do today and I can start on an update tonight. I have been neglecting this project in favor of my next project. I have had some learning to do for it so it has taken longer than anticipated to get going on it. In the meantime, if anyone wants to suggest mods I need to give priority to in the update, I would be greatful for the assistance. TTFN.