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  1. Just gave it another try and it's working. Just for reference I get the dl link from the Store. After I log in I go to my account and then to the download link where it generates the download links for me. It's currently grabbing the 1.2.2 (x64) zip file, which was the one that wasn't working when I posted. Appreciate it and keep up the good work guys!!
  2. Looks like it's only for the 64bit Windows Zip file. I am logged into the store and trying to dl from there. The 32bit zip and the 32 and 64bit installers all seem to work. So I guess that's their 404..
  3. I have been trying to download 1.2.2 for two days now and all I get is " Server Migration Kerbal Space Program website is in maintenance mode while we are performing a Server Migration. We appreciate your patience." Any idea how long this is going to take?
  4. Well I am on a T1 line, and it takes about 2-3 hours to download the full 1.6gb install, so they need to let Steve_v take a crack at this. Since I know the question is going to come up, I live out in the middle of nowhere, and a T1 line is the best I could get to keep my work vpn connected. Satellite has too much lag, and a T1 line can be run anywhere where dsl and cable have distance restrictions. T1 is a proven technology and I have never had an issue other than some yahoo with a backhoe cutting the fiber channel a few towns over and I wasn't alone in the misery. I too use rsync, and didn't
  5. Do I get some kind of sauce with these noodles? Preferably something with meatballs and onions.
  6. Just got the new zip package downloaded. I do not have this on Steam. So I am unzipping it all right now. I guess ignore my comment about the resources not showing.
  7. I let the patcher update to and am still getting no Resources listed (completely blank square) when I click on Stage Only. The first post here states that was supposed to be fixed. I will go ahead and download the full install but am on a not so fast connection so I will have to wait till tomorrow to see if the full install actually fixes this issue. Anyone else having the Resources display go blank when clicking Stage Only? This issue first cropped up in 1.1.1.
  8. I am noticing two things right off the bat. 1) With RCS and SAS turned on, my craft is just wobbling when I click on any of the targets on the navball like Target or Prograde or Retrograde. It gets close to the center and then the pitch and yaw just keep bouncing back and forth causing the mono propellant to just keep being used as it wobbles. If I turn off RCS and SAS and then turn them back on, it seems to stay centered and doesn't waste propellant. 2) The Resources display in the top right goes completely blank when I click "Stage Only". No way to get anything back in there except
  9. I must be losing it, but I go to my account and I can only download the full installer or full version. I tried running the Launcher and it just sits there saying 'Checking for updates.' So how do I download just the patch? I am on a Windows 10 machine and a slow internet connection so I would like to keep the download on the down low. I am also not playing through Steam. Edit: I think I got it working. I went into the base install subdir and Patcher.zip was not completely downloaded. I renamed it, and restarted the Launcher and it's now downloading the Patcher. I am guessing I sto
  10. Awesome video. You have to love those GoPro's. I had one mounted to my rc glider and had it up high enough that a cloud got between me and the glider obscuring my view. Long story short I nosed it straight in from pretty high up, and the GoPro didn't miss a single frame. It hit the ground and kept on filming. I am guessing you aren't using the suction cup mount.
  11. IIRC, every year they let him open the airshow out at Edwards AFB with a sonic boom. I was there about 3 or 4 years ago and he opened the show with a double sonic boom. 2009 I believe.
  12. Take craft requests and upload files for people. Or make up a bunch of SubAssemblies and upload them.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. At this point for me my current laptop is so slow I think I switch from FPS (frames per second) to SPF (seconds per frame) around the 400 part mark on a craft. I built one yesterday that has around 600 parts, and it was miserable. I have a faster desktop, but some scripts are running on it currently so it will be a couple more days before I can move the save files over and test this on a faster machine. While having a super custom built desktop is the ideal situation, I like the ability to pick up my laptop and drag it to the couch if I want to play around, or even
  14. Bump. Anyone? I am using an old T61 Lenovo, and while it's bearable to a point I am also thinking of upgrading. I am currently searching through the forum for the best laptop so any laptop suggestions or some real world experience with the hardware would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Found one that I am searching through now - http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/39956-Laptop-recommendation
  15. You sir, owe me a new keyboard.
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